617 The Writ Takes Effect!

    Blood flowed out as the staff pierced into Ksitigarbha's chest, creating a ghastly hole. A burning, yet icy feeling surged through him, as if straight from the abyss of hell.

    "What's going on!?"

    The staff wasn't killing him, at least not in the traditional sense, as it didn't emit any destructive force. Instead, the second the staff pierced into him, the moment was forcefully stretched.

    A second.

    A minute.

    An hour.

    A day.

    A week.

    A month.

    A year.

    A century.

    It seemed the time around him was shifting, with the only constant being him. There was no longer a staff into his chest, and he was now young as if he had flown back in time.

    "Is he making me travel through time?! No... this isn't time travel!"

    Ksitigarbha's heart twisted as realization dawned upon him.

    "It is Reality warping!"

    He barely managed to think before the surrounding changed, and he was on Earth, standing amidst mountains.

    The year was 1890, ten years before the meteorites arrived and changed the world for the better.

    In this period, he was an ordinary person with a family. His aspirations were different, as supernatural powers didn't exist.

    That didn't mean he was living a simple life.

    He was a religious leader with a significant following, which naturally resulted in political power. Kings bowed in respect while the emperors acknowledged him with a respectful nod.

    As he appeared in the mountains, he forgot everything about the future.

    Walking proudly, he arrived before his home - a group of huts.

    There, his lowly followers served as servants and helped his family. He was living a good life despite not having a palace or royal mansion.

    "Reverend, you have returned!"

    An exclaimed voice entered his ears, and even without turning, he knew it belonged to his wife.

    He smiled and nodded at her - a beautiful woman he had picked among his followers.

    She was accompanied by his mother and daughters, beautiful on their rights. His sons and his father too followed, showing a respectful expression like he was their God.

    "Reverend," His wife bowed and said, "A youngster has arrived after passing the trial of fire! He has begged to be chosen as your personal disciple! He assures he will spread your name far and wide!"

    "I see."

    Ksitigarbha nodded. He stepped to another hut where he saw a golden-haired youngster - so handsome that he could be labeled as the enemy to all men.

    Ksitigarbha didn't know why, but looking at this youth, he felt déjà vu. Like he knew him.

    "Strange!" Ksitigarbha thought as the youngster stood in respect.

    "What is your name?" He asked.

    The youngster bowed and replied, "Kiba."

    "Fate has blessed you," Ksitigarbha said with a profound smile. "You will be my personal disciple."

    "Thank you!" Kiba hastily expressed his gratitude.

    Ksitigarbha nodded again and left. Usually, he wouldn't have chosen a personal disciple, but he picked Kiba due to the strange feeling.

    "Could God be telling me something?"

    Ksitigarbha wondered.


    The time flew by, and in an instant, a year passed in which Kiba showed great progress.

    Ksitigarbha was impressed not only by his dedication towards him, but also the contributions towards his family.

    He would see him helping his wife in the chores, treat his mid-fifties mother, and educate his adult teenage daughters.

    "He has the potential to be my successor!" Ksitigarbha thought.


    More time flew by, and one day, he returned back to the mountains after months.

    As he approached his hut, he heard strange yet intense sounds.

    There was heavy breathing, the sound of flesh hitting flesh, and words that made no sense.

    "OOOOoooo! God Kibaaaaa!" His wife's voice echoed. "Give me nirvana! Release the Nirvanic Juices and set my body free!"

    "Punish us for being bad girls!" His daughters' voice ringed in sync. "Teach our soft ass the lesson they deserve!"

    There were also the sounds of slaps and even some muffled noise, the latter clearly belonging to his mother.

    Surprised, Ksitigarbha quickly stepped forward.

    He was curious to see how his personal disciple was bringing his wife to nirvana and setting her free.

    Similarly, he wanted to know why his unruly daughters were so looking for getting their ass slapped.

    "My personal disciple must have found a way to educate them!"

    Ksitigarbha thought with a smile.

    "But why was mother's voice muffled?"

    Arriving before the hut, he peered through the gap and was dumbstruck by what he saw.

    His big-breasted wife was naked on all her fours, getting nirvanic strokes from Kiba.

    Every stroke flushed her face, and she praised "God" as her breasts moved enticingly.

    On either side of his wife, his daughters similarly lay naked, their ass raised high in the air so that the personal discipline of their father could educate them.

    Below his wife, his mother laid, her mouth pressing on the underside of the balls that stored Nirvanic Juice.

