597 Villainy Is Contaminable!

    Fifteen kilometers from the mansion that was destroyed, The Ivies had established themselves in a new estate that was equally grand. Unlike the former, this was defended on the round clock with state of the art tech and powerful spells that originated from Celestial Elysian Plane; ensuring no one could step in the estate, not even with spatial teleportation.

    Sadly, the person they were against was already in, that too by the warm welcome of the owners.

    Zed stepped into the mansion with a bit of nervousness, making Hansen and Stina feel he was a sheep stepping into the wolves' den.

    "You have a nice home!" Zed politely remarked as he looked at the elegant and splendid interior.

    "Glad you think so!" Stina responded with a motherly smile that could melt any apprehension. "And please, call it 'our home' for it now belongs to you as well!"

    Zed was stunned and his eyes turned watery, pretty much telling he was greatly moved by her gesture. He quickly turned around while pretending something was wrong with his eyes.

    With a warm smile, Stina then gave him a personal tour of the mansion, making it seem as if he truly owned it. She even showed him the secret routes which one could take in case of emergencies.

    It was like she was incapable of even thinking that he couldn't be trusted just because he was new.

    In the end, she left him in his room and said, "It is late, so have rest now. I will introduce you to the family tomorrow."

    "Yes," Zed replied politely and bid her goodnight. After closing the door and changing his clothes, he lied down on the bed, soon falling asleep.

    Just a few minutes after he slept, Stina appeared beside him, without emitting any sign of her presence. She took out a mirror and reflected its silvery portion on Zed.

    It was a mirror capable of seeing through everything, including origin. Even if something was placed within any space storage items, the mirror could see it.

    On the other side of the mirror, Stina saw everything about Zed, including his body structure, his genetic links, and the contents inside his storage ring.

    When she examined the items within the ring, her mouth formed an "O".

    There were mechanical gloves that could be used to operate robotic gadgets, advanced surgery orbs, high-rank genetic pills, energy crystals, power shards, rare herbs, precious serums, high-tech devices to perform experiments, and hundreds of other items.

    Stina was rich and influential, but even she staggered by the wealth Zed owned. Ordinary wealth wouldn't surprise her, but this was a different type of wealth, something that could lead to riot among high society!

    Suppressing her astonishment, she recorded his body stats and his wealth in the mirror and vanished from the room, leaving behind no traces.



    Across the mansion, there was a mountain, and within, there were hidden facilities. Stina appeared there and shared the recording with the core members of The Ivies.

    "If one can be rich without financial wealth, then it is this kid!" June exclaimed. "If those spoiled brats from the nine families know of his wealth, they would die of shame!"

    Lebeau vocally agreed with her while Rita stayed silent, playing with her hair. Three members that were seen during the former crisis - Aminah, Joane, and Stones - only nodded, not showing that much interest.

    Hansen didn't bother with their reactions and discussed Zed's body stats with researchers.

    "He has no spy chip or any foreign power inside him," The head researcher said. "In fact, his body is perfect... there isn't even an iota of any medical residual!"

    "That's to be expected with the pills he is carrying!" Another researcher added with envy. "All of them are either Rank VI or Rank VII! There would be no side effects!"

    The other researchers agreed and many of them openly suggested to rob him. Studying those pills would expand their knowledge and help them evolve as researchers.

    "Snort! Are you all idiots?!"

    Stina unleashed her pressure, and bulldozed it into the researchers, nailing them against the wall.

    "You want to anger Ashlyn and ruin all our efforts?!"

    The researchers forcefully shook their heads while gasping for breath.

    "We have no need of his wealth, not even those precious pills and resources!"

    Stina said while retracing her pressure, making the researchers slip on the floor.

    "But his knowledge, it is a different matter!"

    Hansen exchanged glances with her and their eyes glinted.

    "He is here on God's command, to help us cross the last hurdle!"


    The state of Avalon.

    House of Hestia.

    "The Ivies..."

    Lord Harley tapped on the table as he read the latest report on Zed. He was a bit surprised when Zed suddenly disappeared in Delta City, but knowing that he was seen again, this time in a new city, he felt everything was still going as per the plan.

