604 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Part III R-18

    Stina stopped herself from gasping as his fingers slide over her ass cheeks, dangerously close to the crack where her holes remained hidden.

    Ripples of energy spread out and moved through her tight yet smooth ass.

    "Ooh!" A muffled gasp escaped her lips.

    Every ripple made her feel her flesh was rubbed and kneaded, turning her eyelids heavy from the pleasure this unnatural caressing provided.

    She knew the pleasure wasn't the purpose of his actions. For she could sense the energy inside ripples assaulting the radiation in her cells, bringing her relief. This assault was what made her feel caressed, like she was being massaged.

    His speed was rather fast as he barely stayed on any part of her body for two seconds, but her body felt he was taking his sweet time, tantalizing her.

    His fingers moved down her thighs, gently releasing more ripples over her, stroking her. As a result, a tingling sensation started building up between the ends of her thighs.


    She sighed in relief as his fingers didn't linger there. Had they remained, she might have squirmed.

    His hands arrived on her feet and he wrapped his fingers around them, moving up and down, emitting ripples that seemed to carry vibrations. Her toes curled up as if a dam of pleasure was ready to burst inside her.


    She pressed her lips against the hard surface of the table to keep her mouth shut, not wanting to release any embarrassing sound.

    "God, if he wasn't a doctor, he should have been a masseur!"

    She thought in both frustration and relief at the sensation he provided her.

    "Get on your back," Dr. Kiba instructed.


    Stina turned around, lying perfectly on her back. She didn't try to cover her breasts. Instead, she moved her arms over her head, completely exposing her breasts.

    Her eyes moved on his face to see his reaction, and to her shock, there was no sign of any interest just like before.

    He moved his hands from her legs to her knees, providing his healing touch, slowly moving up to her thighs.

    Till now, she was able to control the natural excitement his hands provided, but now seeing him moving up her thighs, the tingling sensation between her thighs strengthened.

    Beads of slippery juices streamed out of there, and trickled on the inside of her thighs, staining the table.

    If he saw the traces of arousal, he showed no sign of it.

    He continued to stroke up her thighs, and just as he was about to reach the end, her legs opened up for more comfort.

    Whether it was subconscious or not, that was debatable, but Stina was ashamed. Because now her pussy lips were in sight, slick with her juices.

    Dr. Kiba continued, and as she thoughts his hands would arrive on her belly, they moved to her groin, just centimeters away from her cunt.

    She was startled but then felt him emitting energy ripples.

    "Oh, god!!"

    As the ripples nullified the radiation, the resulting sensation made the area around her pussy sensually caressed.

    Her pussy lips glistened with more juices and she started trembling from the crest of excitement.

    Dr. Kiba ignored her reaction and continued with his job. He ran a finger on the perimeter of her pussy lips before sliding it in between.


    Stina squirmed as the finger pushed into her cunt, rippling out with vibrations.


    She didn't care about the radiation that was rapidly vanishing.

    All her thoughts were on the finger and the pleasure it brought. Not even the most passionate moments of her youth brought such a pleasing sensation.

    Her hands moved on to her breasts, grabbing them tightly, while she savored the beautiful sensation that was assaulting her cunt.

    She felt firecrackers exploding before her eyes and felt falling into the abyss of pleasure. She climaxed!

    Her back arched, jamming his finger deep in her.

    "This isn't the way you should have reacted."

    Dr. Kiba pulled his finger, covered with her glistening juices.

    "I... Doctor..." Stina glanced at him, terrified by what she just did.

    As a master of psychology, she knew lust could overpower rationality and kill all thoughts of fidelity and love, but she never expected it to happen to her. After all, she had been guarding herself against temptation.

    Even after the climax, lust was still clouding her thoughts.

    Her body wanted the doctor to shove his cock deep in her. With his natural charm being so strong, she knew her body would experience climax after climax, enjoying heaven on earth.

    But she tried to fight for rationality.

    She opened her mouth and started blabbering up an explanation, but before half a sentence could leave her mouth, a finger slipped in, shutting her up.

    "Sssh!" Dr. Kiba said. "You have to be silent like I told you."

    Stina couldn't hear his words as her attention was on the finger in her mouth, filling her with the taste of her juices. Subconsciously, she started sucking it like it was his cock, guided by her instincts.

