754 Repeat After Me

    The car stopped by the roadside and Nian Xiaomu dragged her luggage to where Tan Bengbeng stayed; she found Tan Bengbeng's unit and entered with the keys.

    It was a two-room flat, it was not huge but the furnishings were simple and well lit. Everything was placed in order and as was Tan Bengbeng's style, the house was clean and dust-free.

    The house was not aired and had a musty smell because Tan Bengbeng had been away for too long.

    Nian Xiaomu walked in and opened the windows.

    Next, she went into the bedroom and pushed opened the bedroom windows as well.

    When she turned around, she saw a dress hanging by the bedroom rack. She stopped and picked up the dress.

    She remembered that this was the dress she had picked out for Tan Bengbeng when they had gone shopping.

    Although the dress was slightly revealing, it was sexy and was just right for her, hence she insisted on buying it for her as a present.

    She thought that since Tan Bengbeng didn't like to wear dresses, even conservative dresses, this dress would never be worn.

    She had been thinking that she needed to find a time to drag Tan Bengbeng out to wear it. Who knew that she had already worn it...

    Nian Xiaomu held onto the dress and she remembered the day that Tan Bengbeng was trying it on in front of her.

    That day, she tried it too, as they wore similar sizes.

    Unfortunately, the shop only had one of the dresses left. To make Tan Bengbeng step out of her comfort zone, she gave the dress to her without hesitation.

    Seeing this dress, she was thrown back to the times when they had shopped together and accompanied each other...

    Nian Xiaomu placed the dress down and walked out of her bedroom.

    She was preparing to unpack her luggage when out of the corner of her eye, she saw the shoe rack at the door.

    Her actions came to a halt...

    On the rack was an old pair of white shoes.

    It was the type of track shoes with laces.

    Nian Xiaomu walked over and picked them up. When she saw the design on them, her eyes turned red.

    Nobody knew what it was like when she had just regained consciousness.

    At that point in time, she didn't remember anything.

    She couldn't remember her name.

    She couldn't remember if she had a family.

    She couldn't remember how old she was. She couldn't remember anything.

    It was Tan Bengbeng who sat by her bed, held onto her identity card and taught her how to read her name.

    "Nian, Xiao, Mu... Correct. Repeat after me, Nian Xiaomu..."

    Her voice was very clear but her tone was very gentle.

    Tan Bengbeng was the first person she saw after she regained consciousness. It was like a newborn baby who was looking at her mum for the first time.

    Although she did not remember Tan Bengbeng, she could see the concern in her eyes and she was way worse than now.

    Not only had she forgotten her past, but she couldn't even take care of herself.

    She didn't know how to brush her teeth or wash her face. She didn't know how to fold clothes and she had almost forgotten how to walk...

    It was almost as though she had gone back to being a baby. Everything had to be taught.

    It was Tan Bengbeng who accompanied her through the rehabilitation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Tan Bengbeng was also the one who taught her how to tie shoelaces when she wore sneakers for the first time...

    "First, create a loop. Then, place this end into..."
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