    "Hansen and Stina... they have a perfect image of philanthropists - generous and warm! But anyone who reaches a position of their level, they can be anything but generous and warm!"

    Lord Harley opened a virtual window and scanned through a file, reading about Dharma Chakra.

    "If not for Ksitigarbha's recent actions, we would never know their connection to The Ivies!"

    He broke into a cold chuckle, realizing everything was a farce.

    "Dharma! How interesting! The son following the path that the father was so revolted by!"


    In another room.

    "What would you do, mistress?" Heather asked.

    "Nothing," Rebecca replied in a serene tone. "It is his life and I have no right to interfere."

    "But the other families and powers could target him!" Heather reminded her how Dream Rise House was destroyed. "With his whereabouts now known...!"

    Rebecca let out a soft sigh and walked into her daughter's bedroom, leaving behind Heather.


    On her bed, Kirstie was playing virtual games when she heard the door opening. She closed the game simulation and turned towards her mother.

    "How are you feeling?" Rebecca asked.

    "Good!" Kirstie answered and leaned her body slightly up. Rebecca swiftly arrived before her and took her in the arms, bringing her to the window.

    "Brother is sure popular! The maids whisper about him all the time!"

    Kirstie suddenly said with an awe-struck look.

    "According to them, his name has spread due to his many adventures! But surprisingly none of them are about him being very good at sports!"

    "...." Rebecca flinched for she recalled the last time her daughter had used similar words.

    And as she expected, her daughter didn't disappoint.

    "Mom! Brother is so physically active that he became a father just at twenty-one! So why is everyone only discussing him for his adventures in some forest?! Doesn't his activeness also deserve discussion and praises?!"

    Her main maid - Leyla - had claimed becoming a father requires a lot of effort. So, she was genuinely shocked that none discussed her brother's achievements and efforts in this department.

    Rebecca stood silent for a long time, not knowing what to say.

    Ultimately, she decided to change the topic.

    "The gift your brother gave has worked well."

    Kirstie nodded to her statement, and said, "Yes! Brother is the best! But why didn't he give it to me personally?"

    "..." Rebecca turned silent.



    "Does brother dislike you due to me?"


    Rebecca was astonished and she quickly hugged her daughter.

    "No! There's nothing like that!"

    "But then why isn't he here?" Kirstie asked. "Surely it must be due to my creation----"

    Rebecca placed a finger on her daughter's lips and shut her.

    "He loves you! And that's all matters!"



    House of Neville.

    In Sophia's bedroom, Katherine arrived with the news of Zed.

    "Your boyfriend might be cheating on you!" Katherine teased as she handed her a picture of Zed with Ashlyn at the party. "He's now living with her!"

    Sophia blushed at the mention of "boyfriend," and as she thought of correcting her mother, she saw the picture.

    "Ah! It is Ashlyn!" Sophia exclaimed with a relieved smile. "She's only a friend of his There's nothing between them!"

    "You know her?" Katherine asked, surprised.

    "Yes!" Sophia nodded. "She might look cold, but she's a good person! Though her judgments can be questionable at times."

    "Questionable?" Katherine was curious.

    "She is also a friend of that shameless villain!" Sophia explained. "And she even defended him!"

    Katherine gritted her teeth at the mention of the villain.

    The "invitation" of M.I.L.F. International was the most brazen display of shamelessness she ever witnessed. It made her understand why he was labeled as a rascal and the ultimate villain.

    "Sadly, that villain's luck is good!" Sophia continued as she checked the photo. "He never met Zed! Had he, Zed would have made him give up the path of villainy and guided him the path of sages!"

    "Or maybe the villain would change Zed!" Katherine said. "Villains are impossible to change!"

    "!!!" Sophia gasped.

    Her mother was the wisest person and she had never been wrong.

    Sophia gave up the plans of inviting Zed to correct the path of that villain.

    Villainy might be a contaminable disease and she didn't want to take a risk!

    Zed must remain innocent!
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