588 Thank You!!

    By the time the pieces of the blasted chair fell on the floor, Arran was defeated. His sudden attack caught everyone caught off-guard, just like his defeat. The entire sequence of events didn't even take ten seconds!

    "Just what happened?!"

    Yasmine wondered.

    Her finger was still in the coffee cup, completing the heart shape ❤. And yet everything changed.

    The chair opposite her was blasted by the man she originally came here for. And he was lying in the fountain, courtesy to the man she met a little while ago.

    Even as shock gripped her, Emmanuel and other friends of Arran acted. While they were envious of Arran's success with women and wished he would fail, they were still best friends.

    There was no way they would let their best friend be treated like that! And definitely not in front of others!

    If they did, then what would be their worth?! Who would take them seriously?!

    And wouldn't they become a laughing stock among their friend circle?!

    Emmanuel glanced at Ciaran and Grover, and the three nodded. They were from the prestigious powers of the city.

    While their background wasn't as strong as the Nine Aristocrat Families, it was still noteworthy. At least in the city, they were in the top 10.

    And this has helped them evolve!

    Learning from Arran's mistake, they acted not with impulse but coordination, and that too very quickly.

    Grover pressed his forehead, and invisible ripples spread out of it. They swept in the direction of Kiba.

    The ripples contained the power of illusion, and it would make Kiba and everyone else feel everything was fine.

    This would allow them to successfully launch sneak attacks!

    Emmanuel lifted his hands and aimed in front. The illusion ensured no one heard the seething sound as the air condensed, transforming into three transparent spears.

    Not only were the spears sharp and pointed, but they also carried the ability to implode. So when they pierce into someone, the air inside would explode, surging the compressed air out like an explosion.

    Ciaran opened his mouth, and a globe of light appeared, emitting a strong power of decay.

    "Now!" Grover commanded.

    The globe of light and the spears charged out, rushing straight like bullets. The air split apart, and the tables and cutlery underneath shattered.

    Maybe others would feel their sneak attacks were despicable, but so what?! Everything was fair in love and war!

    And this was a war for their friend's honor!

    By the time the lightning-quick attacks were charging at Kiba, he was his chivalrous self. Like a perfect gentleman, he gave Yasmine his hand so that she could rise.

    With the damage around their table, it wasn't a pleasant spot to stay.

    As Yasmine took his hand, she didn't notice the incoming attacks, but the fluctuations fluttered her hair. The table shattered, and the cup of coffee started falling.

    The coffee splashed out, and the heart ❤ in the foam glowed. It was like it was infused with some mystic energy, and as it glowed, the coffee splashed on the spears and globe of light.


    An ear-numbing banging sound echoed. The illusion collapsed, and everyone was shell-shocked by the scene in front of them.

    The sharp spears and globe of light were stained with droplets of coffee, and contrary to what was possible, the former two were disintegrating!

    It was an impossible sight to behold! Two powerful attacks ruined by coffee!!

    They might be ruined, but the force inside them was alive, and it imploded.


    A formless blast of air currents and decaying light erupted. Its violent energy turned everyone's back cold.

    Yasmine didn't feel the violent energy as ❤ floated in front of her and Kiba, acting as a shield of love.

    At the same time, perhaps due to the coffee stains, the blast was sent flying back just as it erupted.


    Emmanuel, Ciaran, and Grover panicked for the blast was rushing at them!

    Before they could react, the blast ruthlessly smashed into them. Blood spurted out as the blast cut through their defenses and sliced into their bodies.

    Despite the painful screams that followed, the restaurant otherwise turned silent.

    Everyone has barely registered Arran's defeat, and now the pitiful fate of the three broke them into cold sweat.

    What happened now terrified them more than Arran's defeat. At least, he was defeated by the merciless knee kick into his back!

    But his three friends were defeated by coffee!


    It was coffee and not evil lava from hell!

    And yet it did unimaginable damage!

    Just because some woman drew a heart into it!

    Swallowing again, everyone glanced at Kiba and Yasmine.

