592 Meeting The Unexpected!

    As Arran mentally broke down, Dr. Kiba dressed up. He flicked his wrist in the direction of Frances, and a firmament of invisible energy surged into her, clearing her blood of radiation.

    To wipe radiation from Energy Crystals, he didn't need the help of any pills or genetic medication. Just his energy was enough.

    After glancing at Frances as she slept with a peaceful smile, he left the room to treat other patients.

    Perhaps if Arran knew what Dr. Kiba was going to do next, his spirit would have lifted.

    After all, misery loves company.



    In the patients' room, Emmanuel's eyes opened. After the nurses had treated him, he had wet his pants and lost consciousness.

    Now that he suddenly awoke, he sneakily checked the room to see if the nurses were here. If they were, he would shut his eyes and pretend to be asleep.

    Realizing they weren't here, he jumped to his feet and escaped. He didn't bother to wake his two friends or worry where his other friend was.

    After running for minutes to search for an exit, he arrived before a glass wall. As he saw the scene on the other side, his blood turned cold and his face ashen.

    His lovely mother was lying on the bed, with her legs raised, and her calves resting on the shoulders of Dr. Kiba. The latter sent his examination tool deep inside her, making her praise God.

    Emmanuel couldn't believe his ears and eyes.

    How could his lovely mother remember God while being royally screwed by the devil?!

    It was blasphemy!



    An hour later,

    Grover similarly opened his eyes and experienced what his friends had.

    His mother rested on her back with her legs raised over her head as Dr. Kiba squatted over her and hammered into her with his monstrous rod.

    The thrusts of the rod must be both painful and ecstatic, for even though she screamed, she begged the doctor to continue.

    Her son followed the path of his friend Arran and tried to break the wall.

    Alas, he faced a similar result and witnessed Dr. Kiba spreading crystalline, sticky white medicine over his mother's face. It definitely solved any face issues his mother might have had.

    Lost in despair, his mind tried to cheer him by thinking on the bright side:

    His mother wouldn't need to visit parlors and waste money on facials!


    Ciaran experienced a similar fate, and like Emmanuel, he was too shocked to do anything. He blankly looked as Dr. Kiba took his mother to the stairway to heaven.


    Deep in the night, the children and the parents met outside the doctor's cabin.

    "We are grateful for everything," Mawal bowed and thanked Dr. Kiba.

    "Please, there's no need," Dr. Kiba replied with a smile. "I only performed my duty to the best of my abilities."

    After Mawal, the other parents bowed in gratefulness.

    If it was any other doctor, they wouldn't show respect in such a way, but they did now, for the doctor in front of them was godly. He had removed all their hidden ailments, and that too, in a matter of hours!

    "Hmm?" Mawal glanced at his son and the other children in dismay. They just stood silently as if a ghost has sucked the life out of them, even though their bodies were bursting with vitality.

    "Snap out of it!" Mawal commanded. "And thank the kind doctor for all he has done!"

    Mawal winced, and his blood boiled.

    Thank the doctor?!

    For what exactly?!

    Maybe for stealing his girl, beating him, torturing him, and then finally **ing his mother!?

    The other youngsters were similarly angered despite the despair they felt.

    Though none of them dare share what they experienced after they recovered.

    Each was worried about others learning of Dr. Kiba screwing their mother. After all, if anyone learned about the **ing their mothers got by the doctor who thrashed them, they would lose all the reputation and honors.

    Not to mention, they would attract negative attention, especially from close friends who would love to make innuendos.

    Who didn't love a joke about mother**er?

    This was why none of the four friends knew that they shared the same fate.

    Had they known, they could have shared the sorrow and hugged each other.

    And now that they saw their parents - mainly their fathers - thanking Dr. Kiba, their hearts felt as if it was stabbed by daggers.

    How can their fathers thank the man who not beat their children but also screwed their wives?!

    Sadly, they knew the fault was of their silence.

    It had condemned their fathers to thank the one who cuckolded them...

    "Why aren't you thanking the doctor?!" Mawal and the other fathers thundered.

    "I..." Arran gritted his teeth, for he has no choice.

    Thanking his source of misery was something he never imagined, not even when he broke down.

    But the reality left him no choice.

    Forcing a smile, he bowed towards the doctor and said, "Thank you."

    "You are welcome," Dr. Kiba replied with a smile. "Though I only performed my duty as a doctor."


    Emmanuel and others followed, for they had no choice.

    Only after the gratitude ceremony completed, each of them realized they had wholly sealed their fates.

    If afterward, they told their fathers about what their mothers have done, then the first thing their fathers would do... was to kill them!

