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    Leabeu was startled that Kiba dodged their secret companion's attack. He knew how dangerous those threads were.

    They were created from poison!

    It wasn't ordinary poison nor a mutated poison unique to special abilities. It was an artificial poison that belonged to the highest serpent race of Celestial Elysian Plane!

    Years ago, The Ivies retrieved this poison from an ancient spacecraft. They then conducted countless experiments to infuse the power of poison into a mutant!

    Out of over a hundred specimens, only one survived.


    Leabeu didn't waste time on thinking. He unleashed out a series of spikes, twisting them into a diamond storm.

    Kiba leaped back while looking up in the sky.

    "You have extraordinary perception!" June remarked as she pulled the threads back.

    "You are also not bad for an assassin!" Kiba praised. "And we shall see if you are any good!"


    His hair swayed, and his aura erupted out. The wound on his wrist stitched itself, and his aura swept out, crashing into the incoming diamond spikes.


    The spikes shattered!


    Rita was amazed by his powers. While the poison thread only formed a scratch, he was quickly able to suppress its effect and destroy the spikes.

    She wondered if he was capable of doing the same if all the threads had slashed down on him.

    Most likely not given the nature of poison, but that didn't change the fact he was strong. This made her lips wantonly and say, "I couldn't wait to absorb you!"

    Kiba ignored her remark and rushed in the direction of Leabeu.

    In the sky, June flicked her fingers, and the threads crisscrossed, forming a net.

    Leabeu wasn't afraid as he has the support of two companions. He shot forward, ready to clash with Kiba.

    As they were about to collide, Kiba shot past him like a bolt of lightning.

    "He is fleeing! Coward!"

    Even as he shouted, Kiba had stopped a few meters away from him. Kiba arrived before the diamond blocks. They had smashed into him when Leabeu first attacked.

    Kiba grabbed one of them with both hands and pulled it out. The ground tremored and quaked from his actions.

    Leabeu turned towards Kiba, and his heart turned cold. The only thing he sensed was a burst of winds sweeping forth as Kiba swung the block at him with full force!

    An unimaginable loud boom sounded as the block smashed into him. He was bulldozed straight into the skies!

    Rita was dumbstruck. Kiba had wielded the block as if it was a bat, and Leabeu was the ball!

    Just what type of fighting style was that?!

    Using the opponent's power to attack the opponent!


    In the sky, June was crestfallen.

    "What the hell?!"

    She has sent the net down to trap Kiba, but before it could, Leabeu had been smashed into the sky.

    The net caught him, but his body continued to move up along with the net.

    By his lightning-fast trajectory, it was evident where he would continue to rush up like a ball!


    June tried to drift back, but by then, Leabeu knocked into her with devastating force.


    She cried out in pain and agony.

    Leabeu was grateful, for she acted as a pillow and reduced the impact. This allowed him to stop in the sky.

    June wasn't as lucky. The violent impact sent her flying like a falling star, leaving behind a trail of blazing arc in the sky.

    By the time she regained her senses, she had shot past the mansion and felt salty scent drifting into her nose.


    She dropped into the serene ocean, splashing out big waves. They crashed against the shore.

    Except for the sound of the water, the entire area turned deadly silent.

    The servants didn't even dare release the sound of breathing as they stared at the ocean.

    First, Leabeu was kicked on the face, then smacked by a rock, then pounded by a diamond block. Now the stunning June was knocked into the waters!

    Their idea of reality was ruthlessly smashed to pieces!

    "This isn't an illusion... but a nightmare!"

    In the distance, Kiba tossed the block of diamond. Countless cracks had erupted over it, making it useless.

    "Well, good or not, she was definitely careless!"

    Kiba remarked while glancing in the direction of the ocean.

    "Oh well, let's concentrate on better things!"

    Shaking his head, he turned towards Rita.

    "You wouldn't knock me off like that, would you?" Rita asked with a suppressed smile.

    "Naa, I won't," Kiba answered. "It would be useless on you."

    "Hehe! I like you!" Rita beamed at him.

    She wanted to see what his expression was, whether he was smiling or not. Sadly, the blinding glow emanating off his body made it impossible.

    "The feeling is mutual! You remind me of my Lil' girls!" Kiba said with a smile.


    The state of Avalon.

    Hundreds of kilometers away from the Holy City, there was a mountain range that was in the shape of a circle.

    If looked from the sky, one could see it was actually in the form of a wheel!

    This wheel was similar to the one Kiba saw in the memories of Akhsobhya!

    Dharma Chakra!

    Located in the mountain range called Dharma Mountains, Dharma Chakra wielded its influence throughout the world.

    While it was nowhere near the World Government, it was powerful and couldn't be underestimated.

    And unlike the World Government who dominated the planet with its strength and propaganda, Dharma Chakra subtly dominated through its sacredness.

    It was a holy site for all those who followed the path of Dharma.

    The way of Spirituality.

    The road of enlightenment.

    In the most prominent mountain, there was a temple where a six-arms sage sat. He chanted spells while tapping on the prayer beads.

    Suddenly, one of the beads flashed, and a respectful voice rang out.

    "Great Ksitigarbha... The Ivies are under attack!"

    Ksitigarbha slowly opened his eyes. They were depthless like the universe, radiating boundless vitality.

    "Who has attacked them?"
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