589 Family-run Clinic!

    S"Thank you for getting beaten so badly and providing us employment! We are grateful!" Lillian beamed at the patients.

    "........" The patients and their parents stared at her with disbelief and shock.

    They had thought Madison was crazy, given what she said. And they felt hopeful when Lillian reprimanded her and decided to set things right.

    Now, they regretted believing the other sister wouldn't be as crazy as the first.

    "We have already apologized for the delay~!" Lillian said as her figure blurred, and she appeared between the patients' beds. "And now is the time for us to work!"

    Arran was startled as a syringe magically appeared in her raised hand. His eyes constricted for the needle was very large.

    Lillian pumped the plunger to remove a few droplets of the medical fluid and then turned towards Arran.

    "Be a good boy and accept it!" Lillian's eyes sparkled as she positioned the needle.

    "N-no!" Arran backed away. "The doctor hasn't even examined me! So bring him here first!"

    "No! You have to take the injection first!" Lillian stomped her feet in a child-like manner.

    The parents were stunned.

    Was she really crazy to behave like a child?!

    Arran's mother opened her lips to chide her, but just then, a voice emerged from the entrance.

    "Nurse is another word for an angel! Trust her judgment for she's the herald of salvation on Earth!"

    The parents were amazed by the profound words. They brought their vision on the entrance and saw a man standing in the professional white outfit.


    Arran's mother - Frances said. Her eyes were hypnotized by the appearance of the doctor. He was far too handsome, and there was something extraordinary about him that made her knees go soft.

    It was a magical feeling...

    At the same time, Arran and the other patients were terrified. The profound words from before rang in their ears like claps of thunder, for the voice was familiar.

    Even as the shock filled them, the speaker of the voice was addressed as a doctor by Frances! This made them broke out in cold sweat.

    "Surely... I must be mistaken!" Arran gulped and slowly turned towards the entrance.

    There stood the doctor who was to treat him.

    The one who left him in a state where he had no choice but need treatment!



    It should be Dr. Kiba!

    "Nooooo!" Arran screamed.

    The parents were shocked, and they spun towards Arran. His face was drained of color as if he had seen a ghost.

    The other three patients didn't scream, but they were shaking badly.

    "What happened?!"

    The mothers were horrified. They, along with the fathers, went to hyper mode and calmed their children.

    "It was this scenario the nurses were trying to avoid by injecting relaxation serums..." Dr. Kiba explained as he slowly stepped forward. "Their physical injuries have put a heavy strain on the nerves. Due to the overload, their brain activities went off the chart."

    Emmanuel opened his mouth to refute the claim. As words formed in his throat, his eyes went to Dr. Kiba.

    Dr. Kiba smiled and placed a finger on his smiling lips. It was a simple movement.

    But when Emmanuel saw it, all words died right in his throat.

    "Would they be alright?!" Frances hastily asked.

    "They would," Dr. Kiba smiled at her.

    She was still hyper, but he placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "Trust me, everything would be far better than you ever imagined!"

    Frances nodded. The doctor's assurance made her better.

    Dr. Kiba then requested the parents to step outside.


    A few minutes later.

    After the parents left, the nurses focused on the trembling patients.

    "Your mental strain must be far beyond the doctor's guess!" Madison remarked. "Otherwise, why would tremble in front of the doctor!? If I didn't know it better, I would think he was responsible for your injuries!"

    "You are right!" Lillian agreed as she took out even a more oversized syringe. "We need to treat them before they claim our kind-hearted doctor injured them!"

    "I agree!" Madison nodded. "They might even get us disparaged by claiming we are running a malicious business model!"

    Streams of blood energy swirled above her hand, transforming into a surgery drill.

    Dr. Kiba smiled at the conduct of his nurses.

    "I'm proud of you two!" Dr. Kiba said appreciatively.

    "Thank you, daddy-- Doctor!" Lillian kissed him on the lips.

    "We would make you so proud that no one could ever accuse you of enabling nepotism!" Lillian kissed him as well.

    Dr. Kiba nodded.

    As long as Lil' girls were with him, this family-run clinic was bound to be a success.

    Lillian and Madison concentrated back on the patients.

    Arran and others cowered, but they didn't dare utter a single word.

    "It is so good to be nurses!" Madison said as she started the drill. "We are finally going to live our dreams!"

    Ever since they were admitted to the asylum, they were fascinated with the profession of nurses.

    The nurses in the asylum might be rigid and boring, but their work ethics were terrific.

    Madison loved how the nurses got to use syringes, play with surgery tools, and stuff pills in the mouth of patients.

