1358 No Longer Need to Endure! 3

    Nian Xiaomu's consolation came to effect very quickly.

    Manager Hong was able to get back on his feet again and had his injuries tended to first before dismissing the workers in the factory, getting them to go home.

    Looking at the order restored at the scene, the color on Nian Xiaomu's face gradually returned.

    The little boy's family also took him back. Before they were gone, he even showed Nian Xiaomu a huge bright smile.

    Those innocent eyes of his filled up Nian Xiaomu's heart with warmth.

    "Miss Nian, the preliminary investigation of the fire has produced results," Executive Assistant Yang walked to her and reported in a low voice.

    Nian Xiaomu raised her head and saw Yu Yuehan standing beside the group of firefighters.

    She hurriedly went over.

    The captain of the fire brigade team was a very experienced firefighter. After the huge fire had been put out, he found the source and even discovered a lighter which had not been completely burnt because it was buried under a metal cabinet.

    Upon seeing Nian Xiaomu, the captain reported his findings.

    "It is highly likely that this fire was a case of arson. The source of the fire is highly likely to be the accounting office. There are many documents inside which are all paper, so they went up immediately when in contact with a flame. Moreover, the accounting office is connected to the storage room, where all the cloth is kept."

    The combination of paper and cloth is the perfect fuel to start a fire. Just by adding a little gasoline, a small fire would blow out of proportion.

    The flames would then engulf the whole factory.

    And that lighter...

    "Will it be possible to collect fingerprints from the lighter?" Nian Xiaomu asked.

    Hearing this, the captain of the fire brigade team hesitated for a moment before replying, "The lighter was quite badly destroyed by the fire, and there was even a huge hole at the bottom. I've sent someone to take it back as evidence to investigate. Whether we can collect fingerprints of the arsonist from it, we will have to hand it to the relevant department and wait until they have checked it."

    "Thanks for your hard work!"

    After Nian Xiaomu had expressed her gratitude, she sent the fire brigade and ambulance away.

    She then went to visit those workers who had more serious burn injuries.

    Following that, she informed the company's public relations department to deal with the media reporters and prevent them from making false reports...

    After a whole day of work, she was exhausted.

    On the way home, while resting in Yu Yuehan's arms, she asked in a gloomy voice, "Who do you think started the fire?"

    "Don't you have an answer in your heart already?" Yu Yuehan looked straight at her.

    Hearing this, Nian Xiaomu instantly came out from his arms and sat upright, her eyes fuelling with rage.

    "Why can't he come straight at me since the person he wants to deal with is me? Why does he have to hurt those innocent people? The factory is the blood and sweat of those several hundred workers. Just that fire alone has ruined so many people's hopes and dreams. Wasn't he afraid that lives would be lost? Does Mo Kun have any conscience?!"

    "Mo Kun has no conscience. Didn't you know that already?" Yu Yuehan muttered lightly while gently pushing a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

    If he had a conscience, he would not have been so heartless as to harm his own brother back then.

    Given that he could be cold-blooded even to his family, why did those strangers matter to him?

    "I know that he's worried that I'll produce results, so he's eager to stop me. But, there's one thing I don't understand. If it's just to stop me, I haven't even taken over Project No.3 officially nor even implemented any proposal yet. Isn't he being too hasty by doing this?"

    Nian Xiaomu contemplated suspiciously after she had calmed down.

    If Mo Kun really wanted to destroy her authority in the company, shouldn't he wait until she had completely taken over the project to stop her? Wouldn't that be more efficient?

    "Yu Yuehan, do you still remember that the fire brigade captain said that the fire started in the accounting office?"

    That was where the accounts were kept!
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