610 Answer Me!

    After Hansen fainted, Stina stared at her unconscious husband and then at Rita.

    "Well, this is a bit embarrassing."

    Rita sulked. She didn't expect her motivating speech to fail so epically.

    "Haha, I was going to remind him about the beast gangbang, but you beat me to it!" Kiba chuckled. "Are you sure you are on their side and not mine?"


    Rita turned to him, her hands crackling with energy-devouring force.

    She moved to grab him, but his figure blurred, and he vanished. Before her eyes could detect it, he pinned her to the ground with his body.

    "You haven't given your desire to absorb me," Kiba noted with a smile. "And neither have I given my desire to ** you."

    "I know that!" Stina gazed into his eyes as his cold breath grazed her lips.

    "We are in a messy situation," Kiba said as she brought her hands close to his face. "So, what should we do?"

    Sparks flew as the electrifying tension between them intensified.

    Rita replied by arching her face a bit, pressing her lips on his. Her arms closed around his neck as she started a passionate kiss.

    Her response might make observers believe she was experienced, but Kiba was easily able to deduce it was her first kiss.

    She was sloppy with no technique, but she made it up with her passion.

    Kiba kissed her back. His lips savored hers, turning her passion for him into magic.

    Slowly, his tongue slipped between her lips, and she gasped.

    A heavenly feeling surged into her as his tongue explored her mouth, turning her lightweight. She felt as if she was floating in the heavens, accompanied by celestial clouds.

    Meanwhile, the rest of The Ivies were dumbstruck as they peered at Kiba and Rita, making out on the ground.

    "What in the name of Dharma is going here?!"

    The thirty plus surviving Dharma Monks stared at the scene that displayed carnal lust so brazenly.

    Among them, there were many junior monks. Since they were celibate for lives, such a scene caused their eyes to open wide and their jaws to drop.

    "The enemy has subdued one of our companions!" A senior monk said as he stepped up to close the eyes of the junior monks. "Don't watch the process of her being degraded; otherwise, you will become corrupt!"

    The monk had barely started when an energy bolt blasted his head, resulting in a shower of blood, flesh, and brain fluids.

    "Your mother was degraded when she let your needle-dick father impregnate her with you!"

    Rita said as she and Kiba got on their feet.

    "!!" The Ivies and the monks were startled.

    She killed the monk?! Was she revolting!?

    Rita ignored their gazes and looked at Kiba as he observed Anti-Evolution Radiance Pillar surging out of Ashlyn.

    "You are here for her, aren't you?" Rita asked.

    Kiba brought his eyes back on her and replied, "You can say so."

    "Then why aren't you doing anything?" Rita asked.

    "Because of him."

    Kiba pointed to the entrance to the underground floor from where Ksitigarbha was slowly stepping out. Given his strength, it wouldn't even take Ksitigarbha a moment to leave the underground floor and appear here, but he was taking his time despite the deaths that happened here.

    As he stepped on the field, whether it was The Ivies or the monks, they all prostrated. Even Rita's knees pressed down, but Kiba transferred his strength into her, allowing her to resist the natural urge to prostrate.

    "Were you trying to prove you have really discarded your emotions by not bothering to save your subordinates?" Kiba asked.

    "What's the use of saving those who can't even defend Dharma?" Ksitigarbha responded with a question.

    "Oh well, let's stop this boring conversation and start what we must."

    Kiba's aura exploded, turning the air into an incorporeal golden hue, bathing him in golden light.

    Intense rumbling sounds followed as his aura stirred the winds, transforming them into a raging tempest.

    Except for Rita, the tempest blew everyone away, smashing them into either the seating rows or LCD screens.

    Ksitigarbha also released his aura, but unlike Kiba's aura that was wild, it was calm like a serene sea. It didn't do any damage, and yet everyone felt its tyrannical might that threatened to wipe out everything.

    Kiba glanced at the place where Ashlyn was and then at Ksitigarbha.

    "Neither you nor I want to erase this place from very existence," Kiba said as his feet left the ground. "So why don't we do what we must in outer space?"

    "You overestimate your ability to create damage, but if that's what you want, then sure," Ksitigarbha replied with a nod.

    He could clearly feel Kiba was only a beginner Level VII, and while he might wield Cosmic Powers, it wouldn't help now that he was here.

    Because last time he was only a projection and there were many restrictions he has to face! He couldn't even fully channel a power equaling an early-stage Level VIII.

    Now there were no such restrictions. With him being at the peak of Level VIII, killing Kiba would hardly take any effort.

    He will go easy on him and only use the power of early-stage Level VIII power!

    Sure, Kiba was an ant, but he was an Alpha-ant, so he could create some damage in his final struggles. This was why he agreed.

    Both of them turned into prismatic beams of light and shot into outer space. A praying bead flew out of Ksitigarbha as he left, turning into a protective barrier around the stadium.

