611 Live For Eternity

    In the stadium, the "Second" Kiba arrived, startling The Ivies and the monks who saw him leaving with Ksitigarbha a few seconds ago.

    Rita was the only one who wasn't surprised. She walked alongside him and stepped before the console system, just a few meters away from the glass walls where Ashlyn was trapped.

    "What are you going to do?" Rita asked.

    "Nothing much," Kiba replied as he stepped towards the glass wall. "I only plan to end this and get her out."

    Far away, Stina and Hansen pulled themselves out of the LCD screens where they have been smashed into. They both were mentally broken, especially the former who had lost all signs of rationality.

    "Dr. NTR! You are going to fail!"

    Stina shouted, her eyes filled with madness. She has already lost everything due to him so what was there to fear?

    "Nothing can save that adopted daughter of mine! Nothing! The moment the Plague of Decay was injected in her, her fate was set! No, it was long before that! Dharma Chakra has managed her fate since she was born! Just like countless other Cursed Ones! Hahaha!"

    Stina started laughing because she knew Ashlyn's destiny. The Anti-Evolution Radiance Pillar could be stopped, but only by killing Ashlyn.

    So Dr. NTR was about to experience what she had - the pain of loss.

    "No matter what type of supreme powers you have, there are things you can't change! Hehe!" Stina added.

    Some distance away from her, her madness terrified Hansen. He was pissed at her for her betrayal, but now, he didn't even dare look at her. He didn't want Dr. NTR to murder him just because his wife has lost it.

    Kiba ignored Stina's words.

    He obviously had an idea that Ashlyn was controlled not by The Ivies, but Dharma Chakra.

    If his idea was right, they could have taken the Plague of Decay themselves but they didn't. Instead, they used Cursed Ones to retrieve the virus so that the Cursed Ones would accept their role and lower their pyschological resistance. Because the virus required consent to exploit the genes of a Cursed One.

    Perhaps before Ashlyn, many Cursed Ones had retrieved the virus from other World Fragments, but they failed at the last stage.

    As for Dharma Chakra's goal and purpose, Kiba didn't know, nor he cared.



    Kiba walked through the glass wall. The wall has an electrifying force field, but it didn't restrict him.

    Ashlyn felt something. It was a presence she hadn't felt in a long while, and she felt it approaching her.

    Surprised, she opened her eyes and lifted her head to see the man she most cared about.


    "It has been a while, hasn't it?" Kiba said as he sat before her.

    A droplet of tear escaped her eye and she nodded. Her cold, poker face was rarely filled with the emotions like it was now.

    She then looked at her body as it continued to emit radiance.

    Realizing what it might be doing, she opened her lips and said, "Save Zed... get him to safety!"

    Kiba stared into her emerald-green eyes full of concern. It wasn't for herself but for Zed, because she knew just how much Kiba cared for him.

    "Wow! We meet after so long! Instead of greeting me and asking about my well-being, you are worrying about Zed!" Kiba exclaimed. "You are making me jealous!"

    Ashlyn didn't say reply, she seldom did. She only looked at him, urging him to do what she wanted.

    Knowing her, he knew what she was thinking and her worries. Smiling, he said, "Don't worry, he's fine."

    A small sigh of relief escaped her lips.

    "Shouldn't you be now asking me to leave, or at least enquire about my well-being?" Kiba asked.

    Ashlyn shook her head.

    She has shared adventures with him and knew the type of person he was.

    In this world, he was the last person she would ever worry about.

    Because his existence only risked others and not the other way!

    For him to be here, it could only mean The Ivies and Dharma Monks were in crisis.

    As for asking him to leave, since when had he left before he had fun?

    Unless his sadistic cravings were fulfilled, he wouldn't leave even if she asked him to!


    Kiba was taken aback.

    Did she really think he was some twisted, sadistic, and evil man?!

    If yes, how could she misunderstand him to such an extent!?

    Ashlyn noticed his expression and despite her weakness, her lips curved up.

    "There's something I have wanted to do..." Ashlyn started,

    "What?" Kiba asked, surprised.

    She replied by leaning forward and pressing her glistening lips on his.

    As their lips sealed, she felt as if a current was passing from his lips to hers, making her tingle from head to toe.

    Enjoying the beautiful sensation, she pressed her lips further and kissed him with everything she had.

    This shocked Kiba and before he could respond to her kiss, she pulled her lips back, her breath shallow.

    There was a slight tint of red on her pale face as her heart thumped loudly.

    Ever since she left the forest, she has observed romantic couples and seen them as they "pressed their lips on each other."

    While she didn't know what they were doing, them kissing would remind her of one of her future goals.

    To love!

    Many months ago, Denisa had told her to experiment, to make mistakes, and live life instead of simply existing.

    Now with this close to death, she wanted to try at least partly living one of her goals. So when death would take her away, she would have no regrets.

    Now she had lived and not simply existed, even if only for a few seconds!

    Her lips bloomed into a serene smile and she closed her eyes.

