586 This Must Be An Illusion!

    "Strike of Eternal Happiness!"

    Kiba lowered Eclipse as the sword beam pierced through the fabric of space.

    Eclipse turned transparent and disintegrated into innumerable dots of glowing light. The sword returned back to its dimension.

    "Hopefully, the strike would have worked!"

    Kiba prayed.

    He had no idea if the strike he launched with all his powers would work, as its target was in a different region. After all, the sword beam would have lost a considerable amount of energy when it passed through spatial restrictions and emerged on the other side.


    After letting out a sigh, he looked at the tear in the space. At a rate visible to the naked eye, the space was stitching itself. In the span of a few seconds, the sundered sky returned back to its former glory.

    "Despite being a tiny planet and existing in a galaxy of importance, Earth is very special!"

    Kiba thought with a smile.

    "Otherwise, Lord Xeced wouldn't have chosen Earth as the backup plan for Celestial Elysian Plane!"

    Kiba recalled the scenes he witnessed when he first came in contact with Enchantia. At that time, he was only Zed... weak and powerless.

    Enchantia had tried to entice him with Legacy Orbs and allowed him to glimpse the contents of a few. It included a few memories of the most outstanding scientist of Celestial Elysian Plane - Lord Xeced.

    "Lord Xeced, your plan both worked and failed!"

    Kiba mused while brining his eyes on the ocean. His gaze penetrated the layers of water and fell into the mansion and the cliff.

    Despite the fall they had taken, there wasn't critical damage. The barrier was destroyed, but most of the properties were intact. There was barely any loss of life.

    "Well, despite the unexpected developments, everything worked!"

    Kiba brought his wrist close to his face. His watch glowed, and Claudia's voice ringed out.

    [[Everything has been done, sir.]]

    Kiba nodded.

    His mission here was to destroy, and not annihilate. With his job done, he teleported away.


    An hour later.

    Massive amounts of water splashed up as advanced robots and cranes pulled the mansion and underground floors from the ocean bed.

    Most of the land around the ocean was in ruins. But for the time being, the pieces of the mansion were placed over the crater.

    Hansen and Stina looked at their destroyed home with ugly expressions.

    "Damnit!" Hansen was furious, but he couldn't vent on anyone.

    "We can't afford to be furious now, my love!" Stina once again tried to calm him.

    "I know, but...!" Hansen trailed off.

    Their backup had arrived, in the form of their own subordinates and help from Dharma Chakra. But this didn't freed them from all their worries.

    A man who had obscured himself with a blinding glow had attacked them.

    Maybe he left due to the clash with Ksitigarbha, but they didn't know when he might return. His return didn't worry them as much as his reasons did.

    Because they didn't know who he was and why he attacked them! Or even on whose instruction!

    "Great Ksitigarbha had assured all help, so we don't have to worry..." Stina thought. "But he would only act when things turn really bad!"

    She glanced towards the ocean, where the machines were carefully pulling a gigantic compartment. It was inscribed with biohazard warning signs ☠ ☢ ☣ .

    She then swept her glance at the medics. They were taking out a cryogenic chamber from the underground facilities. In it, Ashlyn was asleep.

    "She will be awakening in a few hours," Stina said with a frown. "But her condition hadn't really improved, and things aren't that good for us!"

    Hansen nodded gravely.

    "If we fail, Great Ksitigarbha would not only withdraw support but punish us!" Hansen clenched his fists. "And with the attention this mess had brought us, we are screwed!"

    Stina turned silent.

    In life, one always wanted to be at the top of power. Only that way could one have a free life.

    The same applied to her and her husband.

    The plan they have been working for decades was theirs, but they weren't its masters. It was those stronger than us.

    "If things work as we want, then we wouldn't need to work for anyone! Not even Dharma Chakra!"


    In the City of Arcadia, Restaurant Love Sky was one of the most popular restaurants. It was primarily known for its popularity among youngsters.

    As the evening arrived, a group of five youngsters reached the parking lot. All of them were around twenty-four years old, with a strong background.

    After parking their hovercars, they stepped towards the entrance.

    "Arran! You dog!" The youth named Emmanuel started. "I can't believe you are going to get in Yasmine's pants!"

    "Haha! You better believe it!" Arran replied with a grin.

    "Well, we will believe what we see!" The youth named Ciaran said with a smile. "You better be speaking the truth. Otherwise, you are going to get your ass kicked!"

    "You guys prepare your hearts! I don't want you all to die from heartbreak!" Arran laughed and playfully slapped Ciaran on the back.

    They were best friends and had each other's back.

    Of course, as humans, they also were competitors and secretly envied each other's success. It applied to the entire group.

    As was the norm, they were obnoxious and vulgar with each other. Most often, they spoke about women and sex.

    Obviously, in front of elders and the opposite gender, their demeanor changed, and they pretended to be well-mannered.

    "We will be sitting on the table at the end," The youth named Grover said. "And observe as you unbutton Yasmine with your eyes!"

    Arran grinned again.

    Yasmine was a gorgeous woman among their friend circle. She was the same age as them, but no male had succeeded in courting her.

    By courting, they meant to kiss and more!

    After most men in their friend circle failed, Arran felt she was a challenge. So he jumped in to prove his worth!

    From the last two months, he was dating her, and today, he felt he would succeed in not only getting a kiss but much more!

    Of course, he had to bring his friends to see the moment he won!

    He could imagine how envious they would get when he starts kissing Yasmine. And when he takes her to the motel, their jaws would literally drop!

    Just the thought of their reactions made his spirit rise.

    "You are late by 40 minutes," Grover reminded him as they arrived before the entrance. "Would she still be waiting for you?"

    "Obviously! You guys don't know a woman's heart works!" Arran explained with a smile. "Making her wait and not giving her enough attention is the elementary way of frightening her! It would make her believe the man is losing interest in her! So she would have no choice but to reciprocate with more love and be ready for the next step!"

    "Oh!" Ciaran, Emmanuel, and the others mentally took notes.

    Grudgingly, they acknowledged his talent as a player. He has a way with women, and with the lessons he shared, they felt they might also gain.

    The door opened, and Arran stepped in. He left his friends behind and stepped towards the table he had reserved for Yasmine and him.

    With a big smile on his face, he walked past the tables. He suddenly stopped as he noticed a golden-haired man sitting around the table he had reserved.

    "Damn! Yasmine must have left!"

    Arran's smile cramped.

    He couldn't believe he read Yasmine wrong. Had he known she wouldn't have waited for him, he would have arrived on time.

    Hell, he would have arrived before the time!

    "What should I do?!"

    His friends were surely observing him from another table, and with Yasmine gone, they would be having a great time!


    After he saw the golden-haired man, he didn't check the other chairs. After all, it was apparent, that man must be either alone or accompanied by his acquaintances.

    In any case, that was none of his business.

    At least, that's how it should have been. But now Arran subconsciously looked at the one sitting across the golden-haired man.


    "What on Earth is going on here?!"

    Arran rubbed his eyes and pinched himself. But the scene before his eyes remained the same.

    His date was sitting across a new man! She even giggled as that man said something!

    "Grover must have unleashed a psychic attack on me?!" Arran thought of his friend's ability to cast illusions.


    That would make sense!
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