615 Angel?! Or God!?

    In the forest known as Desolate Blood Forest, there was a village that served as a transition point for all those who wanted to visit the core region. In the middle, there was a black pagoda - the one where the legendary "Guardian Spirit" supposedly resided[1].

    Presently, "Dark Star" Myiesha floated amidst spatial rifts that reflected a face that clearly belonged to a race foreign to Earth.

    After the successful rescue of her mother - Ivey[2] - from the core region, she has left for the city and only returned today.

    "You have only taken from me," The Guardian Spirit started. "Now is the time for you to pay."

    Myiesha bowed respectfully and replied, "I will honor our contract."

    The veil did little to hide the icy glint in her eyes as she replied. There was a fury in her heart that thumped with respect she had for him.

    "What happened to your father has nothing to do with me. He only paid the price for trying to chew more than he could." The Guardian Spirit continued. "If you want to hold a grudge, I shall not stop you."

    Myiesha nodded. She knew her limitations in front of existence like the Guardian Spirit. He has given her powers, and if he wanted, he could take them back. The only way to avoid that was to fulfill the terms of the contract.

    "I shall take my leave."

    Her body disintegrated into molecules, and using her ability to manipulate them, she phased through space, almost as if she was teleporting away, and reassembled in the village.

    The Guardian Spirit was amused. Having servants that wanted to defy him brought him joy. I

    "If she's lucky enough, she might even succeed! Wouldn't that be exciting?"

    The Guardian Spirit mused when suddenly he sensed a burst of Power Cosmic outside Earth.

    "Ah! That kid must be having fun again! This time it isn't as Genesis!"

    Throughout the world, the pagodas that were located outside World Fragments glowed. The glows were invisible to everyone, just like the power emitting out of them that formed a net over Earth![3]

    In the center-most pagoda, the one located at Blood Dunes, the shrine of Asmodeus Fryer Burislav splashed out a presence of immortality.

    This presence passed outside Earth and recorded everything, including the events that happened hours ago.

    "He must be aware of the net and its functions! No wonder he refused my offer!"

    A voice ringed in the shrine.

    There was no anger, disdain, or any negative emotions in the voice. It only carried a sense of excitement that "the kid" might break the status quo and do something that might shock him.

    "Lord Xeced... I have kept my part of the deal. Stopping this kid is not my obligation... I wonder if you have planned for such a scenario."

    The voice chuckled.

    He found the kid the most interesting person in this world as he reminded him of someone.


    Now the only question was: Would the kid create havoc as he had in Celestial Elysian Plane?



    In outer space, "the kid" answered Ksitigarbha's question by replying, "Pussies!"

    Blood spurted out of Ksitigarbha's mouth as the answer echoed in his mind like a clap of thunder.

    It took him minutes before he regained enough stability to wipe the blood and stare at Kiba with a dazed look.

    A man with such amazing powers was living under repression... just to have "the greatest treasure" known as pussies!?

    For a moment, he wondered if he was misunderstanding pussies as something vulgar.

    After all, it was possible that in some alien language, pussies might mean something else!

    Perhaps even a world-defying artifact!

    Right! That was more than possible.

    "To be honest, Earth has another great treasure, something I find equally precious, if not more!"

    Kiba continued, making Ksitigarbha listen with all concentration.


    Kiba revealed the treasure name with all seriousness. This only increased Ksitigarbha's urge to cough up more blood.

    "Y-you! Are you joking with me?!" Ksitigarbha roared.

    "What's to joke about?"

    Kiba blinked in confusion.

    "Just because a cultureless man like you can't understand the worth of pussies and boobs, it doesn't mean no one else can!"

    Simultaneous to his voice, his aura erupted out like a raging volcano. Ksitigarbha backed away and lifted his hands to block the fluctuations.

    "In this universe, there's no heaven! And if it is there, it is between the thighs and chest of every gorgeous woman!"

    Kiba's body blurred, and he appeared all around Ksitigarbha.

    "Any existence that doesn't respect the glorious culture of worshipping pussies and boobs only deserves beating!"

    Thousands of fists bombarded on dumbstruck Ksitigarbha, who was caught off-guard by the sudden onslaught.

    The bombardment only happened for a millisecond, and it turned his body blue and black.


    Blood spilled out of him, and he regretted he stopped summoning forbidden spells just so that he could enquire about the treasure known as pussies.

    A moment of wrong decision has wracked him with pain.

    "This doctor is wild and unpredictable!"

    Ksitigarbha thought as he wrapped himself with Dharmic Flames and turned intangible.

    "One moment, he gave me the time to gather my strength and then started beating me before I could complete!"

    He has seen opponents trying to protect their culture and risking their lives for it. As a protector of Dharma, he was one such person who wanted to preserve and amplify his culture.

    The doctor was the same... but his idea of culture defied his expectations!

    Worshipping sexual parts of women... just what sort of culture was that?!

    "The greatest culture that is known to men!"

    Kiba answered as if he could read Ksitigarbha's thoughts. He waved his hand, summoning a shower of Cosmic Rain.

    The rain didn't contain water but rather heavenly bodies - asteroids, meteors, and comets.

    Rumbling sounds followed as they descended like beams.

    Ksitigarbha hastily spread out Dharmic Flames and materialized two forbidden spells.

    "Dharmic Nirvana!"

    "Life Severing!"

    The spells charged into Cosmic Rain like a scythe, accompanied by Dharmic Flames.

    Boom! Boom!

    As they collided, multiple booming sounds reverberated, and gigantic shockwaves of catastrophic proportions spread out.

