1299 Big Darling, Little Darling

    When it came to treating and saving others, Qi Yan never minced his words.

    He did not hide his patients' conditions or console their family members, he would say whatever needed to be said.

    His reputation as the King of Medicine was there. Whoever he could not treat would not be able to be treated by anyone else.

    There was no need for him to conceal or hide anything.

    "Elderly head, do you mean to say Du Li?" Mo Yongheng suddenly thought of something and asked abruptly, his eyes sparkling.

    Hearing this, Mo Chengxian agitatedly started to blink his eyes.

    Qi Yan and Tan Bengbeng turned to look at him.

    "Du Li? Who's that?"

    "Someone on Mo Kun's side. I've never seen this person before either. It was only once when I went to the Mo Family villa to get the antidote that I heard Mo Kun talking to someone in the study room. When I went nearer, I realized there was only Mo Kun in the study room, so I thought I'd been hearing things. But, the name I heard Mo Kun saying then was this one!"

    Mo Yongheng had only thought of this after hearing the elderly head say "Du Nu" earlier.

    He did not know anything much about this person called Du Li either.

    However, someone who could enter the Mo Family villa and meet Mo Kun inside his study room must be someone Mo Kun trusted greatly.

    "The accident back then must have something to do with this person!"

    Tan Bengbeng's eyes narrowed and a flash of light flickered in her eyes.

    She suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Mo Chengxian.

    "Don't worry, Master. Missy is very safe now, it's just that it's not convenient for her to visit you now. But, I'll visit you on her behalf often. What matters now is that you take good care of your health!"

    More haste meant less speed. They all understood that.

    Given Mo Chengxian's current condition, it was still not appropriate for him to meet the other members of the Mo Family.

    Putting aside other things, if he had a sudden fluctuation in emotions and incurred another stroke, the consequences would be unimaginable.

    They could only wait!

    Qi Yan's medicine was very effective. When Mo Chengxian woke up this time, he was not as weak as he had been previously.

    Now, he could actually keep awake and look at Mo Yongheng wipe his face and body for him.

    Qi Yan stood aside and upon seeing that his condition was quite desirable, he simply left Mo Yongheng in the ward and pulled Tan Bengbeng out to leave.

    "The elderly head's condition is not stable, where are we going?"

    Tan Bengbeng asked anxiously while being pulled away by him.

    "I'm taking you back to the hospital to rest. You've been out for a whole day already, aren't you tired?" Qi Yan stopped in his tracks and turned to stare at her bloodshot eyes with an expression that seemed to be telling her that she had no need to lie as he could see through her easily.


    "It's fine if you don't want to return to the hospital. Come with me to do some shopping. It's Children's Day today, I want to celebrate it!" Qi Yan muttered shamelessly.

    "...You're not Xiao Liuliu, why do you need to celebrate Children's Day?"

    Tan Bengbeng looked at him with utter annoyance. Only after confirming that the elderly head would be fine did she finally rest assured and return to the hospital with him.

    Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu had both returned to City H, so they were the only two inside the hospital ward.

    Qi Yan was already gleefully planning on having a romantic candlelight dinner with her.

    Who knew, the moment they entered the ward, Tan Bengbeng lay down on the bed and without casting a single glance at him, took out her phone and started to make a video call to Nian Xiaomu!

    "The elderly head is awake, his condition is pretty good. I know you're worried, so I called to inform you especially."

    "Yes, I took pictures. I even recorded a video of the elderly head, I'll send them to you later."

    "Where's Xiao Liuliu? Haven't you both gone back to celebrate Children's Day with her? Why don't I see her?"


    Beside her, Qi Yan had been trying to flirt and seduce her, but Tan Bengbeng did not pay any attention to him at all. Enraged, he turned and entered the washroom, slamming the door forcefully.
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