582 Arrival of a Deity!

    With a loud thud, Leabeu landed some distance away from the mansion. There were cracks all over his diamond body, and his body swayed from side to side as he almost stumbled.

    "It hurts!"

    Being smashed by a gigantic block of diamond had made him see stars in broad daylight. Not only did he felt dazed, but also raw pain running through the cracks.

    Suppressing his pain, he looked in the distance where Kiba and Rita were having a conversation.

    It didn't even seem they were fighting a few moments ago! They were both relaxed as if they were getting acquainted!

    Leabeu was able to hear a few words, and that made his eyes blazed with fury.

    "Rita! That guy almost killed me and knocked June into the ocean! And you are having as chitchat with him!?" Leabeu shouted.

    "Ah!" Rita was startled. She focused back on Kiba and said, "Gotta work and absorb you! Hope you don't mind!"

    Her body blurred, and she shot at Kiba. Her hand slipped up, absorbing the free energy from the atmosphere and turning it into a blazing explosion.

    Even as she did this, Kiba arrived before her with his arms wide open.

    "Hehe!" Her lips spread into a smile. She wasn't afraid as any attack of his would provide her more energy!

    She was practically invulnerable!

    Yet what he did next shocked her.

    He wrapped his arms around her!

    "You want to absorb me!" Kiba whispered as rays of white light burst out of him and coiled around her. "And I want to ** you!"


    His words hit her like a bolt of lightning.

    She became dumbstruck.

    Not only by his desire to ** her but also by how the white rays turned her transparent.

    She was able to absorb a significant part of the rays and boost her vitality, but more rays continue to emerge from Kiba, turning her more transparent. This affected the explosion she was creating and turned it illusory. Its brutal might slipped past Kiba.

    "But neither of us would get what we want!" Kiba whispered in her ear. "At least, not for now!"

    As his words ringed, she vanished from his arms.

    When she appeared, she was no longer amidst the burning trees of the small forest. There were buildings all around her.

    "I have been teleported away!"

    Rita was shocked.

    "My ability allows me to instantly absorb any form of attack! But since he didn't attack and only used teleportation... I wasn't quick enough to absorb his teleportation powers! He found a way to deal with me!"

    She wasn't worried as next time she wouldn't be caught off-guard. He wouldn't be able to use this trick again!

    She looked at the surroundings and concluded she was barely twenty kilometers away from The Ivies. It would take her a few minutes to return, but by then, perhaps it might be too late.


    Leabeu's jaw dropped as Rita vanished. He was relying on her for dealing with Kiba!

    Far away, amidst the burning trees, Kiba swept his senses towards the mansion and the cliff. The anti-surveillance technology and the barrier made it difficult even for him to scan what was inside.


    Kiba's lips curled up. He wasn't able to scan, but he was able to get a vague idea of multiple floors inside the cliff.

    Knowing that Ashlyn was genetically enhanced and that she brought a forbidden matter from Core Region... it was enough for him to conclude that The Ivies have advanced research facilities.

    "Well, time to start!"

    Kiba leaped thousands of meters in the air and drew an arc in the air. In response to his movements, the space in front of him erupted up with a dazzlingly bright golden arc.

    The air distorted with deafening rumbles as Kiba pointed towards the area between the mansion and the forest.

    Leabeu's heart jolted. Kiba was neither targetting the mansion nor the cliff, but it was dangerous.

    If the land there was cleaved, the cliff would lose its stability. Then even the existence of the barrier would do nothing!

    "The mansion and underground floors would collapse into the ocean!"

    Gritting his teeth, Leabeu charged forward and shot out hundreds of diamond spikes. They stabbed into the arc just as it started sweeping downward.


    The spikes shattered into pieces. The arc merely paused before continuing down.

    "We have no enmity, so why are you targeting us?!" Leabeu asked as he unleashed another wave of attack to stop the arc.

    "You are still alive because we have no enmity." Kiba replied as he channeled more power into the arc. "So rejoice instead of pissing me off."

    At the same time, the ocean water roiled as a figure tore out of it.

    June's body was soaked, but the anger fuming out of her evaporated the water.

    "Damn that bastard! If I wasn't careless, he would never have got me!"

    Thousands of threads emerged from her palms and wrapped her body, making it seems as if she was a cocoon.

    The threads were virtually unbreakable, something that was seen from how even smashed by a diamond body didn't break them.

    Now with the armor of threads around her, her defense was up.

    "This time, I'm ready!"

    The threads emitting out of her fingers danced around her as she shot past the mansion. She spread them out like a spiderweb, and just as she was about to attack, she noticed the golden arc.

    "Bloody hell!"

