614 Greatest Treasure on Earth!

    "You tricked me in leaving Earth!"

    Ksitigarbha roared angrily as the phantom monk flew behind him. The scattered praying beads joined together and floated before him, turning into a circle.

    "I guess I did!" Kiba responded with a faint smile. "Only because you were stupid enough to do what your opponent suggested you to! Did you also murder your common sense when you killed your family?"

    "You!" Ksitigarbha's angry soared. In sync, the phantom's eyes flashed with Dharma Flames, ready to incinerate the space.

    "What me?" Kiba lifted his hand and the hammer rushed to him.

    He didn't bother telling Ksitigarbha that even if they were on Earth, little would have changed. After all, he could have summoned Evolution Field to enter in combat mode where his powers would have greatly amplified.

    In combat mode, his powers would have been at the early-stage of Level VIII. While Earth's mighty repression on Power Cosmic would have greatly suppressed his strength, he could easily face a peak Level VIII mutant.

    The only exception would be if his enemy was someone like Hyperion - another wielder of Power Cosmic. When that happened, Earth's repression would have been on both them, with more focus on Kiba.

    The reason was simple: The Cosmic Spark.

    When multiple viruses enter a body, the immune system would focus more on repelling the virus with stronger lethal potential. The same applied to Earth.

    Kiba might barely be using 1% of the power in The Cosmic Spark, but as far as Earth was concerned, he was the most dangerous due to the potential he carried. Everything thanks to the mechanism left behind by the greatest scientist of Celestial Elysian Plane - Lord Xeced.

    Before Dream Rise House was destroyed, Kiba never bothered to find methods to fight against this mechanism. After all, he was already strong as it was, despite having to fight Earth's repression.

    Now, he wanted to change the status quo.

    And to make that possible, he needed to freely use his powers and get a good understanding of his potential.

    This was where Ksitigarbha came into the picture.

    He would serve as a nice guinea pig to test his powers.

    Perhaps by the time this was over, Kiba would able to tap more powers from the Cosmic Spark and become more ridiculously powerful.

    "Thanks to you, I will be able to use more of my powers on Earth!" Kiba swirled the hammer in his hand. "For an impotent scum, you have been rather useful!"

    "How dare you!" Ksitigarbha's aura exploded further as he opened all the reserves of his powers.

    Space collapsed as if a formless crater was carved on it. All the satellites in the range of the explosive aura detonated, rendered to dust.

    Even the moon in the distance started cracking apart, emitting blasting sounds despite space having no medium to carry sound.

    Behind him, the phantom's figure twisted and a full-body armor appeared on it. In its hands, battle axes appeared, rippling out a force that distorted the collapsed space.

    Seeing this, Kiba did his best to not grin. Provoking his opponent was far easier than he thought.

    Then again, even the sanest of man would have turned insane had they faced what Kstigarbha did, especially with the permanent damage to manhood.


    Like a specter, Kiba teleported in front of Ksitigarbha. His hammer swung out and the collapsed space split apart like a broken mirror.

    The circle of prayer beads buzzed, turning into a shield to block the hammer.

    At the same time, the battle-axes slashed downwards. The cracked space was torn asunder by their might, resulting in blinding arcs of destructive energy as they burrowed into Kiba.

    Yet, the hammer moved unhindered, directly passing through the shield without making any contact. It was like the shield didn't even exist!

    As for the axes, they slashed into Kiba but instead of splitting him, they just phased through. It was like he was in a different space, separated from this version of reality!

    "Impossible! How could he manipulate space despite it being destroyed?!"

    Kstigarbha's eyes squinted as spatial winds brushed him.

    The hammer was just a few centimeters away from his face, its thorn-like protrusions glinting with a vicious glint.

    He knew if the hammer touched him, it wouldn't pass through! It would ruin his face!

    Reacting at light speed, he shot back while making an incantation gesture.

    A roaring dragon made of Dharmic Flames stormed out and crashed into the charging hammer.


    A deafening blast ensued, and to his relief, the hammer was sent flying back while the dragon faded.

    But just then, his back turned cold and a sense of deadly crisis engulfed him.

    "No way!"

    The cracking moon had appeared behind him, thrusting towards him!

    "What in the name of Dharma is going on here!?"

    Kstigarbha wanted to shout impossible again and again.