    This time, Ksitigarbha's attacks overpowered the cosmic attack, rendering Cosmic Rain to nothingness.

    "Demon! You have infuriated me as none has! And now is the time for you to pay."

    Ksitigarbha roared as he burrowing his hands into space.

    He might be a monk, but even he has a limit of the insults and provocation he could handle. Now the humiliation has reached the peak, turning him crazy enough to use taboo abilities that would lead to serious side effects.

    "Space is your domain, and you are its natural ruler! I accept that!"

    At an incredible speed, his energy coursed through space, wrapping a range of more than one lakh kilometers.

    "But if you think an Alpha of my rank can't surpass a Domain, then you are just a frog in a well!"

    The natural laws in his range of powers twisted, first turning into the domain, then that of a realm!

    In the blink of an eye, the space transformed into a realm with sky, land, sea, mountains, and every other natural scenery.

    Various species of flora and fauna flourished, all of them in harmony, emitting a calm presence.

    Kiba was in the middle, looking at the countless species. Birds flew in the sky while animals played on the ground, making it seem this was a paradise.

    "The evolution of domain is Realm! This is Fury of Dharma Realm!"

    Ksitigarbha's voice echoed.

    Simultaneously, the species turned berserk with their eyes flashing with Dharmic Flames.

    A strange sensation appeared in the Realm, reminding Kiba of the attack Ksitigarbha used as a projection: Seven Emotions and Six Desires.

    Just like that attack, as the sensation spread, every emotion and desire started acted as a self-inflicting wound, as if they were explosive swords ruthlessly bursting inside one's organs.

    "Lowly demon! Now is the time you face judgment!"

    Ksitigarbha announced.

    "Here, I'm the Sovereign, and your fate is mine to decide!"

    Every species shot at Kiba, their bodies burning with Dharmic Flames. Scathing wind currents kicked up and wrapped them in swirling motions, making it seem they were vortexes!

    The species were on Kiba who didn't move, or maybe couldn't move due to Fury of Dharma. The natural laws had chained him, pinning him for the attacks.

    He was now like a boat in the middle of a stormy ocean, facing nature's wrath.

    "And I sentence you to death!" Ksitigarbha declared.

    The vortexes swirled into Kiba, taking him within them, and then detonated. Alongside them, the Realm started exploding, surging out with apocalyptic fumes.


    The Realm first frantically twisted, distorted, and finally turned into nothingness in an explosion so dazzling that even supernovas would be put to shame!

    Ksitigarbha shot back to avoid the resulting explosive might and looked at the destroyed space. There was nothing there, not even radiance from the sun or stars.

    His eyes brightened, and his lips spread into a smile.

    He has succeeded!

    Yes, it cost him his Realm to wipe Kiba out of existence, but the end result was that he has won! He could create another realm with time!


    He started laughing.

    As a monk, he seldom smiled or laughed or expressed any emotion, but now he did.

    That's how much he was relieved by Kiba's death, especially when he recalled the writ containing the power of reality-warping.

    Now with Kiba dead, that writ would naturally collapse. He wouldn't need to worry about the past reality about his wife changing!

    "Haha! Serves that demon right!"

    Laughing, he focused his senses inside his brain to see the writ scattering.

    Thump~! Thump~!

    His heart thumped so loudly that he could hear his own heartbeat.

    Because the writ wasn't scattering. There wasn't even a scratch.

    The more he observed it, the brighter it seemed, almost as if its innate power was getting a boost.

    "Don't tell me...!"

    His gaze moved to the destroyed space where there was nothing but darkness. Suddenly, a feather appeared there, spreading an ethereal glow.

    The feather blew by him as if carried by the autumn wind. He didn't look at the feather, but at the glow it left behind.

    "What's going on!?"

    As far as his eyes could see, the glow has bathed the entire space, filling it with an empyrean presence.

    Someone descended into this glow, almost as if from the heavens.

    This person was not a human; he can not be.

    For three pairs of enormous wings sprouted from his back, his hair soft and smooth, it's color enough to put the brightest gold to shame.

    He wore a pure white tunic made of a material softer than silk and luminescent. Perhaps it was created by the threads of moonlight as they danced to the tunes of the stellar winds.

    His muscular chest laid bare, along with his lean shoulders and incredible abs. Indeed, he was the epitome of what a man should be.

    Around his waist, he wore a golden belt, decorated with celestial jewels as if the brightest of stars were embedded there.

    He was enchanting, beautiful, seductive, and yet domineering.

    Yes, he was Kiba!

    His right hand moved up, and from his chest, the Cosmic Spark shot out a bolt of lightning. It flew into his hand, and as he grabbed it, it transformed into a golden staff.

    Cosmic energy exploded out of the staff, emitting a tyrannical might that made Ksitigarbha lower his gaze and bow down.

    The elements of the cosmos started bending before him while time, space, and reality whirled around him.

    On Earth, whether it was day or night, the bright silhouette of Kiba's form dazzled high in the sky. It was like a celestial body far more blazing than the sun has appeared, and people couldn't help but look up.

    The features of the man might not be visible, but his majestic presence was clear to them. They could see the wings slowly flapping, expanding, and caving in.

    And they couldn't help but wonder, what was he?

    An angel or a God?

    Only a specific few knew the answer that he was neither. He was The Devil!

    [1] In Chapter 370, we saw Guardian Spirit after he showed interest in Kiba

    [2] Kiba saved Ivey in Chapter 452 because she was a beautiful MILF! He almost seduced her, but then her children appeared!

    [3] In Chapter 371, we saw the invisible net wrapping Earth.
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