1169 "Friendly" Reminder

    That changed the atmosphere immediately.

    Nian Xiaomu was taken aback for a while before she understood Qi Yan.

    He, King of Hell, had been so dismissive at first, then suddenly he was willing to help them save Tang Yuansi.

    And even followed them all the way to City N...

    Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu were not fools, they could tell that Qi Yan treated Tan Bengbeng differently. Or rather he was determined to get her.

    If it was something else, Nian Xiaomu would not let go of such a great opportunity to get Qi Yan on their side.

    Or at least she would maximize the benefits.

    However, the person Qi Yan was asking for was Tan Bengbeng...

    Nian Xiaomu answered. "I do not remember what happened in the past. To me, Bengbeng was never my secret guard, she is my friend, more like a family member. If she likes you and is willing to leave with you, I will not stop her. However, if she doesn't like you and you try to force her, I will interfere!"


    Qi Yan was shocked, he didn't expect Nian Xiaomu's reply to be like this.

    Tan Bengbeng had been by Nian Xiaomu's side since she was young, not only did she have outstanding abilities, but given her understanding of the Mo Family, it would be a threat to let her go.

    Nian Xiaomu was the successor of the Mo Family. Wasn't she afraid?

    Qi Yan had imagined the scenario where Nian Xiaomu would not be willing to let Tan Bengbeng go. He had also expected her to make demanding requests, however, he did not expect...

    She agreed to let Tan Bengbeng go without any hesitation!

    Qi Yan narrowed his eyes.

    "I advise you to think it through. Do not wait till Bengbeng agrees to leave with me then regret it, by then it will be too late. If you ask now, you can at least get one favor from me."

    After all, he was the King of Medicine and King of Hell.

    There were so many people offering a large amount of wealth in exchange for one promise from him.

    Especially now, when Nian Xiaomu was trying to take back her authority in the Mo Family. Even if he could not help them openly, there were countless people who wanted to be in his favor.

    As long as he released the news, there would be people who help them.

    With Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu's intelligence, it was impossible that they hadn't thought about this.

    Tan Bengbeng was just a secret guard of the Mo Family...

    For a moment, Qi Yan could not understand Nian Xiaomu.

    "Bengbeng is human, she is not an object up for exchange. Qi Yan, I am grateful that you saved Tang Yuansi, thus let me give you a friendly reminder. If Bengbeng were to hear what you just said, she would smash your head!"


    Qi Yan inhaled sharply and turned back nervously.

    When he was sure that Tan Bengbeng was far away and had not noticed the situation here, he relaxed.

    He was certain that if Tan Bengbeng heard what he said, she would smash his head.

    He had never thought of her as an object. He offered that only because he wanted to free her from Nian Xiaomu.

    Qi Yan did not expect that Nian Xiaomu would be the one reminding him of this.

    Qi Yan's face was black.

    Even Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu could tell that he had fallen for Tan Bengbeng. Only Tan Bengbeng couldn't tell?

    "Let me remind you about something else. Bengbeng seems to hate you a lot, instead of worrying if I will let her go. Why not worry about if she would leave with you?"
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