1319 Let Me Tell You a Scary Joke

    For some reason, however, he felt a little angry when he saw Zheng Yan's scornful gaze.

    Because of the anger that arrived abruptly, he spouted those words without a second thought.

    Now that he thought of it, he could not help it and shook his head. A self-mocking smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

    She might not remember him, but he still remembered her.

    Otherwise, he would not have taken the risk of being suspected by Mo Kun and lend her a helping hand when he saw her getting bullied in the shopping mall the previous time.

    However, she must have forgotten about it and only regarded him as the traitor of the Mo Family. This was the reason why she hated him so much...

    Mo Yongheng collected his gaze and strolled away.

    In the cafe.

    Zheng Yan did not move her body and had maintained the exact posture since Mo Yongheng left.

    She did not even move her eyeballs, as if a fixed spell has been cast on her.

    A long time later, she only snapped back to her senses when the staff told them that Mo Yongheng had already footed their bill. Immediately, she sprung up from her chair.

    \"Who was he referring to as superficial just now? Mo Yongheng, if you are really capable, stay here and we shall have a fight!\"

    Just as Zheng Yan was so agitated that she was about to give chase, Fan Yu stood up hurriedly and stopped her from doing so.

    \"Calm down, it has been so long since he left you will not be able to find him if you gave chase now. Furthermore, I don't think you would be able to fight him with that petite body of yours.\" Fan Yu could not help but laugh when he saw Zheng Yan's fuming face.

    After he saw that she had calmed down, he released his grip on her and sat back down on his seat.

    As he circled the edges of the cup with his long finger, he asked with a smile.

    \"Based on what I know, Mo Yongheng is not who you said he was, and I think he continued to remain by Mo Kun's side because he has got some difficulties that no one knows. Your words earlier on seemed to have triggered him.\"

    As Fan Yu spoke, he noticed that Zheng Yan was in a daze and did not reply to him.

    He continued to say, \"Let me tell you a scary joke.\"


    \"This is something real that has happened to me. In a bid to help Liuliu previously, I once tailed Mo Yongheng day and night, just like an annoying quack that one is unable to get rid of. Could you imagine how annoying that could be?\"

    Zheng Yan lifted her head and looked at him in surprise; it seemed as if she was unable to imagine that someone as gentle and courteous as Fan Yu would do something so overboard.

    Indeed, one could do anything and everything for love.

    Zheng Yan pursed her lips and asked, \"What happened afterward? Did Mo Yongheng fly into a rage? Did he stopped you in the middle of the road and fight it out with you?\"

    \"He did stop me.\"

    The corner of Fan Yu's lips curved up and he exuded a gentle and warm charm with his faint smile.

    However, this particular smile seemed a little sinister when it was paired with the topic they were currently talking about.

    However, Zheng Yan could not be bothered about Fan Yu's crushed image in her heart; all that she was wondering right now was Mo Yongheng's reaction as she proceeded to ask anxiously, \"What happened after he stopped you? What did the two of you do?\"


    This question of hers made it a little hard for others to answer.

    What could two grown-up men do?

    Fan Yu smiled in reply, \"Nothing happened, he merely grabbed the collar of my shirt in an intimidating manner. Then, he stuffed a slip of paper into my pocket when no one was looking, and told me to remind Liuliu to find Tan Bengbeng before Mo Kun did.\"

    Zheng Yan was dumbfounded.

    \"He did not even rage when he was tailed in such an intense manner by someone. Today was the first time I have seen him say such mean words.\" Fan Yu said with a thoughtful look.

    He appeared to be hinting something, yet it also seemed like he was merely narrating a fact.

    After he finished speaking, he looked toward Zheng Yan and asked, \"Tell me, why do you hate him so much?\"
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