612 Shes Back!

    In the center of the stadium, Kiba grabbed Ashlyn's hips as they rose to their feet, their mouths joined together.

    The fragments of the glass wall fell around them while the console system exploded into pieces, not all affecting the kissing couple.

    In the distance, Stina, Hansen, and others were shocked.

    The Anti-Evolution Radiance Pillar collapsed without Ashlyn dying?! How was it possible!?

    Minutes passed, and only when her breathing turned strained did Kiba broke the kiss.

    "We have all the time in the world to continue this later."

    Kiba said as he turned around.

    "But for now, there are things I must take care of."

    Stina's pupils dilated as at the exact same moment, he appeared before her and grabbed her head.


    He thrashed her face into the ground, bursting it with pieces of stones and concrete. Before she could release a cry, he pulled her out and tossed her into the air. He followed her in the air, his knee crashing into her belly.

    Her mouth fell open, and blood sprayed out.

    She tumbled to the ground, her body convulsing with pain.

    "Ple...please spare me!" Stina begged. The pain had wiped out her madness, replacing it with the sensation of approaching death.

    "And why would I do such a thing?"

    Kiba asked as he slowly approached her like the grim reaper. He might not be wielding a scythe, but that only made him appear far more menacing.

    "I... I can be your slave!" Stina swallowed the blood in her throat and made an offer. "You liked me enough to ** all my holes at the same time! Now you can vent on me anytime you want!"

    Not every woman was capable of handling three cocks at the same time. And she felt her offer was tempting for a seducer like him with a vast appetite for sex.

    "Nice offer, though it is something I often get."

    He lifted his hand, and telekinetic force wrapped Stina, making her float in the air. Slowly, she came face to face with him, but she didn't dare even look at him.

    She was terrified, but her hope remained... he would spare her! After all, men were possessive of women, especially the ones they have slept with!

    The psychology of man's desires, especially their dark fantasies, was clear to her.

    "Sorry to break your little heart."

    Kiba's lips turned into a sadistic smile as he repeated the words she had spoken to Ashlyn not so long ago.

    "!!" Stina's entire body broke out in cold sweat, and she trembled.

    "I'm not at all possessive of any woman, not even the ones I love, much less of random women such as you."

    Kiba stretched his hand, his fingers splitting apart. The teleportation force wrapping Stina similarly started stretching, splitting her body.

    "It might not look like it, but I actually believe in personal freedom. So being possessive isn't for me."


    Stina screamed for the last time as she was violently torn apart.

    Bloof and flesh splashed around, some of it landing on her crestfallen husband.

    "Stina!" Hansen cried. "Nooooo!"

    She might have betrayed him, but she was still his wife - the only woman he ever loved.

    Yet, in the final moments, not only she offered to become the slave of the man who **ed her, but she even died in a frightening manner.

    It made his chest tighten as if a clenched fist was pressing on his heart.

    He was on the brink of a heart attack...

    "No! I can't die now! My wife was a whore, and I won't throw away my life for her! That slut got what she deserved!"

    Using these thoughts as motivation, he mustered all his strength and ran. Sadly, the stadium was sealed by the bead left by Ksitigarbha, and there was no way he could break it.

    Some fifty meters away from him, the space distorted, and Kiba emerged.

    "Dr. NTR!"

    Hansen stopped in the track, his body trembling. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he glanced at the surviving forces from The Ivies and Dharma Chakra.

    Feeling his gaze, they pretended to be oblivious.

    "Damn! Selfish bastards!"

    He knew they wouldn't come to help him. Then again, if he was in their situation, he would have done the same.

    There was no loyalty between them, and even if there was, it wouldn't survive in the face of imminent death.

    Channeling his powers, he retreated like a shooting star.

    "You loved your wife, didn't you?" Kiba asked as he slowly stepped forward.

    "Y-yes..." Hansen answered as his body suddenly stopped in mid-air.

    "Then shouldn't you reunite with her?" Kiba enquired with a smile.

    "!!" Hansen's face paled further. He shook his head furiously, refusing to reunite with his wife.

