605 Operation Screwing - Stage 2 Final R-18

    On the table, the second Dr. Kiba lay with Stina mounting him in a classic cowgirl position, her mouth hanging open before the cock of first Dr. Kiba.

    The second doctor spread her ass cheeks and exposed her back door for the easy access of the third doctor.

    "I never had anal sex!" Stina got out of her trance and spoke.

    She didn't dare think she could handle an enormous cock down there, not the size of Dr. NTR, and certainly not a double penetration.

    Just having her pussy jammed by the second doctor had given her multiple orgasms.

    Double penetration would kill her!

    "Relax. As your doctor, I know you have great untapped potential."

    The first doctor said while grabbing his cock and positioning it towards her face, rubbing it on her cheek.

    "N-no! I'm not even lubed there!" Stina hastily said.

    "Ah!" The first doctor nodded in understanding.

    His figure blurred, and he swapped position with the third doctor.

    His cock had been well-lubricated by her saliva, so he understood it was his job to do the deed. Let the newly appeared third avatar get his cock serviced by Stina's mouth in the meantime.

    "This wasn't what I meant---!" Stina managed to say as the third doctor planted the back of his cock on her lips, making her kiss the underside.

    She did that, kissing with her wet lips, trying to distract herself from what her ass was about to experience.

    Behind, the first doctor grabbed her narrow waist and pushed the head of his cock into her tight anal ring.

    Her eyes widened, and her mouth fell in a huge "O.."

    "Oh my **ing god! You are tearing me apart!"

    She felt as if her ass was burned, and as the cock plowed further, tears erupted in her eyes.

    "You are doing great!" The first doctor praised as more than half his cock disappeared in her ass. "Just relax."

    The second doctor underneath Stina resumed stroking into her pussy while suckling to her right breast.


    Stina shouted as the feeling of two cocks pulsating inside her transcended everything she had ever experienced.

    At the start, it was raging pain, but now it turned into an ecstatic pleasure of biblical proportions, making her feel she was about to reach heaven, leaving behind her mortal shell.

    Her body convulsed like she was being electrocuted, and her eyes glazed over. Everything before her turned dark, and her face dropped on the shoulder of the doctor underneath her.

    She had climaxed!

    "She passed out just from this!?" The third doctor remarked in surprise. "I guess I overestimated her potential!"

    Shaking his head, he grabbed her deep amber hair and pulled her face up, bringing it before his cock. He pushed it into her drooling mouth, and a pleasing sensation flew into her, making her awake.

    Once again, feeling the two thick, long, hard cocks in her ass and pussy, and the third cock in her mouth, she was overwhelmed.

    Most women would not even find one such virile cock in their entire life, and she was now getting three.

    Even her darkest fantasy wasn't this erotic, pleasurable, and out of the world!

    Allowing nature to take its course, she started sucking the cock in her mouth, trying to deepthroat him, causing his balls to slap on her chin.

    The other two doctors resumed **ing her, making her release muffled groans. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh followed in rhythm with her moans.

    As she reached the crest of another orgasm, her ass and pussy muscles started clenching around the cocks in her, rippling out with intense vibrations, trying to milk them.

    The third doctor was in a similar situation. She had taken his cock to the deepest end of her throat, engulfing him in wet warmness.


    She shivered as she once again drowned in the sea of ecstasy, and as pleasure ran through her veins, she held the third doctor tightly.

    A few minutes passed, and none of them moved, buried deep inside her, allowing her to savor the climax.

    As she started gaining clarity, the third doctor slipped out of her mouth.

    "Time to give your mouth some rest."

    He picked her, giving her ass and pussy some relief as well.

    But it was short-lived as holding her by her thighs, he brought her exposed pussy on his cock. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he entered her, **ing her in the standing position.

    Behind, the second doctor stepped up. He placed his hands on her buttocks and jammed his cock straight into her ass.

    "Oooohhh, you **ing bastard! Have some mercy on my ass!"

    Stina shouted while slipping one of her arms around his neck.

    Having two cocks impale her as she floated in the air was an otherworldly feeling, and despite her curses, she enjoyed it more than words could describe.

    The same went for Dr. Kiba (s) as they humped rapidly into her, savoring the feeling of her body sandwiched between the avatars.

    "Faster! Fuck me harder!" Stina begged as she bounced her hips with their strokes. "Make me cum again!"

    The doctors did just that, slamming in sync, enjoying the quivering feel of her tight holes, touching the areas she never had felt, much less used.

    "Thank your husband on my behalf!" The third doctor said in between the strokes. "For leaving you so tight and unexplored!"

    Stina nodded, not caring the least about her loving husband.

    All she cared was the brutal pounding her married ass and cunt were getting, pleasuring in the ways her husband couldn't even dream of.

    The third doctor nuzzled on her throat, while the second doctor kissed her shoulder.

    This was too much for her, and orgasm after orgasm erupted inside her. Her head started thrashing back and forth, maddened by the intense pleasure.

    Before the pleasure could fade, she was back on the table, this time in reverse cowgirl position. The first doctor was below her, filling her ass, and the third doctor was in her pussy, his hands squeezing her breasts.

