609 Breaking Them Mentally

    "Dr. NTR?!"

    Hansen muttered in disbelief.

    Why would the great doctor be here?

    And just how strong was he for his very entry to break the barrier to pieces?

    Rhea, June, and others of The Ivies were startled.

    "You mean to say he's The Dr. NTR?!"

    "The one who healed Stina!?"

    Rhea didn't engage in the useless chatter.

    She examined his energy signals. Given her ability to devour other's energy and use it as her own, she was very sensitive and could feel what others couldn't.

    "His presence is very familiar!" Rhea's face brightened. "Could it be...?!"

    The Ivies and most of the Dharma Chakra forces were either lost in thoughts or taken aback. In such a moment, the middle-aged Dharma Monk stepped out.


    Waving his hand, he summoned a manriki chain with a gigantic double-edged blade. His powers exploded through his weapon, revealing a strength of peak Beta, just a half-step away from legendary Alpha.

    Winds kicked up, surrounding him like a cyclone as he got ready.

    Five junior monks around him also channeled their powers, their combined might no less than him.

    They didn't care how powerful the intruder was, nor his purpose. The only thing that mattered was that he has intruded in the matter of Dharma, and as such, he had forfeited the right to exist.

    Leaping high in the air, they shot at the enemy, wrapped in dazzling powers.


    Destructive energy rippled out, and phantoms of beasts and totems flashed, emitting a might so deadly that it could pulverize the entire city!

    And yet, the only thing the onslaught of such horrifying energy currents did was make Kiba's hair float.

    His eyes moved up, reflecting the faces of the six monks. Seeing them so high in the air, acting so mighty, his eyes glinted with disdain.


    The glint of disdain was like a spark of enlightenment for the monks, making them realize their actual position in life: on their knees.


    Their bodies violently crashed down in kneeling position.

    The middle-aged Dharma Monk crashed on the top of his weapon, his neck smashing into the sharp blade.

    His head rolled-off, and blood spurted out of his chopped neck, but the rest of his body didn't even twitch as it continued to maintain the kneeling position.

    The others fared better, at least comparatively, as all they destroyed was their bones instead of life.


    Leabeu, June, and many of The Ivies who were about to take action retreated.

    "You got to be kidding with me!"

    "Just a glance was enough to dominate so many powerful monks?!"

    "He's a monster! I'm not gonna fight him and give up my life!"

    They were terrified and didn't dare think of confronting him.

    Only Rita showed no signs of fear. In fact, her eyes brightened at his domineering powers as he proved her guess right.

    He was that mysterious attacker from before!


    Hansen and Stina nervously exchanged glances.

    Could such a terrifying man really be a doctor?!

    Stina tried to compose herself. In a voice that did little to hide her fears, she asked, "Dr. NTR... what are you doing here?"

    Kiba didn't respond to her, not yet.

    Instead, he looked at the center of the field where Ashlyn was.

    Her eyes were closed as her body continued to emit the Anti-Evolution Radiance pillar. With the glass walls and the virus exploiting her genetic potential, she couldn't notice what was happening outside.


    Kiba let out a faint sigh and then glanced at Stina, who was some 900 meters away.

    "What am I doing here? Isn't that obvious?"

    Kiba replied, his lips curving up to form a sadistic grin.

    "I'm here to ** you!"

    "Fuck?!" Stina was stunned.

    The words and that grin made her pussy and ass quiver and throb.

    This tantalizing feeling lasted for only a moment as Kiba's fist smashed into her stomach.


    Her mouth flew open, and her eyes popped out as the fist tore through her stomach and emerged out of her back.

    "Obviously, I'm not here to ** your married cunt and ass again."

    Kiba clarified as he pulled his fist back.

    "But to ** your very existence, you worthless dirty bitch."

    Stina dropped to the ground with a bloody hole in her stomach.

    Next to her, her husband was dumbstruck.

    He wasn't even able to think of his wife. All he could think was of the words Kiba spoke.

    Fuck your married cunt and ass again...

    Not daring to believe what he just heard, he turned towards his wife.

    "Urgh!" Stina's regeneration ability kicked in, filling her stomach with new blood and flesh.

    Suppressing the brutal pain, she started standing, and she was half-way through when a foot stamped down on her right knee.


    Her knee burst open, and she collapsed to the ground.

    "AHHHH!" Stina let out another painful scream.