    "Aww... don't be like that!"

    Kiba lifted his right hand, and the air around him started twisting as a bright mass of destructive force flashed.

    "True love transcends life and death!"

    Kiba remarked as he grabbed the force.

    "By mistake, I killed your wife... and I don't want your eternal love to break!"

    "Nooo! Spare me!" Hansen shouted.

    The destructive force blurred with speed, and it charged at him.

    Just as he felt death was about to grab him, two discs shot through the force, tearing it apart.

    "Ashlyn?" Kiba was startled. He turned to his right to see her.

    Her full-body suit swirled with dazzling currents of blue energy as the discs returned back to her.

    "A-Ashlyn!?" Hansen was pleasantly surprised. Despite everything, she has come to his rescue!

    "Everything was just a misunderstanding, daughter!" Hansen sobbed with a pained expression. "Just like you, I was also controlled by Stina! I tried to stop her but couldn't...!"

    Even if his wife was alive, he would have gladly thrown her under the bus to save his life. Now with her dead, there was no trouble for him to use all his acting powers to convince this daughter of his.


    Ashlyn observed him for a few seconds before nodding. Her beautiful lips spread into a cute smile, and she said, "I believe you, father."

    Kiba was dumbstruck, though for not the reason Hansen believed. Under their watchful gazes, Ashlyn stepped before Hansen, her soul-stirring smile blossoming further.

    "Thank you."

    Ashlyn said politely.

    "There's no need to thank, child!" Hansen quickly wrapped his arms around her for a hug. "We will leave this place and live somewhere where Dharma Chakra can never find us."

    His lips curved up into a grin as he hugged her and rested his head on her shoulder.

    He has succeeded! He will live!

    With how that doctor has behaved so far, it was clear he wouldn't do anything to displease this adopted daughter of his!

    Hiding his grin, his eyes momentarily moved to Dr. NTR and saw his face full of pity.

    Hehe, that doctor underestimated the potential of brainwashing! Feeling pity was now useless!

    As if sensing his thoughts, Kiba shook his head and said, "I'm feeling pity not for her, but you."

    "Huh?" Hansen was confused, but only for a moment.


    A knee violently smashed into his crotch, surging out with a terrifying tide of energy.

    His little balls left his crotch, passed through his stomach, and burst out of his back like two explosive beams.

    They instantly crashed into a wall behind, turning into ghastly fragments.

    Hansen wasn't in any condition to see their fate.


    All he capable was to let out the most tragic scream a human possibly could.

    His arms fell from Ashlyn's back, and his legs dropped.

    Like a broken doll, he slipped to the ground; tears and foam covering his face.

    Life slowly started leaving him, and if he was capable of thoughts, he would have begged death to take him sooner.

    He couldn't handle the nerve-wracking pain he was feeling.

    "!!!!" June, Leabeu, and the surviving forces of The Ivies and Dharma Chakra backed away, their bodies shivering.

    Not even in their worst nightmares have they witnessed a brutal scene. And nor they ever expected Ashlyn was capable of such brutality.

    Ever since she returned from the forest, they have noticed she has changed but for worse. She was always in a state of melancholy, emitting a feeling of deep sadness.

    Even when Zed was there, the sadness hasn't left her, and she was only a shell of her former self.

    Now though...

    Just thinking of the explosive changes, the Dharma Monks and the men in The Ivies curled up, their hands moving to protect their balls.

    But there was a man who actually smiled and started clapping!

    "The Ashlyn I know is finally back!"

    Kiba's body blurred, and he appeared before Ashlyn.

    "And she's back with the evolved Nutcracking Art!"

    "...." Ashlyn looked at him and smiled, but this time it wasn't acting - one of the "lessons" he taught her long ago.

    She smiled genuinely from her heart.

    She was now free, forever separated from the shackles that bind her.

    Her new life has started, and she would live it by experiencing everything she has always wanted to.

    She extended her hand towards the man with whom she would share her new life.

    He took it and held it gently while his eyes stared into hers.

    She stared back, her eyes melting with happiness.
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