911 Not Fit!

    All the other people from the Tang Family were looking at Shangxin triumphantly. They were ready to see Shangxin crying and begging on her knees.

    Shang Lingsi, who was on the other end of the phone, had no reaction.

    There was only a heavy breathing sound. It sounded like he was furious.

    The more angry Shang Lingsi was, the worse Shangxin's situation was.

    The Tang Family was overjoyed. They were grinning and they wanted to remind Shangxin to kneel down and kowtow. Then, they heard her call him "Dad."

    It was one simple word.

    The surrounding fell silent.

    Not only did the Tang Family not speak, they even held their breath!

    Their eyes widened in shock and they turned to look at Shangxin who had called Shang Lingsi, "dad".

    Their eyeballs almost fell out!

    Was there any other explanation for "Dad"?

    Or else how would she have the courage to call Shang Lingsi dad in front of him!

    When everyone in the Tang Family came back to their senses, Shang Lingsi spoke on the phone.

    "Use unscrupulous ways to marry into a wealthy family?"

    "No matter if she does she will still be a peasant? Unworthy?"

    "Shameless model..."

    Shang Lingsi repeated what the second uncle of Tang Family said. Every sentence he repeated it with overwhelming fury.

    He gritted his teeth. "Very good. I think that the Tang Family has lived long enough. How dare you bully my daughter. If I don't make all of you kneel down in front of her and hold her shoes, I will not be called Shang Lingsi!"


    The situation had changed too fast and they were stunned.

    What had happened to Shang Lingsi being angry and helping them teach Shangxin a lesson?

    Why did this happen...


    Does this mean that Shangxin is really Shang Family's missy?

    They actually humiliated Shang Lingsi's most precious and treasured daughter in front of him...

    The second uncle and aunt of the Tang Family, who had humiliated Shangxin the most, felt faint. They almost wanted to kneel in front of Shangxin!

    Everyone knew that Shang Lingsi valued his daughter the most.

    Yet, they humiliated his daughter so badly in front of him. Weren't they asking for death?

    The Tang Family weren't smiling anymore.

    For the first time, they felt like they were so close to death.

    It wasn't a joke that Shang Lingsi would kill anyone who bullied his precious daughter!

    The second uncle's face was pale. "Mr. Shang, listen to us. It was all a misunderstanding. All of us respect Miss Shang from the bottom of our hearts!"

    The other people joined in. "Yes, yes. We respect her a lot!"

    "Ha! Now you talk to me about respect? It is too late!" Shang Lingsi answered coldly.

    The anger in his voice did not decrease.

    He sounded as if he wanted to kill them right now as revenge for his daughter!

    Uncle and aunt of the Tang Family were shivering.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    They held the phone with both their hands and rushed in front of Shangxin.

    Before Shangxin could open her mouth, they started to slap themselves.

    "Miss Shang, we were ignorant and foolish. Can you forgive us for this once? We are Yuansi's uncle and aunt, if something happens to us, Yuansi wouldn't be able to recuperate in peace."

    "Mr. Shang wanted us to hold your shoes? We will do it now! Help us ask Mr. Shang for forgiveness, spare our lives!"
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