    Through her dreamy vision, she looked in his eyes as he started slamming into her cunt, and all she saw was plain lust, the eagerness to use her like a rag doll for his pleasure.

    She didn't get to see more, though, as the second doctor brought his cock over her face, the one that was in her ass.

    Without any hesitation, she opened her lips and took him in, bobbing up and down. Her mouth watered as she imagined how her husband would react if he saw her like this, serving a cock that had pounded her ass she never gave to him.

    The dangerous yet thrilling thought made her gag on the cock, and she experienced another climax.

    "Forgive me, honey! I love you!"

    She cried as saliva dripped off her mouth and fell on her cleavage.

    More pumping continued, and soon, she felt the cock in her mouth pulsate.

    "He's going to cum!"

    Stina thought just before it unloaded a massive amount of cum, shooting it straight into her throat.

    It was a wonderful taste, and she started swallowing it eagerly.

    Inside her cunt and ass, the two cocks throbbed violently, and in seconds, they sprayed out crystalline white cum, dyeing her inside with sparkling glamor.

    "This feels so goooood!"

    The eruptions of cum gave her one of the most intense orgasms of today, making her see stars. Her eyelids turned heavy, and she started losing consciousness.


    The doctors inside her slipped out and got back on their feet, allowing her overly exhausted body to rest on the table.


    Half an hour later.

    Stina was finally able to open her eyes. She was tired yet felt robust vitality inside her, courtesy of the cum deposited in her three holes.

    This made her feel she was on the brink of evolution to the next stage, just a hairsbreadth from Level VI.

    And even as she realized the benefits, guilt overwhelmed her. She had betrayed the only man she loved.

    Her brain tried to rationalize by saying what did was only sex and not betrayal. She started using all excuses to soothe her guilt...

    Stina rose to her feet and was about to leave the table when she saw three naked Dr. NTR approaching her.

    "How are you feeling?" The first doctor asked.

    "Good..." She whispered as she observed their divine physiques - the chiseled chests, strong abs, and powerful shoulders.

    Her vision drifted down, once again seeing the rock-hard cocks that were pointing towards her.

    Their unique manly scent once again drifted into her, igniting the spark of lust that she had tried to suppress.

    "I..." She tried to stop, but her hands moved on two cocks, to stroke them and jerk them. At the same time, she bent by her waist to take the third cock between her lips, worship it with her tongue and mouth.


    Another session of Operation Airtight started.

    This time, the doctors **ed her in doggy double penetration style, missionary double, and spooning, and a lot more.


    Hours passed, and in the end, Satina was lying on her shoulders with her buttocks raised, allowing two doctors to ** her ass and cunt. The other doctor mounted her face, stroking his cock in her mouth, pushing her to never-ending depths of pleasure.

    With powerful strokes, they all climaxed.


    The next afternoon.

    In the waiting lounge, Hansen nervously rubbed his hands. It has been more than twenty hours since his wife has been in the clinic, and till now, he didn't even get to see her.

    "I would murder those crazy twins if anything happens to her!" Hansen swore in his heart.

    While the nurses had assured her Dr. NTR was treating her well, he was still panicked. After all, radiation wasn't easy to remove, and there were chances of backlash. That might even kill her!

    "Stop worrying," Rosemary said while sending a virtual screen to him. "The doctor has Airtighted your wife with powerful strokes so she would be in the process of a quick recovery."

    "Airtight? What's that?" Hansen asked as he checked the screen.

    "A costly procedure - something your wife wanted," Rosemary answered. "That's why you have to pay more."

    Hansen was confused, but he paid. The automatic door opened, and he hastily turned around to see a shocking sight:

    His wife in a wheelchair - unconscious with her tongue lolling!

    A man in doctor's clothing, whom he assumed to be Dr. NTR, moved the wheelchair towards him.

    "You must be her husband," Dr. Kiba started.


    Hansen replied while checking his wife. Through his powers, he examined her and was relieved. She was fine, though very exhausted.

    Her entire body was flushed red, but he assumed it due to the procedure to remove radiation.

    Perhaps it was due to Airtight?

    He didn't bother to think as the doctor extended his hand. He shook it and thanked the doctor.

    "You have my eternal gratitude for saving my wife!" Hansen said.

    "Please, what I did was just my duty," Dr. Kiba responded with a sincere smile. He patted Hansen and continued, "It was a pleasure to serve her."

    Hansen nodded in gratitude.

    He decided when he took control of the world in two weeks, he would show mercy to this doctor.

    Given the skills he had shown in saving his wife, he would come to good use.

    "Goodbye," Dr. Kiba waved at him as he stepped back into the operation room. "I have a feeling we would meet again."

    "Me as well," Hansen replied with a suppressed grin.

    "Zed and other patients would be out in an hour." Rosemary brought his attention back.




    In the mansion, Hansen eyed his wife as she walked into the dining room with trembling legs. He could see she was having a hard time taking steps.

    "Are your legs fine?" Hansen asked.

    Stina flinched, but she didn't let anything show on her face. Using her acting powers, she beamed at her husband and said, "Yes... the operation was very draining, so I'm still tired."

    "Oh!" Hansen nodded.

    He then glanced at Zed, who was eating meat.

    "Son, when would you resume healing Ashlyn?" Hansen asked with the fatherly smile.

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