    He failed to notice that another Kiba has emerged from the Kiba that flew with him.

    This new Kiba vanished the moment he appeared and directly teleported to the stadium.


    In outer space, there was neither oxygen nor any medium to carry any sound, but such restrictions didn't matter to those called Gods on Earth.

    Kiba and Ksitigarbha floated across each other, dozens of kilometers away from Earth's orbit.

    "Last time I was here, that Akshobhya guy of yours has messed up my brain."

    Kiba said with a smile.

    "It made me so mentally fatigued that I was barely able to stay till I screwed his life for good. How is he doing?"

    Ksitigarbha didn't respond to this.

    The space around him twisted, and an ocean of Dharmic Flames appeared, surging out with a presence that could burn an entire planet.

    He waved his hand, and a sea appeared in front of him, where instead of water droplets, there were countless people. Each person was chanting prayers and prostrating to their only God - Ksitigarbha.

    "Power of faith!"

    Ksitigarbha made a grasping motion, and the sea of people shrank, till it turned into the size of a sword.

    His hand grabbed the sword, its blade reflecting engravings of people prostrating.

    "Let me tell you what it means to be an Alpha of Level VIII! Remember this lesson in your next life, lowly demon! " Ksitigarbha said as he lifted his sword. "Only those who can turn their domain into a weapon and obliterate their weakness---"

    He trailed off as he noticed Kiba letting out a yawn.

    "Sorry, but theory bores me."

    Kiba flipped his hand, and an orb of pure cosmic energy flashed on his palm.

    He gripped it, and the orb started transforming. One moment it was a missile, then a gun, sword, saber, whip, bow, and so on.

    "What type of weapon should I chose for this wife-killing idiot monk?"

    Kiba was caught in a dilemma.

    "I'm still carrying out Operation Screwing!

    "I made the beasts pound Hansen, then I pounded his bitch wife! Right! What I need is a weapon that's suitable for pounding another idiot who murdered his family!"

    He was still contemplating when Ksitigarbha attacked. Kiba's attitude of not giving a face to his valuable lessons has pissed him, so the ocean of Dharmic Flames surged out.

    They instantly crossed dozens of kilometers and crashed into Kiba, unleashing their power to incinerate any being that went against Dharma.

    At the same time, Ksitigarbha swung his sword downward, appearing right before Kiba to slash him through his head and split him into two.

    The flames burned away the protective aura, and the sword slashed. Just as the sword was about to land on his head, Kiba's choice of weapon appeared.

    Holding its handle, Kiba smashed it straight on Ksitigarbha's left cheek.


    Like a cannonball, Ksitigarbha shot to his right.

    A raging pain wracked through his face, making it hard for him to open his eyes, but he did and saw what pounded on him like a violet hammer.

    And to his shock, it was indeed a hammer -

    It resembled a sledgehammer in its design, but it gave off the terrifying vibes of war hammer.

    Even the stable space around it distorted, incapable of handling its weight that could obliterate gravity.

    Kiba gave him no time to think through as he appeared right above him and ruthlessly bashed the hammer on his head.

    "You dumb imbecile! How dare you kill your wife and rob me of my right to cuckold you?!"

    Kiba's expression twisted with murderous rage.

    He appeared below shooting Ksitigarbha and hit him again. Even as Ksitigarbha's body flew up from the impact, Kiba appeared above and then again smashed him down so that he could pound from below as well.

    "Not only you took pleasure from your wife, but you didn't even spare your mother! How dare you kill her and rob me of the right to turn you into a Good Son!?"

    Kiba asked as he brutally smacked the hammer on the back of Ksitigarbha's head, making him vomit a mouthful of blood.

    "Who gave you the right to steal not only your wife and mother's happiness, but also your sisters and daughters?! Answer me!"

    Ksitigarbha felt incredibly dizzy, not only from the brutal pounding the hammer gave him but also from the questions asked by Kiba.

    For a moment, he felt he was imagining things.

    After all, how was it possible for Kiba to beat him like him, not even giving him a chance to retaliate?!

    The Kiba he fought on Earth as a projection was nowhere this strong! And even now, his power level was still at the early-stage of Level VII!

    So, he felt he was trapped in some illusion.

    Just then, a blow hit him on his chest, and he smashed into the moon thousands of kilometers away.

    The impact resulted in an enormous crater from which chunks of rocks flew out. Seeing this, Kiba's fury soared to the heavens.

    "Dumb scum! How dare you ruin the moon?!"

    Kiba asked as he rained down hundreds of blows on Ksitigarbha.

    "Do you know how many efforts it takes to create scenarios where I can use the moon to create a romantic environment?! And yet, you dare smash into it and ruin its beauty!?"

    Ksitgarbha felt the beating would turn him into mincemeat.
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