    The shield of love continued to float in front of them. As the gazes arrived on them, Kiba slipped his hand around her waist.

    With a pleasant smile, he remarked, "Your finger is magical! It saved us!"

    Yasmine flushed.

    Even though her finger drew the heart, it was he who guided it when she was dumbstruck.

    With what followed, she knew he had infused mystic energy as well!

    "If your finger is this magical, I wonder how magical your hand is!" Kiba whispered while looking at her in the eyes. "And the rest of you!"

    Yasmine flushed further. Earlier, he was making her smile and giggle, and now blush.

    She felt butterflies of nervous excitement...

    The waiters and the guests, on the other, were further stunned.

    He was flirting even now!


    How was it possible for him to be so smooth?!

    Under their shocked gazes, Kiba and Yasmine left.

    At the same time, Arran barely managed to open his eyes. As he did, he noticed the scene of Kiba and Yasmine stepping out of the restaurant.

    "No way!"

    Kiba's hand was around Yasmine's waist, and her head was pressed on his shoulder. It was like they were couples lost in love!

    "How is this possible?!"

    Arran wondered while fighting off the raging pain.

    It had taken him more than a week before he could even get her to hold hands... and now, she looked like a puppy in love with someone she just met!

    "Is reality really this cruel?!"

    Arran asked, but no one answered.


    Parking Lot.

    Kiba opened the door of the car, and Yasmine stepped in.

    "Thank you for the lovely evening!" Kiba said while closing the door. "I hope we get to meet again and have a nice dinner!"


    Hearing his words and realizing he didn't intend to pursue what men most would do in such situations, Yasmine was amazed.

    "Take care!" Kiba bid her goodbye and took his leave.

    In the car, Yasmine was left in a trance. His attitude has enchanted her...

    Kiba stepped out of the parking lot. His eyes turned serious, and with a whooshing sound, his clothes transformed.

    "I can't let myself be distracted from my calling!"

    Rays of white light enveloped him, and he teleported away.


    Just after Kiba and Yasmine left the restaurant, the air ambulance arrived. Perhaps someone had contacted emergency personnel.

    Regardless, after giving Arran and other fast aid, the emergency personnel took them to the clinic.

    Twenty minutes later...

    Arran, Emmanuel, and others were resting on the medical beds.

    The doctor hadn't arrived to treat them nor the nurses for providing care, but thankfully, they had contacted their families.

    "My child!"

    Four women rushed into the room, followed by four men. They were obviously the parents.

    Perhaps it was the proof of excellent genetic heritage and science that the women looked fabulous despite them being in the forties.


    As the mothers arrived, they flooded their children with love and affection.

    No matter how old the child was, he was still a child for the mother, even if he was in mid-twenties!

    The fathers, on the other hand, asked questions.

    "And why did you picked this clinic for treatment?" One of the fathers asked. "I have never heard of it!"

    "We only opened today!" A sweet voice announced from the entrance. "And we apologize for the delay!"

    The parents and the patients shifted their gaze to the entrance and noticed two absolutely stunning nurses.

    Except for the colors of their hair, the nurses were the replica of each other. They were twins.

    Even the most beautiful fashion models couldn't hold a candle in front of them. And yet such gorgeous women were nurses!

    The fathers felt their breathing turned heavy by the divine beauty of the twins. The mothers snorted and focused on the name tags of the nurses.

    Madison and Lillian.

    "We are thrilled to have so many patients on our first day!" Madison clapped her hands excitedly.

    "Sis! We aren't supposed to be thrilled!" Lillian refuted her sister. "They are patients and not guests!"

    "Ah!" Madison nodded and corrected herself. "We are glad to have you all here!"

    Lillian shook her head. Her sister didn't know how to greet the patients.

    She might even get them fired by such statements!

    Lillian looked at the patients. Since her sister failed, it was her responsibility to properly greet the patients.

    So with a soul-stirring smile, she said, "Thank you for getting beaten so badly and providing us employment! We are grateful!"

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