591 Spare Me, God!

    As Arran smashed his metallic fists on the glass wall, cyclonic ripples swept out and submerged in the wall. But contrary to his expectations of the glass distorting and breaking, the ripples started disappearing, without creating any damage.


    Arran shouted, as through the disappearing ripples, he saw the bra slipping off his mother's arms and fall between her and Dr. Kiba.

    The latter grabbed it and tossed it away. Perhaps it was a coincidence that it rolled through the air and struck on the glass wall, just opposite to Arran.


    Arran cursed as the bra hanged before him, barely five centimeters away. This was all the distance that stopped him from ensuring Dr. Kiba didn't become his mother**er.

    The bra served the role of fueling his anger, and his body erupted with a swirling mass of metallic energy. His hands transformed into weapons, and he unleashed a terrifying attack.

    Alas, the wall continued to stand, stopping him from interrupting the treatment.



    Like the professional he was, Dr. Kiba focused on the well-being of his patient. His hands sought her beautifully sculpted breasts and gave them a tight squeeze.

    "Ahh!" Frances moaned.

    Ever since she saw him hours ago, her lips thirsted for his kisses, her skin desired his touches, and her cunt wanted him deep inside her. This was her dark fantasy, something she would never dare share, much less pursue, for she was a mother and a wife.

    But now that he has shown the demo of the Way of Ancients, she knew this was the only treatment she wanted.

    His kisses ignited the spark of lust, and his hands stroked the flames, engulfing her body in the prelude of carnal pleasures.

    Dr. Kiba fondled every ounce of her breasts and savored their fantastic feel. They were very soft and also firm, just the way he liked.

    He pressed the breasts together and then let them go, making them bounce.

    In response to his sensual caressing, her ass wriggled over his lap, rubbing against his pants.

    Dr. Kiba's mouth once again caught her lips for a tight kiss while his hands continued to squeeze and fondle the breasts.

    His fingers caught the nipples, and as he pinched them, her sealed lips opened to let out a moan. Before the moan could escape, his tongue dived in, exploring her little mouth.

    The moan disappeared between the tongues and locked mouths.

    Down below, Frances' pussy squirmed as his thick flesh pointed upwards, piercing through the fabric of his pants, and rubbing against her.

    Leaning her ass up, she reached her hand below and grabbed his hard flesh. Despite the fabric, she felt the intense throbbing sensation and the warmth.

    It made her pussy drip with wetness, and she gave the hard flesh a squeeze.

    Dr. Kiba broke the kiss and leaned his face back. His hypnotic eyes stared into hers as he said, "Go, get your tonic."

    Like an obedient kitten, she nodded and dropped to her knees.

    With him sitting on the edge of the bed, she opened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. Her fingers moved from the pants, lingered over the thighs, and arrived on the enormous source of her tonic.

    "He's a monster!"

    As her fingers encircled, this were the words that were spoken, though not by her, but her son. Seeing the very thick and long cock between his mother's fingers, Arran jerked back.

    Like most men, he felt he was superior in the department of manhood. This idea was reinforced by his successful conquests.

    Now that he saw his mother tracing the veins on Dr. Kiba's cock, he cowered from the supreme sense of inferiority.

    For the moment, he forgot his aim of stopping Dr. Kiba from becoming his mother**er.

    In that time, his mother stared at the swollen cock with unconcealed desire. Wrapping her hands around the base of the shaft, she started stroking it with slow, rhythmic movements.

    She then leaned her lips closer to the tip of the cock and gave it a wet kiss.

    The precum oozing off stuck to her lips, and after licking it off, she resumed the kiss.

    Dr. Kiba nodded appreciatively. He liked patients that were eager to help themselves with the best source of tonic in the world.

    As an Alpha, and that too the wielder of Cosmic powers, his cum was the natural tonic that not even the best medicines could compare.

    Even his precum resembled a crystalline layer of most precious jewels in existence.

    Frances might not know the supreme benefits the precum carried, but she licked it all for it tasted far better than the best delicacies she had.

    Opening her mouth, she took the head of his cock between her lips and started sucking it. Her hands continued to stroke him from the base, and as she sucked the top, saliva dripped down, coating the shaft with glistening moisture.

    She moved her hands up the shaft and massaged the saliva up and down.

    Dr. Kiba felt terrific.

    He loved the feel of her wet, warm mouth sucking him and the movements of her hands were equally exhilarating.

    Happy by her dedication, he pulled her up and made her lie on the bed. He then shoved his cock till the end of her mouth.

    Her left breast squeezed against his ribs as she started sucking him, trying her best to make him erupt with the tonic.

    With her now closer to him, he pulled the hem of her dress up and slid her panties down her thighs.

    Admiring the pearly white ass and the stunning curves, he spread the ass cheeks and moved his fingers down.

    Arran winced, and his jaw slacked at what he saw from this direction.

    Dr. Kiba reached the vaginal foldings of his mother and split them, exposing bright pink flesh, moist with

    This was the pink flesh that gave birth to him! The one he had to defend from infiltration, or risk having a mother**er that wasn't his father!

    He got over his sense of inferiority and bombarded down on the wall with countless attacks...

    At the same time, Dr. Kiba teased the vaginal foldings, making Frances let out muffled moans with her mouth stuffed with his thick cock.

