1345 Surely She Wasnt Sick Right?

    The more Zheng Yan went on, the more she felt indignant for Mo Yongheng.

    After scolding Mo Kun harshly, she raised her head only to see everyone staring at her.

    Even Mo Yongheng...

    A ray of light was flickering slightly in his indifferent eyes.

    His deep and dark pupils were like a whirlpool, which seemed so calm on the surface that it was impossible to tell what was on his mind. However, it was slightly different today.

    There was a sparkle of light in them.

    He stared intently at Zheng Yan's face as if it was the first time he had met her.

    His lips, which were usually stretched out in a straight line, were miraculously curved upwards slightly.

    Although the curve was very small, Zheng Yan could tell that he was smiling.

    Mo Yongheng could actually smile?

    What a shock!

    She raised her hand without hesitation and slapped it on her face.

    She was about to ask Mo Yongheng if he had smiled before, but when she turned and looked back at him again, she realized that he had reverted to his cold and aloof self.

    On the other hand, Fan Yu raised his brows in surprise.

    "I didn't know that you hated Mo Kun so much."


    It was also today that she realized that she actually hated Mo Kun so much.

    Or maybe it was because Mo Yongheng did not like to speak and was always awfully quiet while getting bullied by Mo Kun.

    At the thought of Mo Kun not being able to use him and thus removing his power in the company, she was furious!

    It was as if her own son was being bullied and she couldn't wait to seek justice for him...

    Realizing what she was thinking, Zheng Yan's body gave a sudden jerk.

    Her gorgeous phoenix-like eyes blinked a few times and her face turned pale.

    Previously, she felt that Mo Yongheng was like her father. Now, she had actually started to feel like he was her son...

    Surely she wasn't sick right?

    In her nervousness, she instantly felt her throat turning dry.

    "I'm a little thirsty, is there any water here?"

    Once her words landed, Mo Yongheng coincidentally picked up a glass of water from the table.


    Without further ado, Zheng Yan took the glass from his hand and gulped down all the water inside before letting out a mouthful of air.

    When she felt that her heart rate had reverted to normal, she realized that Mo Yongheng's eyes had been fixed on her all this time... or more accurately, on the glass in her hands.

    Taken by surprise, Zheng Yan followed his gaze to the glass.

    It was only then she realized that the glass in her hand wasn't a disposable cup, but a very exquisite mug. It had the words "Mo Corporation senior management personnel" specially printed on it and was the version for males...

    It was Mo Yongheng's personal mug.

    Once this realization came to Zheng Yan, she instantly thought of the posture he had while he had been holding the mug earlier. It seemed that he had been about to put the mug to his mouth?

    When she took the mug away from his hand, he even looked at her in surprise...

    She actually ignored it and simply snatched it from him, even emptying all the water inside!

    "I, actually... I just..."

    Zheng Yan opened her mouth, wanting to justify her actions.

    On the other hand, Mo Yongheng calmly took the mug from her hand and stood up from his chair, walked over to the water dispenser and poured more water into the mug.

    He then walked back to her and passed the mug to her, muttering lightly, "Do you still want more?"


    Zheng Yan's face, which had always been known as invincible, turned a rarely seen scarlet red. She started shaking her head with all her might as she responded, "No, no. I'm good, thanks!"

    Hearing that Zheng Yan no longer wanted to drink, Mo Yongheng's eyes flickered slightly, he did not say anything and merely returned to his seat.

    He did not put down the mug in his hand but instead drank a mouthful of water from it.

    Despite Zheng Yan's stunned look, he turned to look at Nian Xiaomu as if nothing had happened.
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