723 I Am Waiting for You to Coax Me

    Even though he simply stared at her blankly, he had remembered every sentence that she said.

    He had a congenital heart disease and he often heard people in the orphanage saying that a child like him could never survive until adulthood.

    Even if he had managed to grow up, he could not do much as he could die at any moment if he worked hard and strained his body.

    As such, he was abandoned by his biological parents...

    He was adopted shortly afterward; his adoptive parents were very nice people and treated him very well.

    They gave him with all kinds of famous and valuable medicine.

    The frequency of him falling ill got less and less.

    He had once thought that they could stay together with each other forever.

    And that he could stay with her from the time she wore her princess dress, right until the time she donned her wedding gown...

    No one knew that he had the same birthday wish every year, and that was to have a longer life. He could not bear to leave her, and he did not want to see her being devastated by his demise either...

    "We have grown up together from a young age. How could I not know her dedication toward me..." Tang Yuansi thought of something and the smile at the corner of his lips turned downwards.

    A layer of mist lingered in his eyes.

    "If she knew that I had pushed her away because I was dying and not because I no longer loved her, she would surely refuse to leave and would stay behind to accompany me."


    The assistant was even more confused after hearing what he had said.

    Wasn't that a good thing?

    Even if two people who were in love could not grow old and spend their lives together, they could at least be at each other's side during their last moments.

    This was the best ending the assistant could think of.

    "If that was the case, she might guard my ashes forever after I died and refuse to love anyone else again. Do you think that this is a good thing?"


    As Tang Yuansi took in the flabbergasted look on the assistant's face, the mist in his eyes turned even heavier.

    Her actions might seem very stupid in the eyes of others.

    However, he knew that she would be like this; she had always been a silly and adamant girl...

    She had been like this ever since she was young; no one could stop her and change her mind once she was convinced of doing something.

    Otherwise, she would not have ignored everyone's objection and followed him all the way to City H.

    The Elder Miss who came from a wealthy family had instead entered the entertainment industry, a place with all the crooks and honest folks mixed together...

    His Xin'er behaved in such a silly manner about things that his heart ached.

    How could he not worry and leave her alone with this character of hers?

    He would rather she left now, hating him and never wanting to see him than take any risks that she wouldn't love again after he died.

    His Xin'er deserved the best in this world...

    "Passengers heading to Country M on flight CA388 can start to board the plane..." A reminder sounded on the PA system.

    Parting bells seemed to have rung at this moment instead.

    As Tang Yuansi's set his gaze a little nervously at the people downstairs, he watched as she suddenly hugged Nian Xiaomu and only released her grip after a full minute.

    Then, she waved at Nian Xiaomu before she followed her manager and walked toward the VIP area to board the plane directly, without going through the security checks.

    Before she entered, she seemed to have felt something as she suddenly paused and turned around to take a glance.

    She lowered her eyelids in disappointment when she did not see any familiar faces.

    Turning around, she slowly walked step by step toward the entrance of the security check...

    When he saw this, Tang Yuansi felt a painful wrenching in his heart.

    A sentence that he once told her rang inside his ears: "I don't have a healthy heart, don't walk too quickly when you're angry. Just in case I can't catch you up when I want to coax you..."
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