601 Operation Screwing III

    Stina was in a loop, falling unconscious and then regain consciousness. Only after multiple injections did she gained enough strength to retain her consciousness.

    Being conscious was one thing, and sane another. The memories of what she witnessed made her shiver. It filled her body with a vile feeling and shattered her heart.

    Seeing her state, one of the researchers felt she was blaming herself for her husband's actions. Thinking it as an opportunity to get her in good books, he said, "Mistress, cheating on one's spouse is like throwing away a diamond to pick up trash, and in your case, it is far worse!"

    The other researchers were startled. Not daring to let him get all the limelight, they too jumped in to suck upon her.

    "Cheating isn't a mistake, but a choice, that has nothing to do with the cheated spouse!"

    "Right! It occurs in the head, long before it occurs in the bed... or in this case, on the floor!"

    "I never thought Hansen would do such a thing! Cheating despite having an absolutely stunning wife!"

    "That too by sleeping with beasts and so many of them!"

    "He is moaning even now with no regard to his wife!"

    If the researchers were trying to brighten her mood, then they were failing epically, for her face turned ashen. She was on the verge of throwing up.

    Then again, the researchers weren't to be blamed as they were mostly stuck up in labs with no idea on how to deal with such situations. So, all they did was repeat popular sayings they knew of and blame Hansen.

    "Stop trying to create discord between them!" Zed's thunderous voice broke through the lab, instantly silencing the researchers.

    Even Stina was taken aback to see the usually calm Zed shouting.

    "Lady Stina, please don't listen to their words," Zed took a chair and sat before her. "And don't overthink. I'm sure there must be a suitable explanation for what's going down there."

    Suitable explanation?

    Like hell, there would be!

    This was what the researchers wanted to shout, but they didn't dare to, for they now realized Hansen wouldn't forgive them if he came to know of their conduct.

    Stina didn't say anything, but her expression spoke volumes - she didn't believe there was any plausible explanation.

    "I didn't see what really happened there for the sounds were enough," Zed started. "But I did notice splashes of blood and beasts rampaging! So, don't you feel Sir Hansen isn't to be blamed?!"

    "!" Stina's expression changed and she lifted her head up.


    Due to the shock of her husband's actions, she didn't see everything on the floor, but she did witness her husband's bloodied state and beasts pouncing to take "their fill."

    As she tried to think rationally, negative thoughts also flooded in, reminding her that her husband might have let the beasts turn berserk. After all, the beasts were tamed and someone like Hansen - who had a mental contract with them - could easily fill them with lustful desires.

    As for blood and wounds... maybe he wanted to be treated rough? She could still hear his moans filled with both pain and pleasure!

    "Please don't let negative thoughts impact you!"

    Zed requested as her thoughts were clear to all thanks to her expression.

    "And even if Sir Hansen is doing what we all think is doing willingly... none of us should judge him!"

    "What?!" Stina and others stared at him like he was some idiot to take Hansen's side.

    "When I was a student, I read the mind is always curious about the forbidden - the taboo! It wants to experience what others never could!"

    Zed explained.

    "Sometimes a person gives in to such curious desires and commits mistake! But that doesn't mean the person is bad!

    "Ever since I have been here, I have seen Sir Hansen's exemplary character! He has shown nothing but kindness and fatherly love to me!

    "As for you... he only showed love and trust!

    "So, ask yourself, can a person like him be bad? Can he willingly do something when he knows it might hurt someone?"

    Stina didn't want to ask herself. Not because the answer was yes, but because the answer was a roaring no!

    Just like her, Hansen was a great actor, a master of psychology.

    He was fooling Ashlyn, Zed, and many others with his facade so Zed's words meant opposite to her!!


    Meanwhile, on the beast floor, help arrived in the form of Leabeu, Rita, June, and others.

    A few of the researchers had sent messages, and unlike Stina whose thoughts were clouded by personal emotions, Leabeu and the others weren't affected. So, they instantly saw what she missed - the debris of robots and the bloodied paste of beast tamers.

    While they were indeed shocked to see Hansen experiencing the ride of a lifetime, they didn't stop and rushed to help him.

    Leabeu released a storm of shards, and as the shards pierced the beasts, blood erupted like fountain. Yet, the beasts continued what they were doing.

    Startled by their determination to continue despite getting hurt, Leabeu blasted a gigantic diamond block, smashing it on gorillas.


    The gorillas kicked the block away and eyed Leabeu with intense hatred, their eyes almost saying - Wait for your turn, like we had! Get in the queue instead of being a loser!

    "Are they for real?!"

    Leabeu morphed his hands into diamond axes and jumped to separate Hansen from the beasts.

    A mutated lizard, that was patiently waiting for its turn, noticed Leabeu's movements, and it turned furious.

