613 You Tricked Me!

    Holding Ashlyn's hand, Kiba brought his attention to the surviving forces from The Ivies and Dharma Monks.

    "It was nice to meet you all."

    Kiba said as he lifted his free hand and aimed it at the seal barrier surrounding the stadium. A column of spatial energy swept out, opening a portal in the seal.


    He leaped towards the portal with Ashlyn. Rita followed them.

    On the ground, Leabeu, June, and others were pleasantly surprised. They weren't killed!

    Even the silent Dharma Monks sighed a breath of relief. The pressure of impending doom has finally left them!

    "We survived!"

    They rejoiced and praised Dharma.


    Suddenly, an incorporeal cubic cage appeared inside the stadium, imprisoning The Ivies and Dharma Monks.

    "Give my regards to Hansen and Stina," Kiba's voice ringed in the cage. "And rest assured, I will send Ksitigarbha to accompany you all."


    Before they could react, a berserk gravitational force surged out from all the eight directions, pulling their bodies and disintegrating them.

    The cage disappeared and all that left of the people was free atoms.

    Outside the stadium, Ashlyn looked at Kiba and shook her head. She wasn't surprised that he killed them after giving them false hope.

    Rita, on the other hand, was a bit surprised. Though she grinned and her eyes brightened. She was now sure staying with him would be very enjoyable.

    "Things are going to get a bit messy and much more fun!" Kiba lifted his head and gazed into the night sky. "And for me to fully enjoy that, I will have to leave."

    Ashlyn nodded as they landed on the road.

    "You will be meeting The Family here," Kiba said as his body turned into innumerable dots of golden light. "Tell them I will be back soon."

    The dots flew into the sky, soon disappearing from sight, leaving behind Ashlyn and Rita.

    "Well...let's clear some things..." Rita looked at Ashlyn. "I'm not gonna apologize for what I did as I have no regret. I did what I wanted to, of my own free will. And if you want to hate or fight me, feel free."

    Ashlyn looked back at her.

    She didn't hate her, but neither did she liked her for what little role she played in the plan of her adopted parents.

    If not for the foundation laid by Zed, she might have been broken and not in the state to emerge stronger from everything that happened to her.

    A soft sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head. She didn't have any grudge as the ones truly responsible for her situation were dead.

    Now it was another life and she wanted to start everything anew.

    "That's good to know!" Rita replied with a smile.

    A gust of soft wind passed in front of them and the air turned crimson, from which the twins emerged.

    "We missed you!"

    Madison and Lillian said in unison as they jumped on Ashlyn, startling her. She has only seen them briefly in the forest, without having any actual contact, and yet... they were weeping as they hugged her.

    The hug from the twins made her fail to see that a woman and a little kid has also stepped out of the crimson glow.

    Agatha with Hope.

    Ashlyn sensed their presence and she turned towards them.

    It was the first time she was seeing them but when her eyes stopped on the few-months-old Hope, she found features resembling Kiba, especially the golden eyes.

    "Hey..." Agatha was about to speak to break the ice when Madison took Hope from her arms.

    "Hope!" Madison looked into the eyes of the little girl and pointed at Ashlyn. "It is time to meet your new stepmom!"

    Agatha gasped and even Ashlyn's expression changed.

    New stepmom?!

    If they were shocked by only this much, then the next statement from Lillian should be enough to give them a heart attack.

    "One of the new stepmoms!" Lillian corrected her little sister. "Daddy will find more stepmoms for you! Just give him time!"

    "Right!" Madison agreed. She turned back to Hope and said, "And the first gift your stepmom would give you is hosting the explosion competition!"

    Lillian channeled her powers to communicate their words telepathically to Hope. And as expected, Hope's eyes sparkled and she clapped her hands.

    Lightning crackled through her eyes and hands, and the air surged with a detonating might. She was ready!

    Ashlyn brought her eyes on Agatha, her expression full of confusion.

    "I..." Agatha bitterly smiled. This wasn't how the introduction was to happen.

    "Let's say my daughter is fascinated with carrying out explosions..." Agatha started, her lips twitching. "And her father agreed to another explosion competition so that she can surpass him this time."