    Sadly, he neither had the time to shout nor dodge the moon due to its gigantic size and sudden appearance.


    Without any surprise, the moon stomped into him, turning his back literally into a ditch and his bones to pieces.

    His eyes literally jumped out of their sockets while blood sprayed out of his entire body.


    A painful scream left his mouth as his body turned into an unrecognizable mess.

    He was lucky though as he was a peak Level VIII mutant. His physical and protective powers saved him from turning into motes of dust!

    Meanwhile, the impact split the moon into two. Their gigantic fragments shot towards Earth, like flaming meteorites.


    On Earth, no matter the time zone people were in, whether in the night sky or broad daylight, they noticed this phenomenon.


    People panicked and started fleeing, making the best use of their abilities. The fear from the roaring moon fragments instilled such fright in them that many of them tapped into their unexplored potential and evolved.

    Just as the fragments were about to enter Earth's orbit, Kiba made a lifting motion. The fragments stopped and they moved back.

    "You got to be kidding me!"

    Kstigarbha's regeneration abilities had kicked in, healing his body. But seeing what was happening to the moon, he coughed out an arrow of blood in shock.

    Every piece of debris and rock was returning to the two moon fragments and they started joining together. That wasn't what shocked him, rather it was the fluctuations the moon emitted.

    Time reversal!

    It was like the moon was flowing back in time, slowly returning to its unbroken state, and then flying back to its original place!

    "What are you?!" Kstigarbha's asked, his body shaking in fear as he turned towards Kiba.

    "Doctor... Dr. NTR."

    Kiba answered as if it was rather obvious.

    His arms spread around and an ethereal light bathed the space around him, making the starry sky glow with Power Cosmic.

    Kstigarbha didn't know if it was his imagination but as Power Cosmic glowed out, he saw stars revolving around Kiba, planets bowing before him, and countless lifeforms prostrating in front of him.

    "Space is my operation room! My natural domain!"

    Kiba's eyes reflected illusory galaxies.

    "And only my rules apply here!"


    The asunder space exploded with blinding Power Cosmic, blasting into the phantom monk.

    Like a piece of frail glass, the phantom shattered; its armor and axes serving no use.

    Blood sprayed out of Kstigarbha as the backlash hit him. His organs shifted and he collapsed into his knees.

    "Don't show such weakness unless you want to die!"

    Kiba lifted his hand, making the space to grab Kstigarbha and bring him on his feet.

    "Burn away your potential and do everything you can unless you want to die"!!"

    Kstigarbha's face paled. He realized he might die today.

    Till now, such a possibility was virtually impossible, but now, he knew it was more than possible!

    The instant he left Earth, he has left behind his luck and handed his fate to the ruler of the space.


    Kstigarbha snapped his teeth and channeled his potential to materialize forbidden spells. As he did, he couldn't help but ask, "Why would you remain on Earth - with its restrictions on you - when you can rule the space and countless other worlds?!"

    In response, Kiba looked at Kstigarbha like he was an idiot.

    "Dumb idiot! Earth has the greatest treasure out there! Why would I leave it until I own it fully?!"

    Kstigarbha was taken aback.

    Earth has a treasure that could entice a powerful being like Kiba to stay with all its restrictions!?

    Just what was it?!

    Surely, it must be something supremely powerful! Perhaps a mighty treasure from Celestial Elysian Plane!

    Maybe it was related to why the Celestial Elysian Plane died? Then could it be the Cosmic Spark!?

    Or was it something even stronger?!

    Kstigarbha swallowed his greed and looked at Kiba, his eyes almost begging to tell him about the greatest treasure.


    Kiba answered in a matter of fact tone.

    Kstigarbha's eyes turned wide and his jaw dropped to such an extent that the contents of his stomach were visible.


    That was the greatest treasure!?

    Surely, his ears must have turned defective from the beating he took from the moon!

    Yes, that must be it!

    Realizing this, he stopped channeling his powers to summon forbidden spells. Instead, he spread his energy into his ears. He found no defect there, still, he shattered them, and then created them from scratch to get rid of any side effects from the aftershock.

    Kstigarbha then brought his gaze on Kiba, and said, "Can you please repeat what's the treasure you were talking about?"


    Kstigarbha's eyes whitened, his ears numbed, his heart clenched, and his knees dropped.
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