    Dr. Kiba sighed and pulled his finger out of her mouth.


    Stina looked at him in frenzy. She bounced up on the table and grabbed his pants, her eyes lit with desires.

    "Fuck me!"

    She said words she never thought she would ever say to any man that wasn't her husband. And yet, not only she said them, but she also started opening up his pants.

    "Sorry, but I'm your doctor and not your husband." Dr. Kiba stepped back.

    "My husband has beasts to love!" Stina said as she extended her hands, grabbing him. "And I have no need of him!"

    She knew she loved her husband, but what she wanted was just sex. And she rationalized it didn't affect their relationship.

    Without giving the doctor a chance to refuse, she leaned up and kissed him on the lips. Her hands pulled his pants down and she found what she was seeking.

    The cock that would take her to heavens.

    The extraordinary girth pushed her excitement up the roofs, and she shoved her tongue into his mouth, seeking his tongue.

    "Please behave!" Dr. Kiba broke the kiss and leaned back.

    "Why?! Surely you find me attractive!" Stina crouched before his cock, and wrapped her fingers around it. "Otherwise you wouldn't be this hard!"

    "You are attractive, but I'm bored of sex."

    Dr. Kiba tried to back away but couldn't as she had started rubbing his cock over her cheeks and lips.

    "I would change your mind!" Stina said before opening her lips and slipping her tongue out, licking the mushroom head.

    She then plunged her mouth over it, slowly taking half of his shaft inside her.

    Her mouth then started moving back and forth, emitting slurping sounds.

    She grabbed his hips for support and started blowing him in earnest, worshipping his hard flesh.

    Suddenly, she felt her feet pulled up and her thighs falling over shoulders.

    This startled her as Dr. NTR was in front of her.

    With his cock in her mouth, she glanced over her shoulders and was dumbstruck.

    There was a second Dr. NTR behind!

    Resting her thighs over his shoulders, he leaned his face closer to her cunt.

    "Is it an Avatar?!"

    Stina brought her eyes back to the first doctor to enquire but just then, the second doctor flicked his warm tongue over her clit.


    Her back arched as his expert tongue then slipped between her vaginal lips, sliding back and forth, teasing her.

    The first Dr. Kiba grabbed her head, reminding her of her job. Forgetting about the odd situation she found herself in, she resumed blowing him, licking his hard flesh as she moved it back and forth in her mouth.

    Behind, the second Dr. Kiba licked her slit before taking her flesh between his lips.


    She let out a muffled moan with her mouth filled. Her pussy started convulsing as the crest of another powerful orgasm washed over her.

    As the climax overtook her, the first doctor held her head and took control, **ing her mouth like it was her pussy. He shoved his cock to the back of her throat, making her gag.

    Behind, the second doctor rose to his feet, making Stina lay in suspension. Holding her thighs, he guided his cock between her pussy lips and jammed in.

    "Ohhhh godddd!"

    Her mouth opened as the cock in her cunt unexplored depths, stretching her like no one ever had, or no one ever would.

    The cock in her mouth slipped out but the first doctor put it back, and resumed **ing her mouth.

    Minutes passed, and despite the uncomfortable position of being in mid-air, Stina felt herself approaching another climax.

    The second Dr. Kiba lied down on the table while continuing his strokes into Stina. The first Dr. Kiba was in sync with him, stepping along with him so that Stina's mouth could continue working on his cock.

    Stina leaned to the side to suck him as the second doctor increased his pace and planted his face between her breasts, suckling on her nipples.

    "Ohhh yessss!"

    Her muffled moans ringed as the climax hit her again, sending currents of ecstasy throughout her body.

    The second doctor didn't stop pounding her and the same applied to the first. Despite being in a post-orgasmic state, she enjoyed it, letting them treat her like a piece of meat for their pleasure.

    While jamming his cock deep into her cunt, the second doctor spread her ass cheeks, and she felt something trying to penetrate her tight asshole.

    She first assumed it was his thumb but then realized her mistake. It was something throbbing and very thick!

    Letting the cock in her mouth fall, she looked over her shoulder and was terrified to see a third Dr. NTR!

    There are three Dr. NTRs?!

    "You will be our first patient to receive Dr. NTR's special treatment!"

    The first doctor explained.

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