    Ashlyn's vision darted to Hope and the latter looked back at her with sparkling gaze where lightning glowed.

    This gaze was far too familiar to her as Kiba would often show such a gaze before he started having fun.

    "Is she also a sadist?" Ashlyn asked.

    "............" Agatha flinched.

    Ashlyn has spoken for the first time, and that too to ask such a question about her daughter.

    But it would be disrespectful to not answer so she replied, "I don't know."

    Ashlyn nodded. She didn't know much about parenting but she could feel Agatha was worried about her daughter inheriting more of her father's personality.

    Hope pressed her little hands on Ashlyn and the latter looked at her. She could feel her almost saying - 'Let's start exploding things!'

    Seeing this, Agatha sighed again.

    "Let's go to The Ivies' headquarters," Agatha said bitterly. "Hopefully exploding your mansion and lab facilities would satisfy her cravings."

    Ashlyn nodded.



    In the outer space, the dots of golden light fused with Kiba as he teleported before Ksitigarbha.

    "You are overestimating yourself, demon! I have unleashed my full powers!"

    Ksitigarbha roared as his aura of peak Level VIII blasted out, shaking the starry sky and creating hundreds of space cracks.

    The torrent of aura crashed on Kiba, but it resulted in nothing except providing cold breeze.

    "Bitch! I'm your doctor and you dare speak like that?" Kiba asked as his hammer morphed with thorn-like protrusions. "You need injections from my hammer as it pounds your bitchy ass!"

    The illusory phantom of the gigantic monk reached his hand down. A runic trigram appeared on its palm, surging with a dazzling wave of power that could crumble the firmaments.

    This hand pressed on Kiba.

    "Bitch! No unruly patients escape this doctor's punishment!"

    Kiba raised his free hand while his hammer broke through the circle of praying beads and blurred out.

    It chased retreating Ksitigarbha that didn't dare take a direct hit from this new version of hammer.

    By now, the phantom hand made contact with Kiba's small hand that didn't warrant a mention.

    The phantom of the monk snorted. This demon didn't know his limits! He was trying to compete physically with its hand made of firmaments-destroying power!


    Thunderous explosions erupted and to the phantom monk's horror, its own hand shattered into glass-like fragments.

    Ksitigarbha was just as horrified as its phantom, though for a different reason.

    The hammer has slashed through his protective aura and he quickly darted to his right, making it rush past him.

    He thought he has escaped a hit, but just then, the hammer swung back and smashed on his ass!


    Ksitigarbha grunted painfully as not only the hammer cracked his bones, the thorn protrusions stabbed in. They tore through his flesh and also hit his crotch, ripping into his manhood with a decaying force.

    His poor crotch was done for!

    "This injection was on behalf of my Ashlyn - who sadly couldn't be here to crack your nuts!"

    Kiba said as he teleported before Ksitigarbha, punching out with his right fist.

    "And now time for Dr. NTR's world-famous fist that would cure all patients that don't bring their wives and daughters for my personal care!"

    Ksitigarbha tried to back away, but couldn't as the fist rushed with an overbearing gravitational force.

    Shockingly, he moved forward to take the fist that wanted to destroy him!

    It was then the phantom monk stepped in, albeit very late.

    By the time it acted, half of the fists force had punched Ksitigarbha. His chest cracked apart and he vomited more blood as he shot back like a shooting star. If not for the phantom's timely move, perhaps he would have almost died!

    "H-how could you be this powerful!?"

    Ksitigarbha asked.

    He could clearly feel Kiba's power was still at the early-stage of Level VII and yet, he was overpowering a peak Level VIII mutant! It was with such speed that he couldn't even summon his abilities to retaliate.

    While he knew a wielder of Power Cosmic was strong than a mutant of the same level, the power Kiba displayed here surpassed all logic.

    Nothing like that has happened on Earth!

    "Wait! Earth! The majority of your powers must be suppressed there!"

    He recalled the ancient records from the Celestial Elysian Plane, specifically the part why Earth was chosen as the destination for most of World Fragments and Lord Xeced's mechanism.

    "You tricked me by asking me to leave Earth!" Ksitigarbha's eyes turned bloodshot as the realization hit him.
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