866 As Long as the Child Is Your Kid, I Will Love I

    Tang Yuansi said instinctively.

    His voice startled Shangxin as she looked at him in confusion.

    She didn't understand what was happening.

    Normally when she didn't want to drink the medicine, he would always convince her and tell her that it was good for the baby.

    It was rare for her to be so cooperative, however, he stopped her.

    Shangxin blinked her eyes which were filled with a questioning look.

    "No, nothing. The medicine is too hot. Eat something else first then come back to drink it." Tang Yuansi took the spoon from her and passed her chopsticks instead.

    Shangxin did not suspect anything and she sat down to eat.

    Her trust in him made him feel guilty.

    It was a very uncomfortable feeling...

    He could not imagine her reaction if she knew that the medicine was for her to abort the baby.

    Tang Yuansi clenched the spoon in his fist. He clenched onto it so tightly that he almost shattered it.

    When the assistant saw that he had stopped Shangxin from drinking the medicine, he did not dare to say anything and walked off silently...

    Tang Yuansi looked at the sumptuous dinner on the dining table but had no appetite

    He kept staring at Shangxin and her flat tummy.

    As he was looking at it, he couldn't help but touch her tummy.

    He looked at her and asked. "Will the baby kick you?"

    "The baby is too young, it can't move yet. I have asked the doctor, he said that the baby will have to be at least 4 months old before movements can be felt." Shangxin reached for her tummy and felt his hand on her tummy. She smiled sweetly.

    Her eyes were filled with anticipation.

    Upon seeing this, Tang Yuansi trembled.

    When he was about to pull his hand away, Shangxin came over and sat on his lap. She cuddled against his chest and asked, "Brother Xiaosi, would you like a son or a daughter?"

    Tang Yuansi's eyes narrowed. Answering such questions was like torture for him.

    He hugged her tightly around her waist.

    He said slowly, "As long as the child is your kid, I will love it."

    When he was speaking, a picture of a baby flashed through his mind.

    The baby would look at him and call him "Daddy" in a childish voice.

    Tang Yuansi's eyes fell.

    He wanted her and the baby to be healthy more than anything else. But now, he was going to...

    "I am full. I can take the medicine now."

    Shangxin looked up, reached out for the medicine and took off the lid,

    The thick scent spread into the air.

    Shangxin smelled it and started to whine. "The medicine smells really bad. Can I leave it?"

    Tang Yuansi looked at her in hesitation.

    He knew that if she kept the baby, it would not be good for her.

    The amount of hardship she would have to go through in the future would be too much.

    But... he really couldn't bear to do this!

    It was his flesh and blood. It was a baby that he had never dared to dream about...

    The moment he remembered that he was going to abort the baby, his heart hurt. It was as if he was stuck under a heavy rock and could hardly breathe.

    He could not answer her question.

    If he could, he wanted more than anyone else for her not to drink the medicine.

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    "Okay, okay. I know that it is all for the baby. I will drink it."
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