595 Dont Live To Impress Others! II/II

    Usman was proven right as the python started tearing from inside, leaking out green energy.


    Usman cursed as realization struck him for why the opponent used such a move.

    Drifting back, he waved the sword in a circular motion.

    The python had shot down at him, and as it ripped apart, it was already above him.


    The python imploded in a mass of flames and green sword energy intertwined together. It swept through the afterimages, engulfing them while spreading further, destroying the floor.

    Usman didn't suffer any damage as by waving his sword, he created a formless barrier around him.

    Still, he was regretful of another failed attack and felt he should have chased Zed in the mid-air. He could only blame himself for lack of battle experience.

    As the flames and sword energy started vanishing, Usman heard a whistling sound from above, and he titled his head up.

    "You are really fast!" Zed said as he closed into Usman, his shoes encased in wild flames.

    "!" Usman's scalp tingled and he hastily lifted his sword before his face.

    Zed pulled his legs up, brought his calves to his chest, and then brutally thrashed them down, smashing his boots on the sword.

    The flames bombarded down on the sword, and even though the sword nullified the explosive power, the impact thrust the sword on Usman's face along with Zed's boots.


    Spitting blood, Usman violently crashed on the floor. The sword fell over him while disintegrating into specks of green light.

    "Damn!" As the green specks floated across him, he brought his hands to his face.

    If earlier his face looked ugly, it was now unsightly.

    With the sword and boot mark embedded on his sunburned face, the women who loved beautiful things looked away.

    They focused on Zed as he gracefully landed after launching modified flying double kick.

    "What an amazing style of fighting!" The debutantes exclaimed while observing Zed.

    "And that too without using any powerful moves!"

    "He was going easy on Usman by only kicking instead of using some terrifying flame abilities!"

    "Just like what the rumors claims, he is kind even while handling opponents!"

    Usman's purpose was to bathe in glory, but sadly, all the glory was taken by Zed. If earlier the debutantes were not sure of the rumors, they now completely believed them.


    "I hope I don't sound rude when I ask this," Zed started politely. "But did you used pills and genetic experiments to evolve to your present level?"

    Usman clenched his fists, his heart pumping with rage.

    Just like Zed guessed, he had used countless medications and underwent genetic experiments to gain his strength. Without their help, he barely would be at Level II.

    Of course, there were side effects.

    When a bodybuilder expands his muscles through steroids, his muscle strength would be comparably lower than the person who got similar muscles through natural means.

    The same applied to mutants choosing the path of science to evolve.

    "You speak like your strength is natural!" Usman roared while jumping on his feet.

    Hardly there was any mutant on Earth that neither used pills or genetic experiments to evolve. It even applied to those from Nine Aristocrat Families!

    The reason was simple: without the help of outside means, natural evolution would be far too slow, no matter the talent.

    This was why science came into the picture, acting as a catalyst.

    "Sadly yes," Zed replied politely.


    The audience went into an uproar.

    Zed never used any pill or experiment to boost his strength or evolve?

    Surely, he must be lying! Otherwise, how could he be a Beta this young?

    The old codgers were especially stunned.

    The had heard about Zed's talent in the science of genetics, believing him to be a capable scientist of at least Rank VI.

    Obviously, no one knew that even if he wanted to rely on science to evolve, his body wouldn't allow him.

    To be specific, it was the Cosmic Spark.

    Every time he would transform into his alter ego, the cosmic powers would wash away all impurities inside him, including enhancements or medication. Because as far as his powers were concerned, they weren't an innate part of him, and as such, didn't deserve to exist.

    Usman didn't care if Zed was being honest or not.

    A sticky green substance oozed out of his pores and coiled around him, turning into a thick layer.

    Now that he had failed to defeat Zed in gracious style, he would do it in this form, no matter how ugly it looked.

    The humiliation Zed gave him, he would pay it tenfold.

    "Slime? You have another ability?" Zed was startled.

    Usman didn't bother to answer. Arrows of slime shot out of him, charging at the speed of sound.

    Zed's eyes flashed and he darted to the side while casting a fire blast towards Usman. Before the blast can ripple out, the arrows that narrowly missed him, exploded into sticky droplets.

    Wherever the droplets landed, acidic fumes trailed off. They might be slime but they were acidic in nature.

    The droplets splashed toward Zed, and if not for the flames bathing over his body, they would have made contact with his body, and corroded him.

    Still, even though they failed to make contact with his body, they dissolved the flames.

    "I never wanted to fight like this!"

    Usman said as waves of slime spread out of him, and covered the floor. On the borders, the slime stretched up, turning into borders; effectively turning the arena into a prison of slime.

    "But you left me with no choice! So die!"

    Usman roared and the slime crawled out from all sides, sweeping at Zed at breathtaking speed.

    This move was one of his strongest as it used the slime to annihilate instead of overpowering or bounding the target. There was nowhere the opponent could run or flee!

    Zed was a bit amused.

    The one who challenged him was now blaming him for not getting defeated? What sort of logic was that?

    As the slime rushed at him, his body erupted with spiraling flames. With him as the center, they started spinning, soon coursing with heat that could scorch the sky.


    Zed commanded, and a blazing firestorm burst into existence.


    The spectators jumped to their feet as they stared at the screen in horror. Despite being protected by the force shield, they could feel the heat. Droplets of sweat started trailing off their foreheads, only to evaporate.

    A seething sound filled the arena.

    The sticky slime might be channeling the power of acid, but when it came in contact with the volcanic heat, it exploded. The acidic fumes nowhere to be seen amidst the raging fire.

    "No way!" Usman was shocked.

    Quickly regaining his wits, he gathered slime around him, turning it into a cubical barrier.

    As the power of the firestorm spread, the barrier shook and heat sipped in, melting the layer protecting him.


    With an ear-piercing boom, the barrier exploded and the flames blasted into slime-covered Usman, sending him flying into the ceiling.

    Perhaps he was lucky, as even as he crashed into the ceiling, the firestorm vanished.

    Conjuring firestorm drained far too much energy, and if not for the fact that Zed was revolted by the idea of slime touching him, he wouldn't have used it.

    "Argh!" Usman broke out of the ceiling.

    The slime covering him has mostly burned away, but believing that Zed might be exhausted, he decided now was the best time to act.

    He could still win and save his face!

    A sword made of green energy and slime appeared in his hand. Tapping his feet on the ceiling, he shot at Zed.

    Zed didn't even bother to look up. He waved his hand and streams of flames condensed, turning into a whip.

    With the sound of air slicing apart, the whip slithered at Usman who was half the floor away.


    Usman was startled and he quickly slashed his sword onto the whip. Sadly what he slashed was the swinging motion of the whip, a transparent afterimage.

    The real whip ominously crushed into the hand holding the sword, slicing it apart. Even before blood could burst out like a fountain, the scorching temperature evaporated the blood, and the whip continued to move forward.

    It brutally smashed onto his face, leaving a blazing trail that extended from his face to his torso, making it seem as if the fire had slashed into him.

    He was defeated... without getting a chance to impress the ladies or terrify the men.
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