    She was ready for death. There were no more regrets.

    Slowly, she felt two warm hands on either side of her cold face, holding her.

    "You did what I wanted to..."

    The lips she had felt a few moments ago were back on hers.

    A tremor ran through her but she didn't open her eyes, because she was unable to with what the kiss was doing to her.

    Her body shivered from an indescribable excitement.

    His lips spread warmth into hers, burning away the coldness and exhaustion she felt from her slowly approaching death.

    Her weak arms slipped off around him, holding him tightly.

    The radiance continued to burst out of her and it splashed on Kiba, but she didn't care, not now.

    Her lips started melting between his lips, and she wondered how great it would have been... if she could feel such warmth in the future.

    She knew death awaited her so she did what she could... by prolonging the kiss, making memories for herself.

    "Who said you are going to die now?"

    Kiba's voice ringed in her mind as they continued to kiss.

    "Death wouldn't come today, tomorrow.... Or even millions of years later! I promise you that!"

    Ever since he was little, he never desired eternal lifespan. This was even true after he became Kiba because neither power nor eternal lifespan picked his interest.

    His dreams were based only on his wish to live life like it was his last day of life.

    To live like there was no tomorrow!

    But now, as he kissed the woman he loved, he desired eternity so that he could hold her, kiss her, and make her forget her first twenty-one years of life in the foreverness they would live.

    She deserved it, and so did he...


    Pure power Cosmic emerged from his body and wrapped her body. Five mechanical orbs also appeared and from them, the presence of a serum surged out, something that resonated with the virus inside her.

    The power Cosmic absorbed the serum and directly entered her. The virus and the nano-bots - that had embedded themselves on her genes - shivered as the power annihilated them, without giving them a chance to resist.


    The glass walls blasted apart and the Anti-Evolution Radiance Pillar collapsed.


    At the same time, the forces of Dharma Chakra and their affiliates were attacking the power centers of the world. With the powers of mutants suppressed, they had a very easy time dealing with the factions of the world.

    Most factions only had the technology to protect themselves, but even that was compromised due to traitors.

    In Holy City, the president was in crisis and about to be killed when he felt the suppression of his powers disappearing. This was a pleasant surprise and he instantly crushed the head of the monk in front of him.

    On the moon, Ksitigarbha was taking a rain of blows when he sensed the collapse of Anti-Evolution Radiance Pillar.

    His eyes constricted and he muttered, "Impossible!"

    "What impossible, bitch?!"

    Kiba asked as his hammer furiously bashed his ribs.

    "I'm Dr. Kiba and not impossible! So, show some respect when I treat your stupidity that robbed me of my rights!"

    Ksitigarbha didn't even get time to tap into his powers as the blow smashed into the moon again, filling his body with dust and debris.

    He now regretted not using his full strength and only using a power equaling the early-stage Level VIII.

    Now this doctor wasn't giving him an opportunity to channel the great reserve of his powers.

    "Bitch, what's that stupid expression for?! You are regretting and feeling sad?! How dare you! I'm the one who is sad!"

    The golden hammer thrashed again into his chest. This time, his chest caved in and his back arched out.

    "When I first saw your projection a month ago, I thought - Great! I'm going to get to screw a wife that would not be from twenty-one first century! A conservative woman!

    "Don't misunderstand, I love screwing modern women who have a liberal attitude towards sex! But I wanted to tap into a new category of ass and pussies!

    "So, you can imagine the extent to which I looked forward to banging your wife!

    "But then you poured cold water on my dreams by revealing you had killed her! Can you imagine my regret and sadness?!"

    Kiba asked as a side thrust of his hammer sent Ksitigarbha flying into a satellite ten thousand kilometers away. The satellite instantly exploded into debris, and this further angered Kiba.

    "Dumb impotent scum! You just want to ruin my dreams, don't you!?

    "Do you know the importance of satellites!?"

    Kiba's figure blurred in front of Ksitigarbha and he thrashed the hammer into his nose.

    "How the hell would my female patients use encrypted apps and book appointments with you destroying the communication system?!"

    Ksitigarbha was shocked.

    This Dr. Kiba just wanted excuses to beat him.

    First, he used his deceased family as an excuse than the crater on the moon and now even a satellite!

    How could such a crazy guy be a doctor?!

    If not for his dignity as an ancient man, he would have shouted, "I'm in the wrong script! Take me out!"

    As another blow hit him, he finally gathered enough concentration to exploit his powers.


    The space behind him collapsed and a primordial glow erupted like the detonation of a star.

    The glow turned into a ten-thousand feet tall phantom of a monk whose very presence dulled everything in existence.

    "Demonic creature! I will kill you!" Ksitigarbha lifted his hand and the praying beads rushed out, forming a circle.

    "Bitch! I'm the doctor and you dare think of killing me?!"

    Unfazed, Kiba teleported in front of Ksitigarbha, his hammer ready to pound the hell out of his patient.

    Outside Earth, he didn't need to use Evolution Field to handle such unruly patients.
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