602 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Part I

    After leaving the second-floor lab, Stina arrived on the first floor. It would take time to find out what really happened with her husband, but till then, she couldn't let herself be distracted.

    So, allowing her husband to recover in the healing chamber, she joined Zed, who had resumed his work.

    Taking a seat, she glanced in the direction of Zed.

    ~Beep~ Beep~

    Suddenly, alarms ringed in the lab, awakening her from her thoughts.

    "Mistress, an enemy has targeted us!" The head researcher shouted.

    "Enemy?! Who is it?"

    Stina jumped to her feet, quickly opening security tabs through a motion of her hand.

    "A female cupid?"

    Stina muttered as the visuals showed a scene from dozens of kilometers high in the sky, of a woman holding bow and arrow, her back flapping small wings of blood.

    "No! She's Madison of the infamous twins!" Stina realized in horror. "Her sister is also there!"

    Just like her, the others in the mountain facilities and the mansion also noticed the scene.

    High in the sky, Lillian closed her eyes and expanded her senses in the direction of the mountain. There were technological restrictions, but thanks to the droplet of Source Blood her sister carried, she quickly found the person she wanted.

    "Daddy is there! With the target of Operation Screwing - Stage II!" Lillian whispered. "Just like he said he would be!"

    "Understood!" Madison beamed and released the arrow.


    The cupid arrow flashed down, carrying not the power of love, but energy of catastrophic proportions.


    The arrow struck the invisible screen protecting the mountain and detonated. Rumbling sounds followed as the screen shook, and ripples of blood energy swept in through slight cracks, destroying the vegetation on the mountain.

    "She's an Alpha! We are dead!" Leabeu muttered.

    "No, we are not!" June corrected him.

    Just as she spoke, above the mountain, the air distorted. A ring of seven-colored light appeared, through which five monks stepped out. The ring behind multiplied, turning into five small rings that flew into the hands of the monks.

    "Dharma Chakra!" Leabeu's eyes brightened. He had almost forgotten Great Ksitigarbha has sent a team to help them in times of crisis.

    "We wouldn't need to act!"

    The team members who didn't fight before said, perhaps in disappointment.


    Above the mountain, the monks floated with expressionless faces.

    "Those who hinder the path of Dharma, only nihility awaits them."

    The head among the monks declared as he charged at Madison. The ring in his hand turned into a dazzling volcanic pool that swept forward, instantly crossing ten kilometers.

    "But we don't want nihility as Daddy only wants places with hot girls!"

    Madison responded with a gentle smile as the air around her turned into an ocean of blood and crashed into the incoming volcanic sea.

    "Can you offer us heaven instead?" Madison asked as the air twisted and distorted with powerful booms. "Though the fairies should have big breasts otherwise, no deal!"

    Before the head monk could respond, the ocean of blood cut through the volcanic pool, spattered the lava, and submerged him.

    By the time he should have retorted, the ocean had sapped away his blood and flesh, only leaving behind a skeleton that dropped down.

    "!!" The other monks were terrified, shocked by the death of their companion, that too in the span of a few seconds since the battle began.

    Not daring to be distracted, they used their rings to attack with everything they got. One ring turned into a bright sun, emitting heat. The second turned into a moon, emitting coldness. The two flew together, forming a contrast of day and night, hot and cold.

    The other two rings turned into sky and land, making it seem as if a world was charging at the sweeping ocean of blood.

    "Huh? You are not offering anything? Not even fairies?" Madison asked.

    Sadly, the only answer she got was muffled cries as the ocean of blood tore through all rings and washed through their owners, turning them into crumbling skeletons.

    None in the mountain and the floor could believe the "powerful" monks from Dharma Chakra would die in less than a minute. Everyone was ashamed of relying on them!


    As the monks died, the sky darkened, and stormy winds followed.

    "You two dare!"

    A powerful voice reverberated in the sky, and a portal started opening up, slightly revealing the eyes of Ksitigarbha.

    The aura of a peak Level VIII mutant shook everything in existence, threatening to wipe out everything.

    The Ivies sighed in relief. The portal might consume a great number of power shards, but thanks to it, within a minute, a teleportation channel will be ready.

    Madison puffed her chest forward and, with a smile, replied. "Obviously... we don't, or maybe we do! But our objective is over, so we will be leaving!"

    "Goodbye, Emotionless Uncle!" Lillian stuck her tongue out and placed her hands on her head in mocking expression. "Since you killed your wife, you haven't get laid, have you?! No wonder you are so grumpy!"

    "But don't target poor children like those churches do!" Madison added before turning into a beam of blood light.

    Lillian followed, her body vanishing into the free energy in the air.

    "How dare you two!" Ksitigarbha was furious, and through the slightly opened portal, terrifying currents of energy flew out, splitting through the sky.

    Alas, his luck was bad as the twins had vanished entirely, leaving behind no traces.

    Realizing they weren't here, he stopped the burning of power shards, thereby making the 1/4th open portal shut. There was no use of wasting so much energy if the enemy was absent.

