585 A Never Before Seen Writ!

    Dharma Mountains.

    Dharma Chakra resembled a religious sect of the past. Not only because of its influence and the way how countless organizations were affiliated to it, but also its internal division.

    Just like a sect, its followers were evenly spread out in the nine beautiful mountains.

    Most of its leading powerhouse - the sages- were in deep meditation. The path of spirituality made them forget the workings of the world and the flow of time.

    Ksitigarbha was one of the few sages who wasn't meditating...

    The moment his projection was annihilated, his eyes snapped open.

    "Just how strong is he to pierce through intangibility and annihilate my projection?!"

    His projection was Level VIII, and yet it was annihilated by a Level VII mutant! The development left him crestfallen.

    "Before my connection was severed, I saw him launching another sword strike! Could it be...?!"


    Suddenly, deafening rumbling sounds reverberated over Dharma Mountains. The rumbling was so intense that the birds fainted, and the animals fleed.

    The stunning mist that covered the mountains split apart.

    "What's going on?!"

    The followers of Dharma Chakra felt an irresistible fear. They looked up just in time to see the sky distort and an arc of light sweeping out.

    Many of the followers were experts, and they instantly realized the arc was a sword beam.

    The sword beam cleaved down!

    Perhaps except for the core members, everyone else felt as if they were dropped in the ocean of despair. Their scalps tingled with a sense of deadly crisis.

    There was no doubt, if the beam landed on them, they would be annihilated in both body and spirit!

    Over the mountains, there was an invisible blanket of light. It was a Force Field that existed to act in case someone dared attack Dharma Chakra.

    When the sword beam was cleaved down, it smashed on this blanket of light.

    Destructive ripples visible to the naked eye spread out. The air above seethed as the lethal force bounced off, gushing straight to the sky, tearing apart the clouds.

    As the sword beam lost its destructive power, it turned dim and started vanishing.

    "Phew~! I almost forgot we were protected by a Level VIII Force Field!"

    The followers sighed in relief.

    "Whoever that tried to attack us, they failed epically! Haha!"

    At the same time, the vanishing sword beam flashed, and strange energy surged out. It was as if the destructive force was just a shell to hide this strange energy.

    The sword beam disappeared, and the energy phased through the Force Field.

    Either the Force Field was not able to detect this energy, or the force field felt it didn't carry destructive power.

    Either way, once it passed the Force Field, the energy spread out like mist, covering all mountains. It mixed into the air, becoming one with oxygen.


    Ksitigarbha's expression changed.

    "That human... he took advantage of my connection with the severed projection to bypass defense! Otherwise, nothing could have infiltrated Dharma Mountains!"

    He noticed this energy, and he quickly lifted his hand to wipe it out.

    But by the time he waved his hand, this energy had slipped everywhere, including the place he was. It drifted into his body.

    Even the meditating sages were jolted awake. They felt mist-like energy entering their bloodstream and settling into their souls!

    Except for the founders of Dharma meditating in the sacred region, this energy entered into everyone.

    "What type of attack is this?!"

    The youngest of the sages wondered as he scanned himself.

    "No way...! This is the power of Reality-warping!!"

    Theoretically speaking, the wielder of such power could get anything they want. It was a type of wish-fulfillment, making it seem nothing was impossible!

    Of course, the reality-warping energy that slipped into them was nowhere that strong. Perhaps it was because its caster wasn't powerful enough.

    "This energy pierced through my defenses and settled into my soul! This doesn't mean the caster was stronger than me!

    "Rather, it was possible because the caster took advantage of the body's natural instincts! When a foreign substance tries to enter the body, the body only acts if it feels danger or threat! This means my body felt the energy wasn't a threat to me!"

    The young sage thought as he examined the energy.

    "But if its purpose ain't destruction, then what is it?!"

    In another mountain, Ksitigarbha's face turned unsightly.

    With his level of power, he was able to realize what the reality-warping energy had done.

    It has formed a writ!

    "That lowly mortal! How dare he!"

    Ksitigarbha scanned the mountains and observed countless followers who didn't know anything about the writ. They were the great majority of Dharma Chakra, except for a few hundred who were out.

    "He had bind almost everyone here with the writ! Because his powers of reality-warping are weak and he isn't stronger than us, the writ is suppressed... but there's no doubt, if he gets powerful, everyone here will pay the price!"

    Ksitigarbha was so angry that his fists trembled, and his knuckles turned white.

    And how could he not?!

    The nature of the writ was something that he couldn't have imagined even in his worst nightmares!

    It was something that a follower of Dharma wouldn't ever think!

    Suppressing his anger, he once again scanned the content of the writ.


    O' follower of Dharma.

    Give your wife, the happiness of worshipping God.

    Cleanse her in the sacred bath of milk, honey, and incense. Dress her in fine silk.

    God exists everywhere, but his seat is in Holy Temple, and you would lead her there, on the path of roses.

    Open the door, request your wife to step in, and allow her to gain the one true love of God.

    O' follower of Dharma, stand on the entrance and witness as your wife becomes one with God.

    Listen to the holy words she whispers as she reaches enlightenment.

    Rejoice as God spills his blessing deep into her.

    Prostrate as the sacred blessings drip out of her.

    ~ With eternal blessings from God of Cuckolding.


    "That damn human!"

    Ksitigarbha's face turned crimson from rage.

    He had killed his wife and slaughtered all his loved ones. But the writ still applied to him!

    Because the power of reality-warping transcends the limitations of time.

    Past, present, or future.

    The writ applied to all possible timestreams!

    So if by chance that human got stronger than him, he would have to bring his wife for "worshipping"!

    And prostrate as the "blessings" drip out of her!

    "I would annihilate him!"

    Even though he had transcended Seven Emotions and Six Desires, he felt boundless anger and an intense desire to kill.

    Kiba had made him feel he was still a human...
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