584 I Live For My Desires!

    Everything was happening at lightning speed, making it impossible for the spectators to observe the developments.

    They might not be able to see, but they knew that Kiba was facing someone who was practically a deity!

    A human rivaling a deity!

    That was a concept virtually unheard of and impossible to believe!

    "This couldn't be real!"

    Leabeu and June felt immense fear as they recalled they fought him not so long ago!

    Thinking about it, they guessed his true powers were always sealed, and only when he got serious, did the seal break and his unfathomable powers leaked out!

    Not only that, but the nature of his powers changed.

    Earlier it was the same as the one used by every mutant... the one originating from Divine Particles. Now it was something they couldn't even identify.

    "Perhaps... in the sealed state, his true powers are transformed into the one originating from Divine Particles! This drastically reduces the strength of his powers!"

    "Maybe so that the world wouldn't be alarmed!"

    Even as they tried to contemplate about his powers, the beads of Seven Emotions were above Kiba.

    Each bead was the size of an enormous boulder, and as they rotated, fierce gale swirled out. Mixing with the strange pressure from the black mist, the gale turned into a murderous vortex.

    Seven beads spinning in seven vortexes, reaching one target.

    As Kiba put his hand in the space channel to grab the sword known as Eclipse, the seven beads surrounded him. They madly spun around him, unleashing the howling winds on him.

    The discarnate souls swept out of the beads and flew in the vortex, roaring with the sounds they represented. Their appearance made the vortexes the entry to hell.

    Not only they besieged him from all the sides, but they also locked the space, making it seem as if he was dropped in an icehouse.

    Amidst such horrifying conditions, Kiba pulled Eclipse.

    The sword was long, about ten feet, It had a golden hilt, and its blade was inscribed with runes.

    It was impossible to say what precisely the sword was made of.

    Maybe it was built from metals that had long ceased to exist, or perhaps, it was a manifestation of pure Cosmic energy.

    Regardless, once it emerged, an extremely violet force spread out of it. The locked space started shaking vigorously, and the howling winds exploded back.

    Even as this happened, the beads glowed, and dazzling currents erupted of them. The currents bombarded on Kiba, bringing them with the power of not only destruction but also the Seven Emotions.

    Kiba's body turned numb.

    He didn't say anything as the currents stirred his emotions and assaulted his body and spirit.

    The feeling was akin to having countless daggers stabbed into the soul.

    Holding the sword in his right hand, he swung it, cutting through the currents.


    Tapping his left foot on the ground, he then shot at the bead representing anger.

    As he approached, the blood inside him boiled, and a volcanic fury soared through him. It made his heart thump violently, so loud that the heartbeat echoed through the murderous vortexes.

    He stopped, and by then, beams shot of the seven beads and smashed into him.

    "Fuck off!"

    Ignoring the impact of the beams, he slashed the sword straight at the bead of anger.

    The bead was incorporeal even though its power affected material beings, but when the sword slashed, the clashing sound ringed out.

    Piercing light erupted, and the bead shattered.


    Discarnate souls spurted out of it, almost as if it was a body made of flesh, and it was spraying blood through the air.

    In the sky, the face of Ksitigarbha flickered in shock. The bead wasn't just incorporeal, but it also existed in another space!

    Not only that, but it was also made from Loaqizen - the sacred metal from Celestial Elysian Plane!

    Yet a single strike tear through the bead!

    "What is that sword?!"

    He could feel it eclipsing the laws of space.

    Kiba's body turned into a series of blurs, leaving behind phantoms made of lightning. The sword ripped through the space and sliced into another bead.

    Different emotions surged through him, blinding him with highs and lows of life.

    Anxiety, grief, joy...

    It was like he had consumed powerful drugs, and was hallucinating.

    Everything attacked him, along with the twisting power of the vortexes that tried to split him. His organs started cracking.

    He ignored the physical and mental agony, and annihilated one bead after the other.

    At the same time, the beads of Six Desires flashed downwards. Their arrival turned the air into a blazing storm, so powerful that the world quaked.

    Kiba slashed the last bead of emotion, sending it spinning into the air. As it shot up, the bead shattered into two, and the souls escaped.

    Wrapping his feet with waves of golden light, he then charged upwards. He swung Eclipse as he raised it to face the beads of Six Desires.

    His simple motion of swinging let out a sword flash. It cut through the air and struck right before the destroyed forest.


