1046 Brilliant! Brilliant, Indeed!

    Nian Xiaomu did not discover anything amiss. She only felt that Zheng Yan was a pretty nice person and that it would be good if she had got an affinity with Fan Yu.

    As such, she had sung heavy praises of Fan Yu.

    She could not help but praise Fan Yu to the skies.

    She totally did not realize that the iceberg beside her was about to turn into an erupting volcano...

    "Erm, let's talk about Fan Yu in private the next time we meet." Even though Nian Xiaomu had already aroused Zheng Yan's interest in Fan Yu, Zheng Yan hurriedly tugged onto Nian Xiaomu's shirt the moment she caught a glimpse of Yu Yuehan's expression.

    She hinted at her to stop speaking.

    If she continued to speak, she was afraid that no one would be able to save Nian Xiaomu the moment Yu Yuehan's jealousy was triggered.

    This was the reason Zheng Yan and Nian Xiaomu could get along with each other well.

    A sudden realization hit Nian Xiaomu the moment Zheng Yan told her to "talk about it the next time they meet".

    She let out two light coughs and spoke in a louder volume.

    "Let's talk about it another day then. Actually, I was merely trying to coax you just now. Yes, Fan Yu is a nice person, but he isn't as great as I had portrayed him to be. In my heart, I feel that he definitely can't be compared with my husband... Eh, where's my husband?"

    Nian Xiaomu pretended to snap back to her senses and turned around anxiously to look for Yu Yuehan.

    When she saw the particular someone with a darkened face, she simply plunged directly into his embrace.

    As she raised her head, she planted a kiss on his perfect chin and said coyly, "I almost thought that you were missing and I was so afraid."

    Zheng Yan, who was watching her unleash her acting skills from the side, nearly vomited the breakfast that she had eaten five hours ago.

    However, she gave Nian Xiaomu a thumbs up silently in her heart when she saw that Yu Yuehan was appeased in an instant.


    Brilliant, indeed!

    If this pair was willing to debut in the entertainment industry, their acting skills would definitely garner them the titles of Best Actor and Best Actress.

    Zheng Yan went back to the original topic and said, "That being said, Mo Qian was the one who had lured you out, and he was also the one who had previously wanted to kill you."

    After she had finished speaking, she shook her head disapprovingly again.

    "That's impossible! Let's not assume that Xiao Mumu had offended Mo Qian in some way or another. Even if she had really offended Mo Qian, he would never murder anyone!"

    Zheng Yan spoke in a tone filled with certainty.

    Afraid that Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu would not believe her words, she even narrated another incident to them.

    "The Mo Family is a famous family with more than a hundred years of history. Both of you know that major corporations would usually do some charities to give back to society, and also to boost the reputation of their company. This can be considered as killing two birds with one stone..."

    Doing charity is an act that has to persevere in the long run. Many corporations had made huge announcements of their charity plans, but all of them merely did so as a form of formality and ended their charity acts abruptly.

    To put it bluntly, those acts were merely window dressing.

    However, it was different for the Mo Family.

    Just like the reproduction of the family members, the Mo Family had persevered with their acts of charity for more than a hundred years.

    The incumbent Mo Qian even did the charity work himself!

    "During the year that Mo Qian entered the Mo Corporation, there was an earthquake in the country and it resulted in many deaths. At that time, many kind figures participated in the rescue operation, and Mo Qian was one of them."

    "Even though he is the eldest son of the Mo Family with a high status, he was the first to enter the rescue area after the disaster and participated in the earthquake relief operation together with the other volunteers. We all know that the first few days after the quake is the prime period for the rescue, and Mo Qian simply hung on for a few days without sleep just for the rescue. In the end, he nearly fainted at the front line because he had exhausted his body so badly."

    "He had saved many people during that disaster, but no one knew about it... Many years later, a child who had been dug up by Mo Qian from beneath the rubble told the reporters about this incident during an interview. Everyone only found out then that President Mo, who always looked so high and mighty, had actually done so many kind deeds that others did not know of."
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