600 Operation Screwing II

    (A/N: The chapter is a bit dark! Read at your risk!)

    In the morning, the sun splashed out warm rays that glittered through the dewdrops in the garden, making it seem they were jewels.

    Stina admired the beautiful scenery along with her husband.

    "I feel terrific!" Hansen said while closing his arm around his wife's waist. "Today is going to be a great day!"

    "It has to be!" Stina smiled, eyeing her yellow-eyed, blond hair husband who was both well-built and tall.

    He was the love of her life, the shrewd man with whom she would soon rule the world and dominate all those who believed themselves infallible.

    Hansen similarly observed her, the cunning woman he so loved and wanted.

    With her deep auburn shade hair, sparkling blue eyes, and pearly white skin, there was no other woman that could ever grab his eyes.

    Not only was her face flawless, so was the rest of her body, from her perky breasts down to her tight, little ass.

    She was perfect, looking like a model in early thirties despite her actual age being far higher. That was the miracle of evolution, aging no longer affecting the body as long as one was powerful.

    The couple glanced at each other for minutes before leaving the room. They have eternity to love each other, but for now, it was the time to work and ensure everything worked as they wanted, leaving nothing to chances.

    With the motherly smiled that could melt ice, Stina greeted Zed before starting the breakfast. Hansen did the same, hugging Zed in a fatherly embrace.


    Half an hour later.

    Zed stepped into the lab to continue the treatment of Ashlyn, who was in hibernation. Stina arrived with him to give him "moral support."

    "Please have a seat," Zed requested her and then instructed the researchers on today's work.

    They nodded, and the treatment resumed, with Stina sneakily observing Zed, examining his body language.

    "Everything is going as per the plan!"


    Every floor inside the mountain was more than a hundred meters tall due to the massive lab equipment and other infrastructure machines, such as radiation generators, power sources, and so on.

    The floor reserved for the beasts gifted by Dharma Chakra was even taller, reaching a height of three hundred meters. This was natural given the floor had multiple beasts, many of them humongous.

    Hansen stepped onto this floor to conduct daily supervision. The robots had already fed the beasts through the slight gap in cages, and all he has to do was confirm there was nothing amiss.

    As he walked past the cages, a formless scent drifted off his body and entered the nostrils of the beasts. The scent erupted an inexplicable excitement within them, making their gazes flash with desires, and they stared at the source of the scent.

    The excitement flooding inside them made them feel like they were dry farms suffering from droughts for decades, and Hansen the relief - the bringer of rain.

    The only thing that separated them from the rain was the cages.



    One after another, the beasts roared and started attacking the cages.

    Hansen was taken aback by the roars and rattling sounds. He looked at the cages and was shocked by the bloodshot eyes of the beasts.


    A blue rhinoceros slashed his horn against the cage bars. The pointed end of the horn released a bright flash that detonated the bars, giving it a chance to rush out.


    Hansen was astonished for this happened within seconds. One moment the rhinoceros was docile and peaceful, and the other moment, extremely violent.

    While the cages were strong and resilient, they weren't made to act as prisons for the beats were tamed.

    Hansen lifted his head to establish mental contact with the rhinoceros and stop it. But he didn't get much time as other beasts also broke out of the cages and charged at him.


    The robots that were in the path or the ones that tried to act were brutally trampled by the beasts. Even the human beast tamers weren't spared, their blood dyeing the floor.

    "Stop all of you!"

    Hansen commanded while unleashing his powers. There was no time to contact others, but he didn't need to, for he was powerful!

    Black glow erupted from all his sides, and through them, countless fists punched out, slamming into the coming beasts, and knocking them into the air. Yet, even as the beasts were about to smash on the floor, they regained stability and pounced back.

    Hansen didn't stop with his rapid punches, but neither did the beasts.

    As the attacks continued, the air distorted, and terrifying energy waves wreaked havoc, shaking the floor.

    A dark panther opened its mouth, and a globe of yellow energy emerged, slamming through the fists and exploding on Hansen.

    The impact blasted him back, but since he was encircled, he collided into a lion.

    The lion's tongue lolled out, and its mouth drooled at the golden opportunity that was before him.

