1456 Something is amiss!

    "..." Yu Yuehan glanced at her.

    He patted her on the head. "Stop acting. Wipe off your crocodile tears. Isn't your dream to keep many good looking guys? Now there is only one more and you are so scared?"

    "It is different! Keeping them myself and being forced to by Grandpa is different..."

    Nian Xiaomu was halfway through her sentence when she realized something was wrong and stopped.

    She smiled obediently and hugged Yu Yuehan tightly.

    "I don't want any other men, you are enough! Do you have another solution, that's why you stopped me from explaining to Grandpa? Tell me!"

    "Don't you think that Mo Yongheng's reaction is really weird?" Yu Yuehan asked.

    The moment he spoke of Mo Yongheng, Nian Xiaomu got angry.

    Mo Yongheng knew her relationship with Yu Yuehan. If he had rejected Grandpa's idea, then there would have been no problem.

    Who knew that he would agree.

    She knew her Grandpa, if he wanted to do something, he was fast.

    He had probably already got his men to arrange the wedding.

    Maybe he would even want her to get married before Mo Kun was sentenced. That would calm everyone in the Mo Family and they could ask everyone, including the guardian families to return.

    It was a good move.

    It placed the entire family into consideration.

    Furthermore, he had brought Mo Yongheng up himself, he trusted Mo Yongheng. Rather than letting her marry out of the Mo Family, she would be married off to someone he knew and was loyal to the Mo Family!

    For Mo Yongheng, even if he didn't like her, he would treat her well.

    Her grandpa would be assured...

    "Yu Yuehan, I am not joking with you. My grandpa really wants me to marry Mo Yongheng. Think about it, I left the Mo Family for three years and I am unclear of the situation in the Family now. After Mo Kun has gone, there will be a lot of changes in the corporation. One reason Grandpa wants me to marry Mo Yongheng so quickly is also that he is afraid that I cannot manage the Mo Corporation. Mo Yongheng has a high reputation in the Mo Corporation and the Mo Family. Even higher than mine!"

    Nian Xiaomu was speaking the truth.

    Everyone saw how Mo Yongheng ran the Mo Corporation and how he took care of the Old Master.

    Just staying undercover beside Mo Kun for three years was enough for everyone in the Mo Family to respect him!

    "Do you think he cares about power and wealth?" Yu Yuehan asked calmly.

    "Of course not! If Mo Yongheng really wanted those things, he need not marry me. He had the chance to snatch them away from Mo Kun three years ago. But I am still worried!"

    Nian Xiaomu licked her lips and continued.

    "I trust Mo Yongheng's character. However he is blindly loyal! Think about it, he can endure so much for Grandpa. Now, Grandpa just wants him to marry me and he can succeed in the Mo Family. It is not asking much, why would he reject?"

    Even she knew that Grandpa could not be agitated due to his body.

    Mo Yongheng cared so much for grandpa, he would not defy his wishes.

    But this meant they would have to get married...
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