579 Shocking The Ivies! II

    Inside the mansion, the servants and others shivered with despair. The bolt of lightning came crashing down like the sword of judgment.


    A dazzling explosion erupted, spilling flames in all directions. The flames shattered the rocks in the distance and sent the bits of stone into the ocean.

    Kiba remained expressionless. Even without the explosive flames disappearing, he could see the mansion or cliff wasn't damaged.

    Just before the lightning was about to collide, a transparent barrier had emerged, taking the mansion and cliff in its protective embrace.


    Through the barrier, plumes of sparkling gas rushed out. They swept up, and as they did, the molecules inside them solidified, turning into diamonds!

    From afar, it seemed gigantic blocks of diamond had emerged!

    "Oho~ Diamond transformation?"

    Kiba said as Lebeau flew out of the barrier. Every cell of Leabeau had transformed into a diamond, turning his body virtually indestructible.

    Lebeau didn't say anything. He mentally commanded the blocks of diamond, and they violently smashed up at an unimaginable speed.

    Kiba stretched his hand to stop them. A powerful force rippled out, but just then, tens of thousands of frightened faces appeared on the blocks.

    The faces twisted into hypnotic swirls, making his eyelids heavy, urging him to sleep.


    The diamond blocks pierced through the force and brutally smashed into Kiba.


    The impact blasted him into the sky. Like a cannonball, his body tore through the clouds, leaving behind a trail of blazing flash.

    "Great Lebeau has taken action!"

    The trusted servants exclaimed in excitement. They didn't know who dared attack The Ivies, but now seeing the attack landing on Kiba, their mood brightened.

    "That intruder is done for!"

    "Serves him right!"

    As the servants cheered, Leabeau's eyes narrowed. High in the sky, Kiba had regained balance and stopped himself between the crackling clouds.

    "Well, that mental attack was unexpected!" Kiba remarked. "Bravo for that!"

    "!" Lebeau was astonished.

    Even though Kiba's body was still enveloped with blinding glow, he could sense Kiba hadn't suffered a single scratch!

    How was that possible?!

    The brutal impact was more than enough to tear the sky and rend the earth! And yet, it couldn't create any damage at all on a human!

    Even as he wondered, Kiba shot down from the sky. He rushed through the gap between the blocks of diamond.

    The air behind him exploded with sonic blasts, and by the time Leabeu heard them, Kiba was just a few meters away.

    "Fuck off!" Leabeu punched up. In response, Kiba threw a punch down.


    As the two fists collided, the air compressed and exploded out as a shockwave.

    In the mansion, the servants jerked back. Even though another barrier reinforced the mansion, the fluctuations made their blood cold.

    Some servants were able to see out, and what they saw left them breathless. The force from the collision has divided the sky and earth, creating violent turbulence in the air.

    "Just how strong is the enemy?!" The servants were scared witless.

    As seconds passed, Leabeu's fist was pushed back by the fist made of blood and flesh. This made his eyes constrict in shock and anger, and he pumped more power into his fist.

    Alongside, his diamond body flashed with swirls of twisted faces, creating another mental attack.

    "I have no liking for mental attacks, much less one filled with grotesque faces!" Kiba said as his eyes erupted with a protective layer of light. "If you were creative enough to flash the images of your momma's titties, your mental attack might work!"

    "!" Leabeu's blood boiled with fury.

    How dare he bring my mother into this!

    Stomping his foot into the ground, he punched out with his other fist.

    Kiba grinned and caught the fist with his free hand, creating another surge of explosion.

    In the ground, the diamond foot spread crystalline particles into the soil.

    Crack! Crack!

    The ground split open, and spikes made of pure diamond shot out. They were long and sharp, gleaming with a murderous light.

    Just as the spikes shot at him, Kiba twisted his body and pulled Leabeu with the hand holding the diamond fist.


    Leabeu was shocked by his opponent's response. The spikes now smashed on his diamond body, resulting in bright sparks.

    Taking advantage of Leabeu's shock, Kiba pulled his right leg back before stomping it out.


    The back of his shoe smashed right into Leabeu's face!

    Leabeu felt like a hammer had ruthlessly smacked his face. His body tumbled back like a meteor, shooting straight at the mansion. The existence of the barrier protected the mansion, forcing him to crash against the impenetrable barrier.

    "Well, your body is really indestructible!" Kiba genuinely praised as he saw no sign of injuries on Leabeu. "Momma must be proud to have such a strong son!"

    Even though his face wasn't cracked, Leabeu felt a burst of pain from his nose. It made him a bit dizzy, but the words from Kiba cleared all dizziness, replacing it with rage.

    "Bastard! I would kill you!" Leabeu promised.

    Never in his life had someone attacked his face, not even a slap. And now he was viciously kicked in the face!

    "Let's see if you are strong enough to do that!" Kiba said as he shot forward.

    "You will see!" Leabeu aimed at Kiba. A burst of diamond shards unleashed out of him, trapping the incoming Kiba into a storm of sharp shards.

    Kiba's eyes flickered, and his speed exploded. Multiple afterimages popped up, and he rushed through the shards, narrowly missing them.

    All the shards stabbed was the afterimages and the streaks of lightning that his terrifying speed created.

    He appeared before Leabeu, and as he moved his hand to attack, his eyes squinted. He felt a chilling sensation as if something had emerged from the icy depths of hell.

    Rita had appeared behind him!

    His hand moved from Leabeu to Rita. A golden glow emerged from his palm and erupted out, turning into a thick beam.


    The beam slammed into Rita's chest. She stumbled back by a few steps, but instead of crying from pain, she smiled.

    "You are powerful! Very powerful!"

    Rita exclaimed as she felt the destructive force from the beam inside her.

    "Much powerful than us! And that makes me happy!"

    The force moved from her chest to her hand, transforming into bright red energy. Her fingers crackled out with energy, and she pointed them at Kiba.


    Pure raw energy exploded on Kiba!
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