1282 Public display of affection in broad dayligh


    Was what he said true?

    Mo Chengliang was shocked and in disbelief.

    Qi Yan did not entertain Mo Chengliang. He was focused on feeding Tan Bengbeng. It was as though there was nothing more important on this earth than feeding Bengbeng.

    Everyone in the room had a lot of tension, Qi Yan was the only one sitting there innocently, holding his cut apples.

    "Don't you like the apple?" Why aren't you eating in anything?


    Tan Bengbeng was not used to being in a place so crowded. She was already uncomfortable.

    Qi Yan and Nian Xiaomu were digging a trap for Mo Kun with their words. She could only play along.

    That was why she was very cooperative. She ate no matter what he fed her.

    However, she had eaten two plates of fruits and a bowl of dessert. She was already very full, but Qi Yan was still feeding her.

    That was nothing. Just now, when he said 100%, not only Mo Chengliang had been shocked. Tan Bengbeng was also taken aback.

    She was about to ask him if he was serious, but all he did was feed her apples. There was no way she would eat them!

    "Qi Yan, Mr. Mo is an elder, answer him first." Tan Bengbeng tugged the corner of his shirt and reminded him.

    Upon hearing her words, Qi Yan acted las if he had just remembered he was talking to Mo Chengliang. He looked up.

    From the curve at the corner of his mouth, one could not differentiate whether or not he was laughing.

    "Till now, I have not seen the patient. What do you think?"

    Mo Chengliang was speechless.

    "Butler, take the King of Medicine to the Old Master!"

    "I have to bring my fiancée with me. City N is too dangerous, I am afraid she will be harmed if I leave her." Qi Yan glanced pass Mo Kun.

    This time, before Mo Kun could object, Mo Chengliang had agreed.

    "Then, you can both go together!"

    The moment Tan Bengbeng heard that she could visit Old Master with Qi Yan, she immediately stood up and held Qi Yan's arms.

    "Wow. This is the first time you are so proactive. "Take me along, take me along!" is written all over your face. If you treated me like this normally, I would give you anything!"


    The butler walked in front.

    Qi Yan did not idle at the back. He kept looking for reasons to harass Tan Bengbeng.

    From the way they acted, no one would suspect their relationship.

    It was so intimate!

    The butler walked them to Mo Chengxian's room door where there were security guards at the door.

    Not far away, there were security guards patrolling too.

    From the location and arrangements, it was obvious that Mo Chengliang had put a lot of thought into it.

    Without his order, no one would be able to sneak into the ward and harm Old Master.

    "We are here. This is Old Master's ward."

    The butler stopped in front of the door and reminded.

    "The doctor said that Old Master needs to rest and most of the time he is unconscious. He rarely wakes up, however, King of Medicine please be careful when you are diagnosing him."


    Qi Yan nodded and just opened the door.

    The moment he stepped into the room, he could smell a familiar scent.

    It was the scent of the antidote.

    Looks like Mo Yongheng had been here just now.
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