580 Shocking The Ivies! III

    As Rita pointed at him, pure raw energy exploded before Kiba. It blossomed into a beautiful blaze and smashed into Kiba.


    Kiba was blown back, wrapped by the blaze.


    Kiba was shocked by Rita's ability. She had absorbed the power from his attack and then used it to retaliate at him.

    At the same time, as Kiba was blown back through the air, Leabeu chased after him. He has got a valuable opening thanks to Rita, and he wouldn't let it go.

    Both of his fists compressed into a blade-like structure, making his hands appear to be diamond axes.

    The Ivies was located on a cliff adjacent to the ocean, and opposite it to was a small forest. Kiba crashed through multiple trees, igniting them with the blaze.

    He stopped himself against a burning tree, and just as he extinguished the blaze on his body, his eyes reflected two sharp glints of light.

    Leabeu was already above him, cleaving down with his diamond-ax hands!


    As they cleaved downwards, they cut through the burning tree, splitting it. As the axes arrived over Kiba's head, he ducked to the side and jumped up.

    "Damn!" Leabeu swore as his hands ultimately plunged into the ground.

    The air above was filled with the burning pieces of trees that fluttered about like a rain of dust. Leabeu looked through them, and his eyes made contact with Kiba's!


    Even though Leabeu was in the diamond form, a chilling sensation crawled through his spine. Because Kiba was moving his hand towards his neck!

    Leabeu didn't know when, but a dense ball of light had formed in Kiba's hand. It radiated a dreadful force that made him feel as if it could melt through his indestructible diamond neck.

    He wanted to jerk his neck back, but there was just no time. Everything was happening at lightning speed, and he couldn't stop the hand from smashing the golden ball.

    "Oh, no!"

    The chilling scene of his diamond head flying off his body flashed in his mind. He didn't want to die! Not after coming this close to the fruition of the plan!

    As the ball was about to smash, a feminine elbow struck into it. The ball dissolved into mist particles and flew into the elbow.


    It happened instantly, astonishing both Leabeu and Kiba. The former was pleasantly surprised while the latter shocked.

    "Hehe! Thanks!" Rita said as she absorbed the dreadful force and immediately aimed at Kiba.

    An earth-shattering explosion blasted out. Since the ball of light carried too much power, the blast was equally powerful and intense.

    But this time Kiba wasn't caught off-guard by the nature of her ability!

    His body swayed, and he moved away from the rushing explosion, dodging it by a hair's breadth.

    "Take this!" Leabeu grinned. Only a second has passed, but it has brought him enough time.

    Large clusters of diamond ejected out of his hands and shot at Kiba, who had just avoided the explosion. The clusters whistled forward like cannonballs, distorting the air with their extreme weight and speed.

    "You are annoying!" Kiba's eyes narrowed, and he jumped back.

    The diamond clusters smashed before him into the ground.

    The extraordinary impact sent stones, rocks, and trees high into the air. In mid-air, Kiba stretched his hands and grabbed two pieces of rocks.

    Infusing one of them with his power, he violently threw them at Leabeu and Rita.


    Leabeu barely detected the rock. All he saw was a streak of light charging at him, and by the time he saw the rock in it, the rock smacked on his face.

    Against diamond, much less a rock, even steel wouldn't make a difference. At least, that's what conventional wisdom claimed.

    But when the rock smacked on the diamond face, Leabeu crashed into the ground, forming a humanoid-shaped ditch.

    A thin crack ran from his nose to his chin, making him feel nauseous. It was just like the time he was brutally kicked by Kiba!

    In the mansion, the jaws of servants dropped in disbelief.

    Many of them were able to observe the battle from the safety of the barrier. And watching the scene of powerful Leabu getting smacked again and again frightened them.

    "Is this real?!"


    "There's no way diamond could be cracked!"

    "We must be seeing things!"

    "Right! The intruder must have cast an illusion on us!"

    Meanwhile, when the rock smashed into Rita's stomach, her lips spread into a smile. Even though the rock that crashed into her wasn't infused with power, it still has the force that it gained from velocity and gravity.

    This force flew from the rock and injected into her bloodstream, giving her a boost of vitality.

    In mid-air, Kiba nodded in understanding. He attacked her to get the rough idea of her ability.

    "She's troublesome for sure!"

    Kiba thought as his body blurred, and he charged at the nauseous Leabeu.


    Leabeu shouted as he suppressed his pain and spread out a wave of shards. They burst forth at Kiba.

    Rita followed by sending out an explosion.

    The observing servants could see Rita and Leabeu were in perfect sync. They were making away for each other's shortcomings.

    Yet, that was clearly not enough to defeat the intruder!

    At the same time, high in the sky. A figure appeared undetected by all.

    It was June!

    Her fingertips glowed with crystalline radiance, and through them, threads flickered out.

    They were transparent and far thinner than needles, making their detection impossible.

    Without making any sound, the threads slashed down, leaving behind indelible scars through the air.

    On the ground, Kiba took a swing at Leabeu while dodging an explosion. Suddenly, the fine hair on the back of his neck stood up.


    In this form, he was rarely warned of danger. Acting quickly, he darted to the right.


    His right sleeve ripped apart, and blood trickled out of his wrist. The ground beside him caved in, and soil splashed up.

    Ten depthless rifts were slashed into the ground!

    Kiba's eyebrows knotted as he looked at his wrist. He had dodged the sneak attack, but one of the thread had brushed past his wrist.

    That little impact had sapped away the flesh and blood, leaving behind blackness.

    "Alien poison!"
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