    After all, despite knowing about their mothers being **ed by Dr. Kiba, they silently stood as the fathers bowed and showered him with praises.

    This realization further broke the youngsters in body and soul. Their shoulders dropped, and their eyes erupted with tears.

    "Please, there's no need to be emotional!" Dr. Kiba hastily stepped up to calm them. "I haven't done anything great for you to cry!"


    You have!

    If only someone could understand our sorrow!



    In a land far away, Olly was enjoying a dinner with his friends. After his father was transferred back to the headquarters, he got to reunite with all his school friends.

    As he grabbed the bite of a pizza, he teared up, startling everyone, including himself!

    He didn't know why, but even though he was crying, he was feeling incomparable joy.

    It was like the heavens were telling him that he wasn't alone.

    "Alone in what?" Olly wondered.

    His friends stared at him in confusion, and Olly strangely felt they weren't really his friends.

    His true friends were somewhere else, bound not by shared memories but a common fate.


    Sometime later.

    Like a streak of lightning, Dr. Kiba shot through the night sky and flew amidst the clouds. Madison and Lillian followed, enjoying the silent night wit him.

    As they arrived over their penthouse, streams of bright light swirled around him, transforming his clothes into a casual t-shirt and pants.

    What he did today was his way of changing his style of confrontation.

    After all, he had enough experience to know that whenever someone overpowered a person of high standing, the latter would bring more people for confrontation, and even if they were defeated, the cycle would continue.

    This was the reason why he had no patience to deal with young masters and usually preferred to kill them.

    Now, with him being new in the city, he felt he should be gracious.

    So instead of killing, he sowed the seeds of gratitude in the families of the young masters.

    This would avoid all the associated problems.

    "Oh well, today was enough for a break!" Kiba said aloud as he flew down.

    Madison and Lillian flew along with him.

    They gazed at him with their unique smiles that could send a chill down the spine.

    Though for him, their smiles were filled with warmth, for they were similar to his, full of sadism.

    "Daddy!" Madison hugged him and said, "Are you gonna start the plan for undoing the brainwashing of our future mommy?"

    "...Yes," Kiba answered.

    "That's great!" Madison kissed him.


    A few minutes later, he joined his family, mainly his little daughter.

    She was asleep, but when he arrived, her eyes opened, and she clapped her hands, signaling him she wanted to play.

    Kiba kissed her on the forehead and started playing with her.

    Her eyes sparkled, and through the telepathic bond, she expressed her wish of another explosion competition.

    Last time he had defeated her, but she didn't let it affect her negatively. If anything, her nascent eyes sparkled with determination to defeat him.

    "Explosion competition?" Kiba was startled, but he nodded. Through the telepathic bond, he replied, "I know you will win!"

    The telepathic bond didn't carry words, but rather meaning, something she could directly understand.

    Hope nodded her little head as if he was stating the obvious.

    Kiba suppressed his smile and said, "Go easy on me, though!"

    Hope again nodded, assuring she wouldn't break his spirit.

    "That's good to know, little lady!" Kiba took her between his arms and said, "Give me a week or so, and we will have our competition ground ready!"

    Pleased, Hope ran her hands over his face.

    Some distance away, Agatha let out a sigh.

    "This city might be done for!"



    Next day.

    In the center of the city, a party was organized for those belonging to a specific class and standing.

    It brought everyone influential here, for it also acted as a sort of program for debutante.

    It was a great way of forming relationships and establishing contacts. As such, talented youngsters from outside were allowed as an exception.

    Odd as it may seem, Ashlyn was also at the party. But unlike others, she was dressed in her usual full-body black suite.

    With The Ivies suffering damage, it was necessary for them to show they were well. This was why Ashlyn was here along with a few others, though unlike others, she attracted no favorable eyes.

    That too, despite her breathtaking beauty.

    Perhaps among the humans, she was the second most beautiful woman, second to the legendary Ice Queen.

    Yet no male asked her for dance or even have a conversation.

    It was not because she was cold and aloof, but because of what she was.

    A Cursed One.

    She didn't mind, though.

    Standing in the balcony, she closed her eyes and ignored all the chatter, including the mean comments against her.

    She didn't care about their views, never did.

    Hours passed, and the party was reaching its climax.

    Suddenly, her eyes snapped open, and she looked in the distance through the sea of people. She has sensed a familiar presence, of someone she had only met briefly, but made the second strongest impression on her.

    There he was, slowly arriving in the party hall, alone.

    Blue eyes, black hair and a handsome face.


    He was the younger brother of the man she most cared about...
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