    Her body jerked, and she increased her speed. She stopped the threads from attacking Kiba and moved them towards the arc.

    "I have to stop it!"

    Meanwhile, on one of the underground floors. The adopted parents of Ashlyn were tensed up as they observed the developments through monitor screens.

    "Who the hell is he?!"

    They couldn't see Kiba's face or body due to the glow radiating out of him.

    "We have always acted in the shadows! So no one should have enmity with us!" Hansen smashed his fists on the monitor. "And even when we acted in the open, we never left any clues of our existence!"

    "Calm down, love!" Stina grabbed him. "None of this is our fault!"

    They believed in the philosophy of "cutting the weeds and digging up the roots." This ensured there was no hidden danger lurking for them.

    Yet, that powerful mutant was targeting their very foundation - The Ivies - without stating his reasons! It was like he just wanted to destroy!

    Stina's eyes squinted as she noticed June's threads failing to reach the golden arc in time. The arc swept into the ground!

    The impact ripped the vegetation out and turned it into ashes. As the vegetation disappeared, a small crack line emerged in the ground.


    The earth trembled as if a violent earthquake was assaulting it. The tiny crack spread out in all directions, and fissures split open, drifting out specks of dust.

    "Fuck!" Stina lost her calm, and her face twisted with rage.

    In just barely two seconds, the arc had cleaved half of the land. It was just a matter of seconds before the other half was cleaved!

    "All our plans would be ruined!" Hansen's palms erupted with sweat.

    Given the strength of the enemy, neither of them have any confidence in stopping him.

    As for their powerful subordinates, most of them were either out of the city or in recovery.

    Like Ashlyn was in medically induced sleep on one of the floors, undergoing treatment. There was no time to awaken her or the others.

    "We are done for!" Stina barked.

    She was sure after destroying the foundation, the enemy would either destroy the facilities or steal their resources.

    Regardless of what he does, The Ivies would be ruined.

    "If only we could have informed Dharma Chakra in time...!"

    This thought barely passed through her mind when an unbearable pressure enveloped the world.

    The light became dim and stormy winds surged in all directions. The trees swayed as the winds passed by, extinguishing the flames.

    In the earth, the golden arc that was cleaving through stopped as the pressure descended. The arc disintegrated into motes of light.

    Kiba's eyes narrowed as he lifted his head up.

    Out of nowhere, a black mist has emerged and covered the sky as far as the eyes could see. It shrouded the sun and clouds alike, turning the world exceptionally dark.

    "Who dare to obstruct the path of Dharma?!"

    A thundering voice erupted of the mist and echoed through the world. The echoes turned into an explosive soundwave and assaulted everyone outside the barrier.


    Blood sprayed out of June's mouth as the soundwave smashed into her. The "unbreakable" threads wrapping her body ripped apart, and she was sent flying off in the distance.

    "Argh!" Leabeu had created a diamond wall to block Kiba's attack, but when the soundwave roared in his direction, the wall split into pieces, and he was sent tumbling backward.

    As the soundwave charged at him, Kiba didn't do anything. It collided into the glow emanating out of his body, releasing sputtering sparks.


    The clash barely lasted for a second before the echoes died, and the soundwave disappeared.

    Except for Kiba, who continued to float without any scratch, everyone else was severely battered.

    "Path of Dharma?" Kiba thought as he concentrated on the mist. "Could this be a reference to Dharma Chakra?!"

    Even as he pondered, the black mist turned into the face of Ksitigarbha.

    The moment his face appeared, the unbearable pressure strengthened by countless times. It was like he was some deity, and the appearance of his face has stirred the natural laws.

    Everyone awake prostrated; it didn't matter if one was within the barrier or outside.

    The sole exception was Kiba!

    "Alpha!? At least, early-stage Level VIII!" Kiba was stunned. "Why would someone so strong care about The Ivies?!"

    As he looked at the face, he noticed the emblem of Dharma Chakra between the eyebrows of Ksitigarbha. It left him no doubt that he belonged to Dharma Chakra.

    Meanwhile, the natural laws sensed Kiba was a Level VII mutant. In response, they concentrated the pressure above him and brutally pounded it down on him to make him prostrate.


    The pressure slammed on him like the onslaught of a catastrophic meteorite. The space around him instantly gave in and started getting crushed.

    Cracks emerged in the space and spread like roots around Kiba, but he continued to stand straight.

    "You are trying to make me prostrate?"

    Amidst the raging pressure and intense rumblings, Kiba started to chuckle. He stared at the silent face, and his chuckle turned into maddening laughter.

    "Oh, god! This is so funny!"

    Kiba slipped a hand on his face between the laughter.

    "Just because that **face is powerful, he thinks he can make me prostrate! Hahaha!"
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