607 The Only Way

    In the present, Zed lowered his hand. Ashlyn looked at him, her eyes filled with sadness as she realized what he meant by kindness being a facade.

    Qazi and others used the naiveness of the children to exploit them. No, even if it was adults, they would have been fooled.

    Because a kind exterior was the best scheming tool.

    Ashlyn closed her eyes and recalled the man she cared most about - Zed.

    A week or so after they met in the forest, he had a nightmare and lost control of his powers. (Chapter 237).

    During his nightmare, he had whispered about Zed:

    "Zed... I'm so sorry... I will protect you until my final breath."

    As she recalled Kiba's nightmare, Ashlyn felt the memories she saw might be the reason.

    Perhaps Kiba was not there when his younger brother needed him the most?

    She opened her eyes and looked back at Zed.

    "What happened to Qazi and the doctor?" Ashlyn asked, finally breaking her silence.

    Zed smiled as he answered, "Years later, they met Kiba."

    Ashlyn nodded in understanding. Knowing Kiba's personality, she was sure he would have tortured them.

    And she was right.

    Kiba used the doctor for his first experiment - giving him the honor of being his first lab rat!

    Qazi also got the honor of being first - the first man to be cuckolded by Kiba.


    Ashlyn looked back at the playground where the businessman got great pictures as they played with the children. If one forgets the existence of cameras and the purpose of businessmen, as the children did, the businessmen would seem noble and great people.

    The perspective of purpose shifted the entire narrative.

    Kind became cruel.

    Sure the businessmen weren't exploiting the naivety as Qazi did, but it was still deception.

    As she looked at the children and the businessman, she didn't know why, but she imagined herself playing with her adopted parents.

    It was only for a moment, but it hit her like a violent hammer, almost shattering her worldview.

    Her breathing turned heavy and her palms started sweating.

    "It is getting late," Zed said he rose. "Let's leave."

    Ashlyn suppressed the horror she momentarily experienced and followed Zed.


    Half a kilometer away, on the top of a building, Leabeu and June were standing, watching in the direction of the society.

    "It seems like we followed them for nothing!" Leabeu remarked.

    "Yeah, a waste of time," June agreed.

    Shaking their heads, they followed, not knowing they were observed by the crazy twins.


    In the mansion, Zed collected his luggage and shifted it to his storage ring.

    "Do you have to leave?" Stina asked. her eyes filled with tears.

    "I'm sorry, but I have to," Zed replied before hugging her.

    "I understand, my child," Stina rubbed his back. "I will miss you."

    "Me as well," Zed responded with a smile. "I have grown fond of you ever since the accident."

    Stina nodded.

    Zed politely bid farewell to Hansen and other core members of The Ivies.

    He arrived before Ashlyn, and they looked at each other.

    "A ray of light is enough to shatter the dome of eternal night," Zed said with a gentle smile. "And when the time comes, a spark of enlightenment is enough to burn away years of ignorance."

    Stina and Hansen were perplexed by his words. Ashlyn was a bit confused but she didn't say anything.


    Zed turned around and left the mansion.


    The twins arrived on the playground. The businessmen rushed to them and brought the drones down.

    "We have completed our ten-day quota!" Frances and her husband - Mawal said as they handed the recording of their today's activities.

    "Daddy--- Dr. Kiba would be happy!" Madison clapped her hands. "You can come for another diagnosis!"

    Frances was the first patient to be treated in Dr. NTR's clinic. Back then, as his payment fees, Dr. Kiba has asked to take care of underprivileged children for a year. (Chapter 590)

    The contract stated what they have to do, including providing daily recordings of them playing with underprivileged children at the fixed time.

    "I will," Frances hastily replied.

    Arran's expression turned unsightly as his mother agreed for another session at the clinic. He knew what type of diagnosis she would get and it made his blood boil.

    But he didn't dare say anything, not in front of the terrifying nurses.


    A few minutes later, Maidson and Lillian appeared in the penthouse.

    "Daddy!" They jumped on Kiba, showering his face with kisses. "We missed you!"

    "I missed you two as well!" Kiba said as they pinned him on the sofa, teasing him by rubbing his cock through his pants and licking his earlobes.

    "We completed our task!" Lillian reminded as she unbuttoned his shirt and traced his chest muscles. "Where's our reward?!"

    Madison slipped her hands on his abs, slowly tracing them before locking her lips with Lillian's. Their hands moved to his pants, and brought his cock out to give it slow stroking.

    Kiba didn't say anything for he knew what they would do. And as he expected, when the time for reward arrived, they teleported away, bringing Rosemary and other maids on top of him.

    "We want a reward but we are afraid of the lustful dragon!" Lillian said as she allowed the maids to benefit from their hard work. "So for the time being, let our pet mommies benefit!"

    Kiba couldn't say anything as Rosemary sealed his lips with hers, kissing him like her life depended on it.

    Two pet mommies kissed his cock from either side, brushing their lips against the thick flesh. Soon, their lips joined, taking Kiba in between their mouths.

    Another two pet mommies took his feet in their hands and started licking and suckling on his toes.

    "This is the way life has to be lived!"

    Kiba thought as he started rewarding the maids.


    Sometime later.

    Kiba sat on the private roof deck while observing thousands of buildings. From here, they looked tiny, like they had no worth.

    [[More people from Dharma Chakra have arrived.]] Claudia popped a notification screen in front of him. [[Most likely really powerful people.]]

    Kiba nodded and swiped the screen away.

    [[Is this really necessary?]] Claudia asked. [[You could have taken Lady Ashlyn without letting her suffer.]]

    Kiba let out a heavy sigh.

    "You understand how the brain works... so you should know what would happen to her if I took her away before everything completes."


    Indeed, she understood the workings of brain. Overwriting brainwashing, especially one that existed from the time when Ashlyn was four years old, was almost impossible.

    Sure Kiba could use his mental powers to tweak her consciousness. But that would change Ashlyn, make her something she wasn't.

    So he has to lay the foundation for her. That was why as Zed, he used his cosmic powers to share his memories by creating the right environment.

    "This is the only way to not change her as a person..." Kiba closed his eyes.
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