583 Seven Emotions and Six Desires


    As Kiba laughed, the pressure crushing on him coagulated. This signified the pressure has left the realm of physics and ascended to the realm of the divine.

    Many of those prostrating were able to see the solidified state of the pressure, and they held their breath in terror.

    How can one handle such pressure without exploding?!

    The spatial cracks around Kiba began expanding and soon joined together, forming an enormous rift.

    It was impossible to see where the rift lead, as all that could be seen was eye-stabbing radiance from it. The rift surged out a horrifying, violent force, and started sucking everything in the vicinity.

    The heavy pressure had already decimated everything around Kiba, but the stones and trees in the distance were intact, and the rift pulled them.

    Kiba was under the dual onslaught of the terrifying pressure and the violet sucking force. His hair floated, and his clothes whipped against the spatial winds, but he didn't buckle in the slightest.

    In the sky, the face of Ksitigarbha showed traces of a slight surprise. He was only a projection casted by his real body in the State of Avalon, but the power he wielded was still at Level VIII!

    Yet this mutant, that was clearly Level VII, continued to stand straight and proud under the might of his pressure.

    As he looked at this mutant enveloped by the blinding glow, there was another round of maddening laughter.

    "I have never prostrated,

    Kiba tilted his head and gazed at Ksitigarbha.

    "While I have kneeled, it was because my heart said so and that too for only two situations..."

    Even as Kiba spoke, Ksitigarbha knew what those two situations would be.

    Being an Alpha of such strength, this mutant must have only kneeled in front of his parents and master.

    It was the ultimate respect one could do as filial piety.

    Something Ksitigarbha admired as a follower of Dharma. After all, this practice was ancient and the continuation of a great culture!

    Yet the actual situations Kiba said astonished him. Even Kiba resting his pressure didn't surprise him as much as those two situations did, for they were something he never imagined!

    They were enough for the mist to tremble from shock!

    "I kneel two times!"

    Kiba stated.

    "One when I plant my face between the soft thighs of a gorgeous woman! The other when I worship her from behind, in the divine position known as doggy!"

    Ksitigarbha has lived for over a hundred years, and even then, he wasn't able to imagine these were the two situations this mutant had kneeled for!

    His forehead creased, and he thundered in fury.

    "Preposterous kid! How dare you!"

    Alongside his words, the mist swirled and emanated a chilling, murderous presence. It froze everything besides the barrier into misty black ice.

    As the chilling presence and the thunderous words rushed at Kiba, his eyes splashed out a golden glow.

    "In this world, there are a few things I don't dare do! And **ing was never one of them!"

    The supremacy over the natural laws changed, and the spatial rift around him started twisting.


    Deafening rumbles followed as the rift transformed into something completely new.

    An illusory galaxy with myriad stars.

    Kiba stood at the center of it. It was like he was the focal point of the world, the master of the universe!

    A twinkling radiance burst forth the illusory stars, and lit the dark world, dispelling the chilling presence.

    As the radiance continued to spread, it clashed with the heavy pressure.

    The law that made one prostrate momentarily disappeared, before coming back with a vengeance. This time it was from the twinkling radiance, and everyone smashed their heads with reverence and fear!

    His strength was still at Level VII, and yet, his presence terrified them far more than Ksitigarbha! It was like the power he emanated surpassed the one used by Ksitigarbha!

    "Ah! This is... Cosmic Power!!"

    In the State of Avalon, Ksitigarbha drew a sharp gasp. He rose to his feet and once again confirmed the scene.

    "Cosmic power is the oldest and the truest form of energy! It represents the universe itself! And this illusory galaxy... there's no doubt!"

    He has lived for countless years and achieved powers few could dare imagine. So even though this new development was shocking, he regained serenity in a moment.

    He waved his sleeve, and the praying beads on the mat rushed to his hand. A flash swept out of his palm, and the beads lost their materialistic characteristics.

    They turned incorporeal.

    He then lifted his other hand, and out of the 108 beads, 13 ripped out and flew into the air.

    "The journey of Dharma starts by severing Seven Emotions and Six Desires!"

