1262 An Unimaginable Conversation

    Nian Xiaomu turned around in shock and stared at Yu Yuehan, who was standing beside her. She even forgot to retract her hand which he was holding onto and merely stared at him blankly as if she did not understand a word that he had said.

    What's with losing her child?

    Bengbeng was pregnant?

    "Bengbeng was only one month into her pregnancy. However, her tummy area suffered a huge impact yesterday and she lost her child right on the spot..." It seemed as if Yu Yuehan was afraid of scaring Nian Xiaomu as he spoke slowly in a very soft voice.

    As he held onto Nian Xiaomu's hand with one hand, he cupped the back of her head gently with his other hand and drew her into his embrace.

    A moment later, he sensed some wetness on his chest and heard Nian Xiaomu's sobbing.

    "Everything happened because of me, Bengbeng met with an accident because she was worried about me. She's such a smart person and she would not risk her own safety... I should have known that the assistant had an ulterior motive when he wet the cell phone... Why did I not inform you guys immediately..."

    "Nian Xiaomu!"

    One could sense the heartache in Yu Yuehan's tone as he cut her off all of a sudden.

    She had already done her best.

    She had been able to react so quickly and alerted them in such a short period of time. Furthermore, she had even disregarded her own safety for Tan Bengbeng, and she was exactly the reason why Tan Bengbeng was still alive.

    Neither she nor Tan Bengbeng were in the wrong.

    He, too, felt that it was a pity that the child could not survive, but it was also a stroke of luck in misfortune for both of them to escape unscathed.

    Yu Yuehan believed that this was what Qi Yan was thinking as well.

    However, that was Qi Yan's child and he might just be feeling extremely low now.

    He was the King of Medicine, yet he could only watch helplessly as his woman was injured and personally witness his child's miscarriage. It was no wonder that he had acted so crazily yesterday as if he wanted to kill everyone!

    Yu Yuehan had stayed by Nian Xiaomu's side for the entire night, and Qi Yan had done the same for Tan Bengbeng too.

    When Yu Yuehan felt a little moody halfway through and headed to the smoking corner for a puff to keep himself awake, he bumped into Qi Yan there.

    Once the two men, who were not feeling very good, met, Qi Yan immediately passed a cigarette to Yu Yuehan and lent him his lighter.

    The conversation between the two men was so unimaginably simple.

    "How is Tan Bengbeng?"

    "She's still in a deep sleep. Do you need me to examine Nian Xiaomu?"

    "No need, the doctor has already treated her wound and all she needs is time to recover."

    The conversation spontaneously came to an end.

    A few seconds later, Qi Yan was done smoking and he seemed to be worried about Tan Bengbeng. Just as he turned around and was about to leave, he suddenly cast him a glance.

    His thin lips set apart slightly and he said indifferently, "Help me thank Nian Xiaomu if she has regained consciousness."

    Qi Yan had already known then that Nian Xiaomu was stabbed because she was trying to save Tan Bengbeng.

    "Help me to tell Tan Bengbeng the same thing too." Yu Yuehan stubbed out his cigarette and lifted his head to look at him.

    Hatred could be seen in both men's gazes.

    However, they would not channel their anger to people of the same camp.

    The initiator of evil had plotted to kill Tan Bengbeng, while Mo Kun was the one who had tried to drive a wedge between them!

    As Yu Yuehan narrowed his gaze, he looked down at Nian Xiaomu, who had slowly calmed down while nesting in his embrace. Then, he stroked her long hair with his big hands.

    "Quickly dry your tears. I was afraid that you would cry in front of Tan Bengbeng, and that was why I told you about it in advance."


    Nian Xiaomu nodded her head and quickly wiped her face.

    Her tears could be wiped away, but her red eyes could not be hidden away.

    Nian Xiaomu took in a deep breath and only allowed Yu Yuehan to knock the door after she was certain that she was in a good state.

    "Come in!"

    Qi Yan's gloomy voice sounded from the ward.

    When Yu Yuehan opened the room door and walked into the ward with Nian Xiaomu, Tan Bengbeng was still not awake.
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