1038 The King of Strategy Is Here!

    No matter what, since she was the one who created the trouble, she could not possibly let Grandma shoulder the burden for her.

    If someone had to explain and make it up to the Yu Family's elders, it should be her, not Grandma!

    Every man should bear the consequence of his own actions.

    Nian Xiaomu continued to stare intently at Yu Yuehan.

    A complex look flashed past his eyes. He cast her a cold side glance and narrowed his eyes. Without saying a word, he turned and continued to head upstairs.

    It was impossible for Nian Xiaomu to keep her cool by this point.

    Earlier, she was unaware of where Grandma and Xiao Liuliu had gone. But now, knowing that Grandma had gone to make her apologies to the elders of the Yu Family because she had left the wedding, she was feeling worse than ever.

    No matter what, she had to go and admit her mistake.

    "Yu Yuehan..."

    "You really want to go over?" Yu Yuehan stopped in his tracks near the study room door and cast her a side glance.

    Nian Xiaomu nodded her head without any hesitation.

    Even though she would be berated, she had to go, she could not let Grandma shoulder everything alone.

    Yu Yuehan asked, "With what status are you going there?"

    Nian Xiaomu stared at him with a look of confusion.

    Did admitting one's mistake need a status?

    Wasn't she just his fiancée? Who had almost became his wife?

    Yu Yuehan replied, "The Yu Family's ancestral shrine doesn't allow outsiders to enter. Even though you're my fiancée, you're just my fiancée in name. We haven't had any engagement ceremony, and we were supposed to have a wedding ceremony today, but that didn't happen in the end either."

    To put it simply, she was just an outsider to the Yu Family.

    Even if she had given birth to a daughter for the Yu Family.

    Nian Xiaomu could no longer respond to him.

    With her widened eyes, she looked at him with pure astonishment.

    It was as though she could not believe that, from a pair of intimate lovers, they had turned into strangers overnight.

    She could feel a sour sensation in her nose and her chest was stifling.

    It was as if she was a kitten who had been abandoned by its owner. She rubbed her ears and raised her head as she asked, "Yu Yuehan, what do you mean by this? Are you breaking up with me?"

    "I should be the one asking you this." Yu Yuehan turned around and looked at a miserable-looking Nian Xiaomu in front of him and went on. "You left the wedding without any hesitation, was it because you don't want to marry me?"

    "Of course not! It was a life at stake, I was just anxious about saving her. I even thought about getting there as soon as possible so I could rush back to get married to you!" Nian Xiaomu replied without even thinking.


    Yu Yuehan pushed the door of the study room open and concealing the emotions in his eyes, he started to carry out his elaborate strategy.

    "Come in."

    Nian Xiaomu did not suspect anything and hurriedly entered the study room after him.

    She watched blankly as he walked to the study table and took out a document from the drawer, passing it to her.

    "What is this? Do people need to sign a contract to break up now?" Nian Xiaomu took the document from him with a look of despair. The moment she opened it, she was stunned.

    Marriage Agreement

    The words printed at the top made her suspect that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

    He wasn't breaking up with her, but was going to register their marriage?

    He wasn't angry with her anymore!

    "Yu Yuehan..."

    "Grandma is still at the ancestral shrine. If you want to go and help her, you need to sign this document. Otherwise, you won't be able to enter." Yu Yuehan uttered coldly.

    Once his words were spoken, he caught a glance of her blank little face.

    He then added, "If you're unwilling to sign it, I won't force you. Grandma won't need you to help her either. But, today's matter blew rather out of proportion. You've seen how powerful those elders of the Yu Family are. With Grandma going to the ancestral shrine herself, I don't know what the situation inside is like now either..."

    Yu Yuehan had not even finished his words and Nian Xiaomu's face had already turned white.
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