    "It is hard to say whether you are in pain or pleasure," Kiba said as he placed his bloodied foot on her breasts. "Your screams and moans sound just the same."

    "W-what are you talking about?!" Hansen spoke before his wife could.

    Kiba turned towards him.

    "You ask like you don't know," Kiba smiled as he pointed his finger at the giant LCD screen.

    A beam of light flashed out, and the recording from the clinic was projected on the screen - displaying how Hansen paid extra for the "Airtight" procedure for his wife.

    Hansen was perplexed as he didn't know what "Airtight" meant, but from the words he has heard so far, he has an idea, something he didn't dare believe.

    To prove his worst fears real, the screen showed a 2 minutes trailer of "Operation Airtight" with his wife as the protagonist.

    Not only him, but the rest of The Ivies and Dharma Monks also witnessed his wife in all her glory, servicing three huge cocks: Sucking them, taking them in her ass and pussy, that too at the same time!

    The women blushed, and the men stared at the screen, unable to believe what they were seeing.

    Stina was riding two cocks while sucking the last one?!

    And her husband paid for that!?

    The men in The Ivies glared at Hansen.

    Why did he have to pay some strangers to get his gorgeous wife **ed?! They could have done it for free!

    Damn bastard!

    Hansen's eyes turned bloodshot as he continued to stare at the screen and hear her moans.

    What hit him the hardest were the words she spoke at the height of pleasure.

    "Fuck me!"

    "Don't stop! Harder!"

    "OMG! You screw me like my husband's pencil dick never could!"

    "Ohhh, yes! Fill all my holes with your potent seed! Breed me!"

    Most likely, when Stina spoke those words, lust has killed all her rationality, and she wasn't in the right state of mind.

    But hearing them, Hansen's heart was brutally ripped to pieces.

    That woman was his wife, the only person he ever loved... and yet she was speaking such cruel words and committing adultery in the worst possible way!

    A gut-wrenching feeling filled the pit of his stomach, and he felt a metallic taste in his throat.

    "NOOOO! This is not true! My wife could never do such a thing!" Hansen shouted from the top of his lungs. "That video is fake!"

    He shouted and screamed, but his mind knew it was true.

    He was there when Stina "came" unconscious out of the operation room, her tongue lolling out.

    He had seen her unable to walk properly for days, not even able to sit without fidgeting.

    Then there was how she made excuses whenever he tried to engage sex with her. Most likely, she was trying to hide her cheating cunt so that he wouldn't notice... that it was stretched wide!

    All these thoughts hit him one after another, like the strikes of a hammer. His mind broke, and he collapsed on the ground.


    By now, Stina was able to recover from the injuries she got. As the pain was subsidized, her senses recovered enough to hear her moans.

    Shocked, she looked at the screen where she was projected like a hot pornstar in R-18 video - doing her first double penetration!

    Ashamed and guilty, she glanced at her broken husband.

    "H-honey... this isn't what it looks like!" Stina said what Kiba has heard many wives say - whenever they were caught by the angry husbands.

    "Shut up!" Hansen's face twisted with murderous rage. "You cheating whore! I trusted you with my life... but you...!"

    He couldn't even bring himself to conclude.

    Rita, who was in the audience stand, retraced her vision from the screen. The trailer has ended, and she now saw the couple arguing.

    Turning into a beam of light, she arrived before the couple. Her eyes locked with Kiba's, and she licked her lips.

    "Hehe, I like your style! You really know how to mind**!"

    Rita praised him and then turned towards the couple. They were not only her bosses but also experts in psychology.

    And yet they were broken amid a crisis.

    The plan they had designed to fool Dharma Chakra was destined to fail with such losers at the helm.

    Shaking her head, Rita focused on Hansen.

    "Man, why are you acting as if the sky has fallen?

    "You had a gangbang party with over twenty beasts! You were **ed so hard that you were bleeding!

    "So, don't you think it is hypocritical of you to be angry just because your wife got **ed by three human cocks?! Sure, they gave her orgasms like you never could, but at least they left her in one piece! Don't you think that's worth celebrating?!"

    Rita spoke with all her sincerity so that she could motivate him to rise again. Sadly, she didn't know her motivating statements were adding oil to fire.

    Thanks to her, Hansen remembered his worst nightmares again, making his broken heart twist further. Coughing up an arrow of blood, his eyes rolled, and he passed out.

    Rita: "................"

    Kiba: "..................."
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