    It did what it desired, tearing Hansen's clothes to shreds and slam something hard in his neither region.

    "!!" Hansen's blood turned cold, and his eyes popped out, not daring believe what the lion was actually doing.

    This was only for a moment before he exploded in rage.

    "How dare you!"

    His body bulged and expanded, turning him into a fifty feet tall man with multiple hands. Three of his hands crushed the lion's skull while the other ripped the body.

    Hansen looked at the bloody face of the lion as it dropped, and he was astonished.

    The lion had died with an expression of extreme satisfaction! There was no regret!


    Hansen exploded again as when he was busy killing the lion, the rhinoceros took the opportunity. It tried to impale something, but when that failed due to Hansen's quick reaction, the rhinoceros turned furious and slammed out with his horn.

    The furious reaction of the rhinoceros further incensed Hansen.

    How dare this beast act like he was its bitch?!

    He acted on time and twisted his body, but the rhinoceros was equally fast. The horn pierced into his stomach, creating a hole from which blood gushed out.

    Hansen also succeeded as his punches sent the rhinoceros flying, smashing it into the incoming gorillas.

    Sadly, the other beasts didn't stop, and soon, his resistance was overpowered. The black glow died, and his fists dropped.

    The beasts then thrust into forbidden regions, and when many other beasts didn't get the regions they needed, they created the space in the body.

    Some crafty beasts took advantage of other beasts' hard work. Like for an example, a vicious hound used the bloody hole in the stomach.

    As for what happened next... let's say it is far too horrifying to even describe.


    On the first floor, Zed slightly modified the genetic arrangement in Ashlyn's DNA, working with extreme concentration.


    Suddenly, an earth-shaking moan echoed, startling not only him but others, especially Stina.

    Given the lab's metallic walls and their design, how was it possible for a sound to echo here? The only explanation was that the sound was far too loud, defying the limit!

    "Was it a moan?" The head-researcher wondered aloud.

    "!" Stina's eyes constricted, and more moans followed.


    She thought when she analyzed the moans. They were filled with pain... but there was something else as well.

    Pleasure! Extreme pleasure!

    Shocked, she turned into a mirage of light and left the lab. The researchers followed her, not daring to stay behind when their mistress was in so much panic.



    A minute later.

    Stina stopped in the track. The researchers similarly stopped; their gazes filled with disbelief at the scene just a few hundred meters ahead.

    Some of the weak-willed threw up their breakfasts while the rest slapped themselves, trying to awaken from the nightmare they were witnessing.

    Yet the powerful moans and the sound of hundreds of things slapping against someone were brutally crystal-clear.

    Then there were the beastly roars as some beasts attacked the ones having the golden opportunity, telling them to be not greedy and giving others their quota.


    Stina felt the world spin as she saw her husband filled to the brim. Her strength left her knees, and she started dropping to the floor.

    Just as her body was about to hit the ground, a hand slipped on her waist and grabbed her.

    Through her hazy eyes, she saw the hand belonged to Zed.

    She could feel the hand holding her shaking just like the rest of his body, perhaps, due to shock, just like her.

    Yet despite his weakness, he begged her, "Please be strong!"

    Stina was startled.

    He was feeling weak, and despite the situation, he was looking after her. Then again, knowing his personality, it was hardly shocking.

    Stina gritted her teeth and pulled herself up.

    She was Stina of The Ivies! The one who would rule the world! The one who knew the art of manipulating!

    Nothing could terrify her! Not even her husband's beastly adultery!

    These thoughts surged her with determination, and she got on her feet. But then the moans of her husband echoed, more powerful than ever.

    Her strength left her again, and she passed out.

    No matter how smart and determined she was, some things could break her.

    "Lady Stina!"

    Zed cried. He hastily took her in his arms and rushed back into the first floor. A few researchers followed while the rest stayed behind, too shocked to do anything.


    Zed placed Stina on a glass table and injected a relaxation serum. Her eyes shook, and she started waking up.

    Her face was filled with confusion, but then she remembered what happened. Feeling it was a nightmare, she rose to her feet, but then the moans again echoed.
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