    Seven beds separated and started rotating, emanating pulses of Seven Emotions.

    ❄Anger  ❄ Anxiety ❄Grief ❄ Joy ❄ Pensiveness ❄Scared ❄Surprised.

    The remaining six beads rotated on the other side, rippling out the aspects of Six Desires.

    ❄Dignity ❄Good Life/Death ❄Lust ❄Pleasant Sounds ❄Sensual Pleasures ❄Vanity

    "That wielder of Cosmic power is against the path of Dharma! Not only his words, but his presence has proved he had been corrupted by the mundane Seven Emotions and Six Desires!"

    Ksitigarbha's eyes flashed, and he opened his mouth. The rotating beads flew in.


    At the same time, Kiba's eyebrows lifted as the black mist seethed. From the face of Ksitigarbha, 13 incorporeal beads swept out.

    "O' lowly human, you wield high power, and yet, you are treading the path of corrupt! Today, I shall refine you!"

    Ksitigarbha announced as the beads expanded countless times. From the size of pigeon's eyes, they became as vast as buildings, releasing an aura that was filled with hatred and ruthlessness.

    Multiple sounds roared out of the beads, representing the desires and emotions that bind the mortal.

    Kiba's eyes turned cold.

    In each bead, there were countless discarnate souls caged in, echoing the sound the particular bead represented. In the first bead, the souls were grieving, in the second, celebrating in joy, in the third, engaged in lust, and so on.

    Kiba scanned and noticed at least over a million souls in 13 beads.

    "I thought Extermination was ruthless, but you even surpassed him!" Kiba's voice turned cold and indifferent. "Slaughtering fellow humans engaged in different emotions and desires, and then speaking about Dharma! Even godman from before the era of evolution didn't reek of such bloody hypocrisy!"

    In the sky, Ksitigarbha's face snorted in disdain.

    He had discarded the shell of mortality decades ago and achieved the power of divine! So how could the humans even be called his fellow race members?!

    "Path of Dharma is unconventional and surpasses the understanding of lowly mortals!"

    Ksitigarbha said as the beads started spinning together.

    "To achieve my godhood, I murdered my parents, sibling, wife, and children! Only then could I cut off the lowly emotions and desires from my existence! And you speak of humans who aren't even connected to me!"

    As long as one has a connection to the mundane world, how can one ascend? Being divine meant surpassing the weaknesses of humans!

    This was why he murdered every sign of his weakness and turned them into his strength!


    The beads swirled downwards, shooting down like meteorites.

    Even though the target of the beads was Kiba and Kiba alone, everyone else felt as if they were ruthlessly sliced apart. The agony wasn't just from their spirits, but also their bodies!

    After all, each emotion and desire was connected to an organ! Anger was related to the heart, joy to the brain, and so on!

    Severing Seven Emotions and Six Desires meant destroying the 13 vital organs! That would mean complete annihilation of the body!

    The beads might be incorporeal, but their presence guaranteed physical destruction!

    "What a load of crap!" Kiba's face twisted into that of the devil. "Without emotions and desires, one could never be alive! This applies to even the so-called gods!"

    Closing his eyes, he waved his hand in the air.

    The Ksitigarbha here was just a projection and not his material form. The same applied to the beads.

    Their strength might be early Level VIII, but the fact remained, that given their incorporeal existence, most of Kiba's Alpha abilities wouldn't work.

    It applied to Gravity Cage, Purgatory, Cosmic Storm, etc.

    Of course, one solution was summoning Evolution Field and directly increase his power to Level VIII! That's what he did when he fought Hyperion!

    But that solution was strict no! At least for now!

    If Ashlyn was in the range of Evolution Field, she would disintegrate and die. Something he could never allow to happen!

    Not only Ashlyn, but he also couldn't allow her adopted parents to die as well. Otherwise, his plan to free her from the brainwashing wouldn't work!

    So the only solution was using an ability that could attack incorporeal existence! Something that could penetrate the fabric of space!


    The air in front of him ripped apart, opening a channel to a different space. His hand slipped inside and grabbed what appeared to be a hilt.

    The hilt of a sword!

    "Eclipse! The Dimension Sword!"
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