    She moved her lips in rhythm with the balls as they hit her daughter-in-law.

    Ksitigarbha's chest tightened, and he pressed a hand on his chest.

    "This couldn't be true!"

    His vision darkened, and he collapsed on the ground, unable to handle his wife achieving nirvana.

    The last thing he saw was crystalline white juices leaking out of his wife and landing on his mother's breasts.

    They truly were liberated!


    When Ksitigarbha opened his eyes, he found himself pinned to the floor by chains.

    If this shocked him, the things that followed were enough to kill him.

    His loyal followers, the ones who were practically brainwashed, kneeled. Not for him, but rather for his personal discipline!

    "Reverend, when did you return?" His wife asked as she followed the personal discipline.

    Ksitigarbha was ready to bark, but then he saw Kiba's hands fondling her breasts and his lips kissing her neck.

    The "loyal" followers didn't show any reaction, as if either they were used to it, or such a scene was only natural.

    "Ah! Reverend! Praise the Lord!"

    His wife continued amidst moans.

    "Your name will spread around the globe!"

    "What?!" Ksitigarbha was taken aback.

    His wife dropped to her knees in complete veneration.

    "Let me first worship, Reverend!"

    The wife said as she pulled the fabric around Kiba's torso and took his enormous tool in her mouth.

    With her lips tightening, Ksitigarbha couldn't ask his wife what she meant by his name spreading.

    He could only see his wife "worshipping" the herald of nirvana with her mouth, tongue, and even breasts!

    Her worshipping was such that Kiba was impressed, and he sprayed the blessings on her face.

    Ksitigarbha couldn't handle such a thing. His eyes burned with madness, and he roared.

    Sadly, his anger did no good as his wife wanted more blessing, this time not on her face, but somewhere deep inside.

    Amidst his curses and shouts, she lay next to him so that Kiba could bless her. With a terrified look, he witnessed the entire process.

    "Reverend! Praise the Lord!"

    His wife moaned again, as she achieved one nirvana after another.

    "You will forever be remembered as the first to be cuckolded!"


    An hour later, Ksitigarbha got another shock. Perhaps, this was comparatively less intense.

    "Say what?! You are using my followers... to spread teachings of God of Cuckolding?!"

    Ksitigarbha was taken aback as he learned what Kiba was doing.

    In a short time, all his followers had deserted him and joined his personal discipline.

    Kiba wasn't their teacher or leader... No! He was their God!

    "What sort of sorcery is this?!" Ksitigarbha was frightened.

    Not even he was able to brainwash his followers to such an extent!


    Months passed, and Ksitigarbha was mentally broken. He accepted his new role and used his influence to spread the teachings of God of Cuckolding.

    Local leaders, noble houses, and even royal families learned the greatness of this new God.

    Whether it was military generals or kings, they all respectfully invited "God" and turned their homes into "temple."


    Ksitigarbha also built a temple amidst the mountains. It was grand, created by the best architectures of the times.

    With a resigned look, he named it Holy Temple. The place where God would materialize his Divine Presence for the benefit of devotees.


    Today was the day the temple would be opened, so he stepped into his hut and prepared a pool of milk, honey, and incense.

    "Wife, please take a bath..." Ksitigarbha requested his devoted wife. "God was impressed with my efforts, and as such, given me the opportunity of being honored again."

    "Ah! I will get nirvana!" The wife exclaimed happily.

    Smiling, she dropped her clothes and stepped into the pool, soaking herself.

    Outside the pool, Ksitigarbha looked with desire as she rubbed rose petals on her curves. Her glistening skin looks appetizing, and the nourishment from the bath further softened it.

    The sight of her washing her breasts, especially the way she cleansed her cleavage and nipples, made him drool.

    But he knew his place. He wasn't allowed to touch her.

    That was his place as a cuckold, the first of his name.

    He patiently waited as she left the pool. He offered her dress made of fine silk and swallowed as she clad herself, looking no less than a royal concubine.

    The temple was two kilometers away from the hut. Not letting his wife take any pain, he covered the rough path with roses and orchids.

    "God will be happy!" She said with a genuine smile as she stepped on the track. "I will make sure to request him to let you have the blessing!"

    Ksitigarbha forced a smile and thanked her. He guided her to Holy Temple and opened the door.

    "Wife, please step in! Gain the one true love of God!"

    Ksitigarbha begged as he kneeled before the entrance.

    She smiled and stepped inside to fulfill her husband's request.


    Ksitigarbha looked inside as God welcomed his wife to Holy Rod.