    Here it was waiting for its turn! But that bloody human is jumping through the queue!

    Shameless! Extremely shameless! This human has no manners!

    Wrapping its tail with electricity, the lizard whipped it at the jumping Leabeu.


    The tail smacked on his face, leaving a clear imprint on his diamond shell.

    "Fucking bastards! Why does everyone target my face?!" Leabeu shouted and charged at the lizard.

    The lizard growled and camouflaged itself to launch another attack. It wasn't going to let this human take away its chance.

    If the human wanted to fight, then let him!


    June gushed out dozens of threads from her hands, and like divine rays, they shot forward, impaling the beasts taking Hansen.

    The threads channeled the power of poison, and the poison particles surged into the bloodstreams.


    With acidic sound, the impaled beasts withered, and as their decayed parts started falling, they still didn't stop. Even if they were going to die, it would be within the source of extreme satisfaction!

    A few meters behind, Rita saw everything with wide eyes. Even though she has a fun and twisted personality, something even Kiba acknowledged, the scene left her tensed.

    "This has to be a joke!"

    How can the beasts not even care for their life and just carry on with Hansen?!

    "Every woman wants such lovers but only Hansen got them! His luck is too good!"

    Rita remarked.

    This startled Hansen who was finally free. He spurted blood and lost consciousness.

    Rita: "Well, he lost consciousness from a compliment and not the love he got! The beasts must be seriously lacking!"

    Others: "......."

    They were sure, if Hansen heard this statement, his poor heart might give up.

    Shaking their heads, they placed Hansen in a stretcher by using their powers. They didn't dare touch his defiled body.


    An hour later.

    Stina finally got out of her trance state and stepped into the healing chamber.

    Under the requests of others, especially Zed, she saw the CCTV footage - only the starting part - and felt maybe, her husband was innocent.

    That might be, but what happened to him was forever imprinted in her mind. Just thinking about it turned her body numb.

    Forcing herself, she eyed her husband who was awake and getting healed through energy rays. She turned away and suppressed the urge to throw upon him.

    "Stina!" Hansen snapped his teeth, his body pumping with rage and humiliation.

    The woman he so loved couldn't even bear to look at him.

    The same woman with whom he shared good and bad of life.

    The one with whom he not only duped Ashlyn, but countless others - everything so that they could rule the world.

    Now, that love of his life wasn't even willing to see him.

    "I'm sorry," Stina turned back to him.

    Hansen nodded while noticing that despite her looking at him, she was maintaining some gap. He could feel the idea of touching him revulsed her.

    "Forgive me for being so weak���" Stina apologized again. "But know I love you."

    They had a strong will, but the events of the last few hours smashed it to pieces, reminding them how fragile they were, despite their mastery of psychology.

    "Maybe it is karma?" Hansen wondered with a self-ridicule smile. "We have used 15 Cursed Ones... brainwashed them from the times they were children, placed them in different shelters around the world... manipulated their entire lives. Only Ashlyn survived... and now, soon..."

    "Karma and fate?! Stop with the nonsense preached by the branches of Dharma Chakra!" Stina's expression twisted. "We both know it is nothing but bull** to fool the masses! To make them submissive! And we aren't going to be submissive!"

    Hansen nodded, and replied, "Yes! We would overpower everyone and rule the world, no matter what it takes!"

    Stina suppressed her repulsion and took his hand.

    "What happened to you... surely it wasn't an accident! Someone must have either used supernatural powers or gave you some type of pill or serum!"

    Hansen's eyes flashed with murderous glint.

    He had done his best to not think of what happened to him. Now that he thought, he shivered from killing intent.

    "Who could it be?" Hansen asked. "We should think of those within our house... Zed?"

    Stina's eyes glinted but she shook her head and replied, "Most likely not... I'm not saying this because of his personality or that he has no reason to, but because he is always under our observation. And in the time he isn't, he wouldn't have the opportunity to manage what happened to you."

    Hansen agreed with her.

    "Then who?"


    At the same time, high in the sky, above the mountains. A crimson explosion surged through the clouds, and through it, Madison and Lillian emerged.

    "Tada~ Daddy's Lil girls are here!"

    Mission lifted her left hand, summoning a bow made of blood.

    "And we would be the catalyst of Operation Screwing - Stage II!"

    She drew the bowstring back with her right hand, and an arrow made of blood energy appeared.

    A frightening power surged out as the arrow got ready to leave the bowstring, about to destroy everything in its path.

    Lillian stopped her sister by saying, "We are talking about Screwing! So, how can you do it like this?!"

    "Ah!" Madison gasped. "I almost forgot my manners!"

    The arrow tip blossomed in the shape of a heart, and from her back, little wings of blood emerged.

    "Daddy's cupid is ready!"
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