981 That's Different From What We'd Agreed On!

    When Yu Yuehan saw her crying, he was rather stunned.

    Nian Xiaomu was a very independent person.

    She rarely depended on him, much less cried because of a small matter in front of him.

    But just now, she cried while looking at the bruises on his back.

    She was crying for him?

    While his heart should be aching for her, why was he slightly happy about it?

    Yu Yuehan used his slender fingers to caress her face, his voice low and hoarse as he repeated her earlier words, "You want to marry me? Hmm?"

    Just when he was about to continue with the line, "Let's get married then", Nian Xiaomu had already raised her arm and wiped away her tears.

    She was now looking at him in a serious manner.

    "Although I'm so touched that I feel like marrying you, after some thought, I definitely can't just marry you like that. What if I instill a wrong mindset in you such that if anything happens in the future, you'll pounce forward to shield me and get injured again just to make me feel this way? Just to teach you a lesson, if you dare to get injured again, our marriage will be pushed back by a year each time you do!"


    His act of rescuing the damsel in distress had taken great pains on his part.

    She was still hugging him a second ago and was so touched that she appeared as if she could not catch her breath.

    In a blink of an eye, he was the one who wanted to cry...

    Yu Yuehan could no longer laugh. With his hands wrapped tightly around her waist, he asked, "Nian Xiaomu, are you being serious?"

    "I couldn't be more serious! Let go of me quickly, I'll continue to give you a massage." Nian Xiaomu slapped his arm before standing up.

    The moment she touched the skin on his back, she heard Yu Yuehan's low groan.

    "Nian Xiaomu, it hurts. It hurts so bad!"


    She had not even begun massaging, what was with his magnificent acting skills?

    Wasn't he pretty good at bearing the pain earlier on and had not let out a sound at all?

    "Then, I'll be gentler." Nian Xiaomu pouted her lips and evenly spread the oil over his back.

    Just when she was about to start massaging, he let out another sound.

    "Nian Xiaomu, it's not just my back, my whole body hurts right now."


    Nian Xiaomu irritatedly slapped his back. "Don't spout nonsense, do you think your injuries are even serious? A menace to society like you could live up to hundreds of years."

    "Why can't I be hurting?" Yu Yuehan turned around and pulled her hand closer to him, placing it on his chest.

    "Feel it. My fiancée doesn't want me anymore. My heart hurts so much that I'm dying."


    Eventually, Nian Xiaomu was clueless as to how she had coaxed him while he continued to pretend that he was in pain and later on they were both in bed.

    By the time she had snapped back to her senses, it was already too late.

    Someone had used the excuse of his injuries hurting to ask for her consolation and had taken advantage of her from head to toe.

    By the time she was at the peak of her arousal, to the extent that her toes were curled inwards, he was about to enter her when he suddenly stopped.

    At this critical moment, he started to interrogate her.

    "Nian Xiaomu, the marriage shall not be delayed."


    "Your words don't count, the marriage won't be delayed. We need to get married soon."


    She opened her eyes in a daze, and the tears that had brimmed in them had blurred her vision.

    She could only vaguely make out the distinct edges of his handsome face.

    Because his heart had been stirred, sweat was continuously trickling down his forehead.

    And down his perfect jawline...

    His flirtatious eyes were dark and gleaming, like a predator that had his eyes fixed on his prey, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to capture it.

    Nian Xiaomu ignored him, and he simply continued to wait like this.

    When she could no longer take it, she started calling him a jerk and begging him to hurry up.

    "Let's have an agreement first, that you'll listen to me on the wedding date." Yu Yuehan waited to enter her, and instead started kissing her hair, ears and every inch of her insatiably.

    Nian Xiaomu did not speak, and simply slapped the back of his head to express her protest.

    She then cursed in her heart that if she were to ever let him get onto the same bed as her, she would have his surname!
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