    She became one with the only true God.

    Her back arched, and her head dropped as she reached the crest of enlightenment.

    Sacred words escaped her lips, words Ksitigarbha wished he was capable of making his wife whisper.

    But he keenly observed the process and took what joy he could take.

    Soon, the love of his life cried from happiness as God flooded Nirvanic Juices inside her. The juices spilled out of her, dropping on the floor.

    "Reverend!" She turned towards her husband. "God has allowed you to savor the sacred blessings!"

    "!!!!" Ksitigarbha shivered, but he smiled and thanked the true God.

    Prostrating, he dragged his body so that he could lick the blessing lying on the floor.


    Three years passed, and then a world-shaking event occurred.

    Meteorites arrived from outside space and landed on Earth! Millions died from the impact, but strangely Earth wasn't destroyed.

    Instead, it benefitted Earth as the meteorites resulted in the Era of Evolution.

    Ksitigarbha was one of the lucky few who not only got mutant powers but also found a Legacy Orb. It was complete luck as he got the orb without any efforts.

    "From today onwards, no emotion or desires would affect me!"

    Ksitigarbha roared as incredible strength coursed through him.

    "I will become free of everything!"


    Following the methods in Legacy Orb, he slaughtered his family, friends, and followers.

    None who knew his shameful past survived, not even the kings and royal families.

    He destroyed the temples and wiped out all teachings of God of Cuckolding.

    But to his eternal regret, he never found "God."

    It was almost as God has disappeared the instant the meteorites arrived.

    As decades passed, concentrated on advancing his strength. By the time Nine Sovereigns changed the world order, he had joined those who would ultimately establish Dharma Chakra.


    Time jumped forward, and now he was in the space, his chest pierced by the staff of "God."

    "I curse you!" Ksitigarbha screamed.

    The staff emerged from his back and returned to the one who shamed him by making him witness his wife, mother, and daughters **ed.

    The one who made him lick the sacred blessing!

    The one for whom he built the temple!


    "Well, that's a strange thing to say," Kiba said with a serene smile. "You were thanking me for all my blessings."

    Ksitigarbha cursed as he continued to fall towards Earth.

    He was no affected by Reality-warping powers. Because those powers have permanently changed the past!

    Everything was real!

    Of course, Kiba wasn't omnipotent. He couldn't defy the mechanism of Fate, unlike his future self - The Cosmic Emperor.

    This was why the past changed in ways that wouldn't deviate too much from the original timeline.

    That's why Ksitigarbha's still slaughtered his family.

    But this time, the motivation for him was different. It wasn't just power or desire to rule, but also humiliation!

    Decades and eventually a century passed, but he never lost the motivation to slaughter "God" who insulted him in the worst possible ways.

    Alas, he couldn't take revenge.

    Life started leaving him as he dropped in Earth's orbit. Flames surrounded him, and like a broken star, he entered the atmosphere.

    "Hey! You aren't going to die!"

    Kiba's wings flapped as he chased Ksitigarbha.

    The net enveloping Earth started suppressing his powers, but he was far more powerful than before. So while his powers were indeed repressed, he remained more strong than ever.

    The present powers in his Holy Form were almost equal to the ones he got when he summoned Evolution Field!

    That too, without the side effects which would destroy the surrounding and disintegrate the weaker beings.

    Kiba grabbed Ksitigarbha and transferred his powers inside his brain. It was there where his consciousness - the soul lied.

    As the powers emerged, Ksitigarbha's soul trembled. Like a cocoon, the powers wrapped him and forcefully extracted his soul.

    "If there's a reincarnation cycle, I'm giving you moksha!"

    Kiba grabbed the soul and let the body go.

    "You are now free from saṃsāra!"


    Ksitigarbha's body smashed into the middle of a city. The impact created a large crater, sending waves of debris high in the air.

    The frightened masses hastily lifted their heads to see "God" - whose silhouette they saw before -disappearing amidst clouds.

    Sadly, all they saw was his wings and his divine physique. They failed to notice his face, but even then, they were incomparably excited.

    Because the glow emanating from him bathed them!

    "I'm evolving!"

    "My powers are awakening! How could it be!? Not even the medicines worked!"

    "I have reached the peak of Level V! Just moments ago, I was at the beginning of Level V! What just happened?!"

    "It was God!"

    "Right! He was God and not an angel!"

    "He must be the God of Evolution!"

    Everyone benefitted... except for the one whose corpse rested in the crater.

    Only he knew what sort of God everyone was praising.
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