    His fingers trailed on the foldings before sliding into the entrance. Her eyes jerked open as he thrust them directly into her, without any warning.

    His cock slipped off her mouth, and she let out a moan. Her pussy dripped out with more wetness, and as he thrust his fingers deeper into her, her slippery flesh pressed, clenching his fingers.

    "It seems I will have to inject the tonic directly into you!" Dr. Kiba said as she failed to squeeze out tonic of him.

    "Ohh, yes!" Frances absentmindedly nodded.

    Even though her flesh had clenched his fingers, they were slowly moving up and down, making her tantalized with currents of pleasures.

    Kiba pulled his fingers out, and as she gasped, he shoved them back. His fingers moved back and fro, at rapid speed, causing her hips to buckle.


    Her head dropped, and she screamed euphorically. She climaxed, and a dam of pleasure burst deep inside her, shuddering through her body.

    As Frances shivered from the climax, Dr. Kiba put his cock back into her mouth, giving her the chance to ready him for injection.

    Lost in the euphoric climax, she sucked him while pressing her tongue against the back of his shaft, massaging him. It was a great feeling, something Kiba appreciated as she concluded from him turning raging hard.

    "Come!" Dr. Kiba commanded and made her rise on the bed.

    After he lay down on the bed and placed a pillow under his head, Frances put her legs on either side of his hips and started sitting down.

    Inch by inch, her ass lowered, and her pussy approached the cock that Dr. Kiba was pointing up.

    "Stop you **ing bitch!" Arran shouted at his mother. "You cheating whore! I said, stop!"

    He called her names he never would have, but it didn't result in any success. Nor him screaming and shouting at Dr. Kiba worked.

    The glass wall stopped all his sounds, allowing Frances to slowly press her pussy down. Just as she was about to slip him into her, he pulled his cock back and rubbed it against her slippery entrance.

    She moaned from lust and frustration, and she pushed the doctor's hand away. She guided the cock between the vaginal foldings, and he was in.

    "NOOOO! You whore!" Arran screamed from the top of his lungs as his mother's pussy sheathed the enemy's cock!

    What he feared the most has happened! Dr. Kiba was now his mother**er!

    Frances didn't know that her son knew. Perhaps even if she did, she wouldn't be able to stop, not after having this treasure sword pierced deep into her.

    After getting accustomed to Dr. Kiba's size, she started riding him, bouncing up and down with wild abandon.

    "I love being a doctor!" Dr. Kiba thought as he brought his hands on her breasts and squeezed them. She was tight, despite being a mother, and he loved how her pussy tremored around him, sending vibrations into his cock.

    This feeling, combined with the sensuous feel of her amazing breasts, and his brain flashed with clarity.

    Being a doctor was his true calling in life! And treating his patients with his cock was the only true way!

    Sure it was an exhausting task, but as a doctor, he was ready for every sacrifice.

    Burning with new determination, Dr. Kiba grabbed Frances by the waist and jumped on the floor. Arriving before the glass wall, he twirled her around and started **ing her from behind.

    "Ooooohh!" Frances snapped her head back as he pressed her against the wall. Her big breasts squeezed and flattened due to the wall.

    On the other side, Arran was puffing with exhaustion as he launched another strike. As the strike failed, he noticed his mother's busty tits pressed before him, barely separated by the wall.

    The breasts were crystal clear, as were the stiff nipples.

    "You bitch! Just stop!"

    Arran screamed as his mother moaned louder than ever, as her doctor injected into her with powerful strokes.

    Dr. Kiba held her hips tightly and smashed his cock further into her, sending her into the abyss of pleasure.

    "Doctorrrrr!" Frances gasped as her pussy started to clamp and blossom with ecstasy known as climax.

    Just as the climax was about to hit her, he pulled her up in the air and slipped his cock out. His finger arrived on her sensitive clit, and he jerked it.

    The unexpected move hit her like lightning, bringing her further into the abyss of neverending pleasure.

    Her eyes rolled over, and her moans turned to howls of pleasure.

    And she squirted!

    A stream of liquid erupted out of her cunt, and just for a moment, the wall turned intangible, allowing the stream of liquid to splatter on Arran!

    "!!!!" Arran's eyes widened to the size of an egg as the liquid covered his face and chest.

    "Oh my god! What was that?!" Frances asked as she stopped squirting.

    "That was love," Dr. Kiba answered as he shoved his cock back into her. "And now time to give you tonic!"

    Frances couldn't think anything as his cock stirred more flames of ecstasy in her. She had already climaxed multiple times and couldn't handle more pleasure.

    Even before the fifth stroke hit her fully, her pussy tightened around him, jamming him deep into her.

    Frances started squeezing out the tonic she needed.

    Dr. Kiba was more than happy to ejaculate the load into her. He kissed her on the shoulder and unloaded.


    On the opposite side, Arran fell on his knees.

    He was already dumbstruck from his mother squirting on him. Now, as he saw strands of cum dripping out of her cunt and sliding off her thighs, he collapsed.

    His mother**er might have gifted him with a little sibling.

    This broke his soul, and he started crying.

    He was a young master.

    He has harassed anyone as he pleased and conquered women with his unrivaled skills, at least till today morning.

    Now... not only did his girlfriend got stolen, but his mother also got **ed... by the same guy!

    "Forgive me, God! I would never ever harass anyone, nor dare try to seduce any woman! So please spare me!"
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