672 Suicide!

    The assistant's voice sounded clearly from the other end of the phone call.

    Not only did Yu Yuehan hear it, Nian Xiaomu, who was standing beside him, heard it as well.

    Nian Xiaomu: "..."

    How could it be Fan Yu?

    After Xing Li's exposé, Fan Yu was the one who had been so anxious to help her clarify everything.

    He was also the one who had told her that she wasn't someone who would cause the deaths of her parents then and even told her with certainty that Xing Li's words were not true...

    "There must be some misunderstanding in this matter. What's most important now is to find Xing Li!" As Nian Xiaomu forced herself to calm down, she reached out and grabbed ahold of Yu Yuehan's hand.

    "..." Yu Yuehan took a sideways glance at her with his deep and dark eyes.

    He hung up the call.

    He held her hand as the both of them walked out.

    The car was already waiting outside the Xing Family residence.

    As Nian Xiaomu walked to the car, she suddenly thought of something and paused in her steps. Turning around, she looked at Xing Fang and said, "Would you be willing to confront Xing Li with me after we find her?"

    "I would!" Xing Fang let out a gentle smile when she met her gaze.

    She walked up to her and held her hands.

    "Even though it hadn't crossed my mind that you were not a child of the Xing Family, the one thing that I was most guilty about from the past 10 years was that I couldn't clarify the truth for you when I obviously knew that you were innocent."

    After Xing Fang finished speaking, she reached out and helped her to pull open the car door.

    "Do whatever you need to do. I'll be here awaiting your return."


    Nian Xiaomu stared deeply into her eyes before both of them released their grip on each other. Turning around, she boarded the car.

    Yu Yuehan's cell phone rang again just when the car had driven off.

    The assistant's anxious voice sounded from the other end of the call.

    "Young Master Han, it's bad. Take a look at the latest news quickly. Xing Li has committed suicide!"

    Yu Yuehan's eyes narrowed when he heard the sudden news.

    Xing Li had committed suicide...

    Nian Xiaomu had never expected herself to hear such news. She dug out her cell phone from her bag and tapped onto the internet.

    The news wasn't from the media.

    It was from Xing Li's personal social media account-she had posted a photo of a slit wrist all of a sudden.

    Someone had taken a screenshot of it and spread it on the internet.

    It was reposted numerous times.

    The fresh wound showed blood stains that were not dry yet-It was a shocking photo!

    Judging from the time stamp, Xing Li had posted this photo less than 10 minutes ago!

    However, it had already created a mighty uproar on the internet.

    [What did I say then? I knew that Xing Li must have been silenced. This isn't a photo of her committing suicide-she was obviously silenced. They even made this up intentionally to mislead us!]

    [I totally believe that Xing Xing caused the deaths of her parents. Since she had the heart to do something so malicious to her sister, why did no one arrest her and throw her in jail?]

    [Oh my god, am I the only one who's worried if Xing Li is still alive? Can anyone go and look for her? The most important thing to do now is to save her life!]

    [There are no wounds, only blood. I'll bet a packet of spicy sticks that this photo is a fake!]

    [Can an insider clarify if this is real or fake? I am about to call the police...]

    "Wasn't Xing Li at Fan Yu's private villa? Why did she commit suicide?" Nian Xiaomu's eyes widened after she took a close look at the photo from the internet.

    Her eyes were filled with shock!

    Soon after, she returned back to her calm state.

    No, something must be wrong. Xing Li did not commit suicide even though she was in such a devastated state that year. Why would she be depressed and think of death now?"

    Biting her lip, Nian Xiaomu searched for Fan Yu's phone number from her contacts and dialed his number.


    The call went through!
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