1032 I Am Feeling Aggrieved, but I Will Not Say I

    It would be much easier to take her life then.

    "Everyone in the business industry is aware of Young Master Han's established fame. If words of your fiancée eloping with another man, on your wedding day, got to the ears of others..."

    Mo Qian chuckled softly.

    Even a deaf man could hear the sarcasm in his laughter.

    He was trying to goad him into action.

    He had already set his mind on ruining the wedding, even though he couldn't kill Nian Xiaomu today.

    As long as Nian Xiaomu wasn't the Young Mistress of the Yu Family, it would not be that easy for her to take any actions.

    The Mo Family was a famous family with more than a hundred years of history, and they were not afraid of the Yu Family. However, if the other members of the family were stirred and they got to know that the Elder Miss of the Mo Family was still alive..."

    Mo Qian's gaze turned razor-sharp at the thought of this.

    As he swept his gaze past Nian Xiaomu, a strong murderous look flickered in his eyes!

    "Yu Yuehan, I did not! I left the church because I received news of Bengbeng. Mo Qian had made use of her photos and lured me out. I did not elope with Fan Yu, he is spouting nonsense!"

    Nian Xiaomu hurriedly explained when she heard Mo Qian's instigating words.

    No suspicion should be present when it comes to matters of the heart.

    If things could be clarified, it should be made clear right from the start.

    The other party should not be guessing if you cared about him/her, or how much you cared about him/her...

    As long as suspicions were aroused, one would zoom in and focus on any animosity, even if there was merely a tiny bit of it...

    There was a reason behind everything that had happened today.

    However, she was definitely at fault for leaving the wedding and she ought to soothe Yu Yuehan, otherwise, he might really misunderstand her having an undisclosed relationship with Fan Yu if she allowed Mo Qian to continue with the allegations.

    As Yu Yuehan met her gaze, he spoke with a pause after every word and asked, "Why didn't you tell me about it?"

    "What?" Nian Xiaomu was stunned.

    "Why didn't you let me know that you had got news of Tan Bengbeng? Today is our wedding day, and all of my family members were waiting at the church. Are there any difficulties that you cannot let me know about? In that case, why is Fan Yu here?"

    As Yu Yuehan spoke with deep and soulful eyes, he seemed to be interrogating her with every word that he uttered.

    "Are you about to tell me that you were not able to inform anybody when Mo Qian threatened you to go over? Also, did Fan Yu just happen to give you a call? Was he the one who had taken the initiative to contact you, and that was why both of you are together?"


    He had hit the bullseye with everything he said, but his tone sounded weird.

    Was she supposed to admit to her deeds, or should she not?

    Nian Xiaomu said, "Yu Yuehan, listen to me..."

    Yu Yuehan replied, "Enough! You should have known how I would react from the very moment you chose to leave the church without telling me. You even had the guts to get together with Fan Yu!"


    Nian Xiaomu's eyes reddened when she heard how he howled at her.

    She grasped the hem of her dress with both hands and bit her lip in an aggrieved manner.

    She would have died if not for Fan Yu.

    And yet, all he could feel was jealousy.

    She was feeling aggrieved, but she would not tell him about it.

    She was the one who could not find the chance to tell him about Tan Bengbeng's updates and left the church all by herself.

    It was normal for him to be angry.


    Nian Xiaomu raised her head. With her huge, watery eyes that resembled that of an elk, she said, "Yu Yuehan, is it true that you don't want me anymore?"

    The moment she finished speaking, Yu Yuehan narrowed his dark eyes.

    He strolled toward her with his imposing figure.

    The bunch of people who were blocking them spontaneously made way for him when they felt his intimidating aura.

    Seeing that Yu Yuehan was about to break off his relationship with Nian Xiaomu, Mo Qian  gestured to his men to back off.

    The huge jetty was deadly silent and no one dared to utter a single word.
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