    Now she and her sister was getting the chance of playing nurses!

    This excited her so much that she pierced the drill into Grover's stomach. The latter screamed like a pig.



    After ten minutes, Dr. Kiba stepped into the cabin.

    He sat before the nervous parents and said, "The patients are in safe hand. So please don't worry."

    The mothers nodded while the fathers observed him.

    They had checked the facilities in the clinic and concluded it was as advanced as the best hospitals in the city.

    This was why they didn't think of shifting their children to hospitals for the time being.

    Still, there were questions to be asked. After all, they didn't know if this doctor was any good.

    "Mr. Mawl," Dr. Kiba started just as Arran's father - Mawal - was about to. "You shouldn't spend your time in the Energy Cyrstal Ore Mines."

    "!" Mawal was startled.

    How did the doctor know?! Did his son told him that he was a supervisor there?!


    What does he mean by not spending time there?!

    "I'm surprised that despite the fatigue and clammy skin you experience, you haven't given up on the mines."

    Dr. Kiba brought his eyes to Mawal's wife - Frances, and said, "Surely, you two have enough money for him to not risk his life."

    Mawal and Frances were dumbstruck.

    How did he know about the fatigue and clammy skin - the symptoms that were related to Mawal's heart problems?!

    They haven't told this even to their son!

    No, more specifically, what he did mean by risking life?!

    "How do you know about my heart-ailments' symptoms?!" Mawal asked. He wondered could the doctor have the ability to scan others at a biological level.

    "Heart? It seems you are were misdiagnosed," Dr. Kiba shook his head and replied. "You are in the preliminary stage of Blood Radiation,"

    "What?!" Mawal jumped in shock.

    "The radiation in your blood is from elemental Yaplozini and Unizer," Dr. Kiba explained. "As you would know, they are the basic composition of Energy Crystals used for mutant enhancements. Since you have radiation, obviously you came in contact with them in unsafe conditions. That's why I assume you work in a mine."

    "!!" Mawal wouldn't believe him had he not made sense.

    But he did, especially with how he knew what he did because of his supposed radiation.

    No! I must be really having Blood Radiation! Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to conclude I work in the mine with such details!

    Mawal's throat turned dry, and he stared at the doctor. Just a few minutes ago, he was about to ask him his qualifications.

    Now, he didn't dare to!

    And how could he?!

    This doctor was able to examine him in a matter of seconds and judge he was misdiagnosed! No, he didn't even examine him! He just gazed at him and learned everything!

    Such a doctor was way overqualified!

    "Doctor! Am I also contaminated?" Frances asked. She was Mawal's wife and hence in contact with him, and naturally in the risk of contamination.

    Dr. Kiba turned to her and answered, "I'm afraid you are."

    Frances' face fell.

    "Thankfully, you are not even in the budding stage, so you are perfectly safe," Dr. Kiba continued. "And we will eliminate the contamination in the budding stage."

    "!" France's eyes lit up.

    There was hope!

    "Doctor?! You can cure radiation?!" Mawal asked, shocked.

    Mutated radiation was not a common disease or injury that anyone could heal. It was clear from how it was frequently misdiagnosed due to its special characteristics.

    Yet the words spoken by the doctor pretty much implied curing it was a child's play for the doctor.

    "Yes," Dr. Kiba nodded.

    He then moved to the other parents. They were startled, and by the time Kiba concluded, every set of parents was terrified.

    Every one of them had one hidden ailment or another. And Dr. Kiba told them about it.

    "Just who is this doctor?!"

    The parents wondered. They were here to see their children recover, and now...


    Two hours later.

    In another room, Arran bounced upright from his bed. He was soaked in cold sweat, and as the nurses left, he finally gathered the courage to rise.

    Wiping the sweat, he glanced at his three friends. They had lost consciousness after wetting their pants.

    As he recalled how the nurses "treated" them, he wasn't shocked by their condition. He thanked his lucky stars as the nurses went rather easy on him.

    The "treatment" was far more painful than the most brutal torture, but it had worked. He was in a lot better condition... at least physically.

    Gritting his teeth, he jumped out of bed and rushed out of the room.

    "I need to tell mom and dad about the secrets of this evil clinic! With their influence, it is just a matter of hours before the clinic is razed, and the doctor is killed!"

    A minute later, he arrived before what appeared to be a see-through glass wall.

    What he saw on the other side scared him far more than everything.

    He now realized why Dr. Kiba said, "everything would be far better than you ever imagined!" to his mom...
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