    The mansion and the cliff were barely hanging due to the barrier. As the sword flash hit the ground, the land split.


    With a powerful booming sound, the cliff collapsed. The mansion was built on the cliff, and the hidden floors were inside the cliff.

    As the cliff collapsed, they collapsed alongside. Perhaps for good, they dropped into the ocean...

    Ksitigarbha's eyes narrowed. As he opened his mouth to speak, Kiba's brute power exploded out.

    "I was already sick of Dharma Chakra after fighting with that idiot monk, and now after facing you, I feel disgusted!"

    Channeling his energy into Eclipse, Kiba's eyes flashed with disdain.

    "All attacks are accompanied by mental assaults! Does none of you have any original fighting style?!"


    Ksitigarbha was astonished.

    Idiot monk?

    Who was he talking about!?

    Suddenly, he thought of Akshobhya - the monk from Mahayana Dhayana Monastery.

    The monastery was affiliated with Dharma Chakra, and Akshobhya was in a state worse than death.

    It happened almost a year ago, and other than that, there was no unexplainable incident where the enemy was unknown.

    Not to mention, had anyone affiliated to Dharma Chakra fought a powerful mutant, he would have known.

    "Could he be responsible for the state of Akshobhya?!"  Ksitigarbha wondered. "If yes, then he must be known to Kurtis from House of Hestia!"

    His thoughts flashed at light speed, and by now, the beads of Six Desires had launched an assault on Kiba.

    Unlike the beads of Seven Emotions, these beads directly smashed into him. It was like one mountain after another was bulldozing into him, and then bouncing back.

    Thoughts of lust, vanity, and other desires sank into his soul.

    He was a human and, as such, confined by the chains of material prosperity, pleasure, sensuality, and emotional fulfillment.

    This made him a slave of desires!

    The attacks surged him with despair, making his soul thirst for liberation.

    They reminded him of the quietude, freedom, and highest happiness that he could never achieve due to his shell of mortality.

    Blood spurt out of his mouth, but instead of being depressed, he laughed.

    "Oh, god! You are trying to make me suffer by using desires?! Hahaha!"

    Kiba's laughter turned maniacal.

    "I live for my desires! They are my lifeline, and you think they could annihilate me?!"

    As the beads once again smashed at him from all directions, Kiba started rotating. His sword was lifted to his side, and as he rotated, he turned into a gigantic vortex.

    "If enjoying the highest happiness between the thighs of a woman means I'm a slave, then I forever want to be a slave!

    "As for freedom of the soul, the only freedom I want is the freedom to cuckold as I please! And I have plenty of it!"

    Countless sword blurs spread out as he continued to rotate. The sword blurs frantically collided with the beads, emitting sparks.

    "So take your bull** liberation with you!"

    Kiba roared as he launched a swinging strike. The sword twisted out with spinning sword light, forming a curve that crashed into all the beads.

    From afar, it seemed as if thousands of swords were spinning, transforming into a massive tornado.


    As the spinning strike landed, the beads shrunk down and flew back into the black mist. Ksitigarbha was shocked as they submerged inside his illusory face and disintegrated into specs of dust.


    His illusory face flickered with magical symbols as he started a spell.

    Kiba was in no mood to give him the time to unleash a spell. He was already tired of him, so he shot into the sky and cut the sword into the mist.

    Blinding rays of pure energy spilled out of the sword tip, concentrating into a gigantic sword strike.


    As the sword strike swept through the mist, the sky split open, and thunderous blast echoed.

    The split seemed to swallow everything in existence, including the radiance, turning the world into pitch-black.

    "You!" Ksitigarbha yelled as the mist started disappearing, severing his connection with the projection.

    The shockwave of the strike smashed into the ground, creating a rift that joined the earth and the ocean.

    Even as Ksitigarbha's projection vanished, Kiba held the hilt of Eclipse with both hands. He closed his eyes and transferred every ounce of his strength into the sword.

    He was an Alpha and that too the wielder of Cosmic powers.

    As such, as the sword absorbed his energy, everything shook.

    Blood oozed out of his lips as he even drained power from his cells to channel more strength into the sword.

    "This is an attack I have always wanted to try! Let's see if it works!"

    Pulling the sword up, he cut through the faint connection Ksitigarbha left behind. A power that couldn't be described with words surged out, transforming into an arc.


    The fabric of space split ripped open, and the arc flew in...
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