603 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Part II

    By using high-tech machines, the nurses healed the radiation burns suffered by Stina. The visible damage was nullified entirely, and as for internal damage, it was also negated to a great extent.

    "How are you feeling?" The nurses asked

    "I'm feeling good!" Stina was amazed.

    Not even the machines in her lab could achieve such a result, and yet, the clinic machines did in an hour. Obviously, the nurses were also to be credited for being professional in their job.

    And she couldn't help but wonder how good the doctor would be.

    Now only slight traces of radiation remained inside her, causing little discomfort and nothing else.

    "Don't you worry," One of the nurses said as she covered her naked body with a white blanket. "When the doctor arrives, even without him doing anything, the discomfort would leave you!"

    "Though another type of discomfort would stir through you!" The second nursed added with a wink. "You will wish you were sick so that the doctor would use his healing touch on you!"

    Stina was startled.

    If their comments were anything to go by, the doctor must be extremely handsome instead of being some ugly geezer.

    "He must be charming!" Stina said with a slight smile.

    "You have no idea!" The nurses responded together.

    "Is that so?" Stina thought to herself.

    She was a strong-willed person, and comments about some hot doctor didn't affect her.

    Her loyalty was to her husband, and while the events of today made her feel revolted by the idea of being in his presence, the fact remained he was the only man she loved.

    Still, she has a role to play, so she amused the nurses.

    "The doctor will be here in a few minutes," The first nurse said. "We will be taking our leave."

    Stina nodded and thanked them. She might look down on them, but her façade wouldn't allow her to openly mock them.

    The nurses left the room, and Stina rested comfortably on the table.


    Half an hour passed with no arrival of the doctor. This made her feel angry.

    The doctor might be legendary, but her standing would be godly in less than two weeks. Yet the doctor was late. There was no respect for the time of the future ruler.

    Just as she was about to shout, stepping sound filled the silent room. Startled, she looked at the entrance, eyeing the man who should be the doctor.

    "He's a human?!"

    This thought echoed in her mind as his image reflected in her eyes, making them widen.

    His face was perfect with a sharp jawline, as if personally molded by gods to ensure no flaw.

    Then there were his golden hair that was translucent and his white skin that emitted a faint divine glow, almost as if he was a cosmic being.

    This feeling only strengthened when she looked into the hypnotic half-blue, half-golden eyes. They seemed to carry infinite depth like the universe itself, with his pupils seeming to reflect the revolving galaxies.

    He stepped closer to her, and his natural body scent entered her nostrils, making her face flush further.

    His scent seemed to be the incarnation of the perfect fragrance - a combination of different types of roses, orchids, sandalwood, and peppermint.

    "He's the wet dream of every woman!"

    Stina thought, her heart beating loudly.

    Now she understood why the nurses made those comments.

    Subtly, she used her unique powers to examine him.

    "His natural charm of arousal is sealed!" Stina realized in total disbelief. "Only a percent of it is leaking! And yet...!!"

    The natural charm of arousal wasn't some magical energy; rather, it was an innate demeanor - the aspect one earns from their actions.

    Like for example: Anyone who kills would get traces of murderous aspect, generally called murderous aura. For a person who had killed thousands, this aura would be so powerful that it could frighten the enemy without force. Even killing weaker beings was possible.

    The same was for the natural charm of arousal. It was composed of conquests - the accumulation one earns from making the opposite sex reach the apex of pleasure.

    This charm would naturally affect the opposite sex, making them realize he was the answer to their every dark fantasy.

    "Could he be a succubus!?"

    "If not, and he's a human... then just how many women he had bedded?! Surely it must be a lot...and also of different types - including married - for the charm to be so powerful!"

    Stina rationalized in her heart.

    "Had he not kept it sealed, I would have been acting like a wanton slut - begging him to ** me!"

    Suppressing her thoughts, she opened her lips and asked, "Are you really a doctor?"

    "Yes, I am," Dr. Kiba answered as he appeared before her. "But why the strange question? Do I not look like a doctor?"

    "Of course not!" Stina replied. "I only asked to break the ice."

    She couldn't tell him about what she had concluded about him.

    "Ok," Dr. Kiba nodded in understanding. "A pleasure to meet you."

    "Likewise," Stina responded while showing a bit of wariness.

    "Relax, everything would be alright," Dr. Kiba told her with a gentle smile. "You can trust me."

    "Of course, doctor... I trust you! Zed spoke great things about you!" Stina replied. "It is just---"

    The doctor placed a finger on her glossy red lips, silencing her.

    "Ssshh! As I said, relax." Dr. Kiba looked her in the eyes. "Leave everything to me and continue to lay there."

    Stina nodded while reminding herself to not fall for temptation.

    Thinking of how he kept his charm sealed, she felt he had no interest in her. Otherwise, he would have exposed her to his charm and get what every man desires.

    "Maybe he had bedded so many women that he lost interest in casual sex!"

    Stina hypothesized.

    This made her conflicted. After all, it showed she didn't arouse his interest despite her beauty.

    Dr. Kiba tapped into the air, and a virtual panel appeared, showing her body stats.

    "As you know, most of the radiation has been removed from your cells," Dr. Kiba started, his attention on the panel. "What little remains, it is inside you, and I will be using my powers to remove it."

    Stina nodded in understanding, though her wariness increased, for she knew what it implied.

    Dr. Kiba grabbed the end of the blanket and pulled it. Stina knew this was coming, so she crossed her arms around her breasts and shut her thighs.

    She glanced at him to see his reaction and was surprised to see he wasn't even looking at her. He was folding the blanket.

    This constricted her eyes, and she chided herself.

    "Why am I reacting like some naïve virgin?! I'm Stina of The Ivies!"

    She straightened up on the table, lying comfortably without covering her breasts. Sooner or later, as the doctor, he would touch her, so what was the use of trying to hide her breasts?!

    Dr. Kiba placed the blanket on a nearby chair and then turned towards her. His face remained the same, with no hint of lust.

    But in his eyes, Stina noticed something - something so raw that it hit her like a hammer.


    It was like her gorgeous naked figure was a dull, repetitive sight. Something he was tried of, but was forced to check due to the nature of his work.

    "I will start," Dr. Kiba lifted his hands, wrapping them with strands of white light. "If you have any objection, you can tell me anytime."

    "I understand..." Stina replied.

    Dr. Kiba then asked her to lie on her chest, and she swirled her body, bringing her back and ass to his sight.

    He placed a finger on the center of her back, above her spine.

    "Then I shall start."

    Ripples of energy swept out of his fingertip, spreading throughout her back, turning into a glycerin-like liquid.


    It gently caressed her back, like innumerable hands were stroking it into her smooth skin, making her gasp.

    Her tissues softened, and rays of radiation surged out, disappearing in thin air, making her cells further relaxed.

    "It feels really good!" Stina said to herself. Even the best massage she had never relaxed her like this.

    Dr. Kiba continued, this time placing his hands on her back and then sliding them towards the sides of her breasts.

    She didn't flinch as his fingertips lingered there, releasing more energy. She did shut her eyes, subconsciously savoring the feeling of the sides of her breasts kneaded by the energy.

    "Take a deep breath," Dr. Kiba commanded.

    Stina did as he asked. Her shoulder blades slightly moved up as her back stretched.

    The energy resting on the sides of her breasts flew into the center, tantalizing her skin and nipples.

    She whimpered, and just as the feeling turned really good, Dr. Kiba brought his hands back to the center and then skittered across the taut slope of her back.

    Stina didn't say anything, but she cursed herself. She was being healed, and yet her body was showing signs of excitement like she was some bitch in heat.
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