    The teleportation portal was for only emergency uses in case The Ivies were in deep crisis.



    Inside the lab, Stina ignored everything and said, "What do they mean the objective is over?"

    "They are following the style of that mysterious attacker from before!" The chief researcher said. "First, destroy and then leave!"

    They tried to think what the twins had done, and suddenly, their eyes constricted. They hastily looked up, at the radiation generator whose energy was used in experiments and healing chambers.

    "Don't tell me!"

    Realizing at the same time, they both flew back. Zed was the same as were the other researchers as they felt the generator bursting from inside.

    "That Lillian girl! She can manipulate energy!! With the cracks in the protective screen... there was an opportunity for her!!!"

    Stina concluded why Lillian seemingly took no action. Sadly, the realization was too late as the generator exploded, emitting radiation rays.


    The explosion slammed into everyone in the lab, except for Ashlyn, who was safe in an impenetrable glass pod.

    Even Zed wasn't spared as the rays hit him, slashing through his barrier of thick flames. The radiation channeled into his body, but unlike others, an icy glint flickered in his eyes, as if he was ready for this.

    His body seemingly burned from radiation, but he experienced no pain or agony, even though he screamed just like others.

    Everything happened in less than two seconds, and the rays disappeared, leaving behind seriously injured Stina, Zed, and the researchers.

    None of their powers were enough to stop mutated radiation. And now many of them wished they were in the glass pods, getting experimented on. At least that would have saved them from this hellish agony!


    The lab doors were shut, but those outsides knew what happened thanks to the sensors. Though none dared step in without proper arrangements.

    "Bloody hell! What do we do?!" Hansen asked as he dragged his hurt body before the lab doors. "Everyone who can nullify the damage of radiation is there!"

    June nodded. The researchers were affected, and so was Zed. There was no one to treat them, and knowing the decaying power of radiation, if treatment wasn't given in a few hours, they would die!

    "Can't you request Dharma Chakra?" Leabeu asked.

    "They won't help unless we pay them in return!" Hansen answered with an ugly expression.

    Stina was expendable, and so were the researchers after they reached this close to the plan.

    And with Ashlyn recovering to such an extent, there wasn't that significant need for Zed either. After all, the computers had the required treatment details!

    "If I have time, I can seek the help of others...! Maybe I should deal with Dharma Chakra!"

    In the lab, the voices of Hansen and June echoed through speakers.

    Zed forced himself to rise and grabbed Stina.

    "Please don't give up," Zed requested.

    Stina tried to nod, but she couldn't. Since she was nearer to the source of radiation, she was affected the most.

    "Not all hope is lost!" Zed said as determination to survive flashed in his eyes. "There's someone who can heal us! So, don't give up when he is in this city!"

    "Who?!" Hansen and Stina asked in unison, their voices only separated by the doors.

    "The greatest doctor I know of!" Zed replied. "Someone who taught me everything I know!"

    "Who is he?!" Stina begged him to answer.

    If that doctor taught Zed and turned him into such a genius scientist at such a young age, then the doctor has to be divine!

    Even calling him divine would be an understatement! He must be omnipotent!

    "Dr. NTR!"



    Forty minutes later, in the newly opened clinic.

    Hansen stood before the reception, where Rosemary greeted him with a smile.

    "The patients have been shifted and are getting treatment," Rosemary said in a melodic tone.

    "But, where's Dr. NTR!?" Hansen asked. "I want him to treat my wife personally!"

    He didn't care for Zed or other researchers. Only his wife mattered, and she has to get the best treatment!

    And only the legendary doctor he never heard of could do that!

    "Ah! You want your wife to receive personal treatment from The Doctor?" Rosemary asked.

    "Obviously!" Hansen barked at her.

    Everything that happened in the day had already fried his brains from stress alone. So, he was in no state to maintain his usual composure and act with the façade he was known for.

    "No need to be so rude," Rosemary let out a sigh. "But I need to tell you the doctor's fees is very high!"

    "Let me pay you in advance!" Hansen handed her multiple platinum cards on the table. "But get the doctor and request him to help my wife!"

    "You can pay later. First, we should complete formalities."

    Rosemary tapped on the virtual console, and a digital screen emerged, rising before Hansen.

    "Consent form?" Hansen read the details.

    It was a standard consent form, though with additional points about some unique procedure that Dr. NTR uses.

    Supposedly it guaranteed success, but the clinic wanted assurance the relatives, especially spouses, wouldn't react with ungratefulness and file cases to defame this great clinic.

    "We don't want relatives to complain about the procedure or file a lawsuit against us," Rosemary explained. "So, sign it, or no the doctor might refuse."

    "I'm signing!"

    Hansen signed on the screen.

    The extra stipulations about the procedure that guaranteed success filled him with hope.

    "My wife would be saved!"

    "Well, she would be more than saved," Rosemary said while opening the payment tab. "Now is the time for you to pay for that."
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