1026 Then She Cannot Live!

    Nian Xiaomu felt nauseous. She clenched her teeth and didn't let the fear show on her face.

    She didn't dare to answer the guy either.

    She was worried that the women really was Tan Bengbeng.

    However, if she listened to them and walked in. It was equivalent to sending herself to death.

    If she stepped onto the jetty, it might be hard for her to step out again.

    "Hurry! Don't dawdle! Or I will kill Tan Bengbeng immediately!" The guy's voice sounded very impatient.

    Nian Xiaomu was counting the time in her heart. However, on the surface, she pretended to be very hesitant as she cautiously walked in.

    "Who are you? Why did you kidnap Tan Bengbeng? Why do you want me to be here?"

    Nian Xiaomu asked a series of questions.

    The man sneered on the phone.

    He did not intend to answer those questions.

    She narrowed her eyes. "Tan Bengbeng is not here, is she? You just wanted to lure me here. You are the person who has been trying to kill me!"

    Nian Xiaomu heard footsteps behind her and she stopped.

    She turned back to see that the entrance of the jetty had been blocked.

    There were a dozen masked men in black approaching her.

    Then, the man on the telephone laughed.

    "You are very smart. However, your intelligence couldn't save you."

    "What about you? Do you think that you can hide your identity by changing your voice? Mo Yongheng!" Nian Xiaomu yelled the name loudly.

    It was her guess, it was also a test.

    The person at the other end was taken aback.

    Then, he sneered.

    Nian Xiaomu was trying to figure out what that meant. Was she correct or wrong?

    Suddenly, the door of a luxurious car near the jetty opened.

    A man walked slowly from the car.

    He had a sturdy build and edgy facial features.

    Just like the first time she saw him. He was buttoning his jacket up slowly.

    He did every action with grace.

    He turned around and looked at Nian Xiaomu coldly.

    "Mo Qian..."

    Nian Xiaomu looked at the person in front of her in astonishment.

    She froze on the spot.

    She could only stare at him, with her eyes wide open, as he walked towards her.

    It was as though she could still see him hugging her and saying affectionately, "My Liuliu can have whatever she wants..."

    Then, he was standing in front of her and asking coldly, "Are you surprised to see me?"


    Nian Xiaomu did not know how to describe her current feelings.

    It was like a dream.

    All the memories in her head were in chaos.

    She could no longer tell which were real and which were not.

    Who was her family and who wanted her life...

    She hugged onto her head as her eyes turned red. She glared at Mo Qian and forced herself to speak. "Where is Tan Bengbeng? Did you capture her? Who are you? You are not my father..."

    "Father?" Mo Qian smiled in exactly the same as he did in her memories.

    Except now, it was a chilling sight.

    It was sarcasm.

    "Your memories are coming back to you. All the more reason why you cannot live. As for who I am, you just need to know that I am here to kill you."
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