618 Wouldnt It Be Fun?

    With the wings flapping, Kiba rapidly flew through the sky.

    To those on the ground, he was point-size yet as bright as the sun, the glow radiating off him acting as a blessing.

    Countless citizens from hundreds of cities benefitted from this glow, that was nothing less than the Divine Presence of God.

    Ksitigarbha - or to be precise his soul - was dumbstruck. He could sense the changes Kiba's Holy Form was creating.

    Evolution takes time, the right opportunity, and a lot of resources. Now, it was achieved by the mere presence of an Alpha.

    It was something impossible!

    "How is such a thing possible!?" Ksitigarbha couldn't help but ask.

    Kiba opened his left hand and looked at the soul that was barely five centimeters tall.

    "You are a complete soul so I guess it isn't surprising you can act like a living being and ask questions."

    Every soul has two aspects - mortal and immortal.

    Normally, on death, the mortal aspect that carries memories of the present life would erase from existence.

    The immortal aspect would become a part of natural laws so that it can enter what people believe to be the Sea of Reincarnation.

    The millions of souls Ksitigarbha had trapped in his praying beads were of mortal aspect. Which means they were incomplete.

    He might be a high-ranking Alpha, but it was impossible for him to trap the immortal aspect as it would mean defying the natural laws.

    But such a thing wasn't impossible for present Kiba or his other personality - Extermination.

    Obviously, this meant Hyperion and the trillions of souls sealed in Genesis were complete souls.

    Compared to them, Ksitigarbha's fate was countless times better. Had he known, he would have cried from happiness and thanked Kiba.

    "Haah~ You are a lucky guy!" Kiba mused with a smile. "And I guess you do deserve an answer for all the help you have provided!"

    He was in a good mood as Extermination didn't try to emerge when he allowed Ksitigarbha's most powerful attack to land on him.

    Of course, it was so that the danger to his life would allow him to tap into the Cosmic Spark.

    An easy gamble that succeeded.

    Ksitigarbha was bewildered by Kiba's response, but he patiently waited for the answer.

    "The core nature of my power is Evolution," Kiba explained. "So obviously it would affect those around me... whether it is for good or bad, that depends on the form I am."

    Had he summoned Evolution Field, the people celebrating now would have screamed as they were disintegrated.

    Ksitigarbha didn't really understand, but Kiba didn't bother to explain further.


    In the span of a few minutes, he arrived in the skies of City of Arcadia.


    A blinding light surged out of him. His wings faded while the staff disappeared as he transformed into his ordinary form.

    Streams of white light then enveloped him and he teleported away.

    He appeared in the warehouse where he had shifted the lab facilities.

    "You are back!" Eva exclaimed with a faint smile.

    "Yeap!" Kiba replied while checking the lab. Only Eva was here.

    "They are in the penthouse," Eva answered his unasked question.

    "You didn't go out with them?" Kiba asked.

    "No," Eva replied. "Your daughter had enough company to safely explode things."

    Kiba couldn't help but grin.

    "And don't worry, we didn't tell her your fight resulted in moon being wiped out multiple times," Eva added with a mischievous smile. "You brought the moon back to its original condition so you are safe."

    "I guess she won then!" Kiba remarked.

    "Sure did!" Eva replied.

    Kiba chuckled.

    He opened a virtual tab and observed the visuals from the penthouse.

    Hope was asleep, as was the rest of the family.

    Even Ashlyn was asleep. Her face was expressionless like it always was, but there was a slight smile on her lips.

    "She was tired," Eva said with a sigh. "The events of today must have exhausted her both mentally and physically."

    Kiba nodded.

    "But she will be fine!" Eva reassured him. "The foundation you laid has worked... and she will start her new life without looking back!"

    "I know."

    Kiba replied as he saw the slight smile on Ashlyn's lips.


    A few minutes later, he lay down on the examination table and said, "Claudia, you can start."

    [[Understood, sir.]]

    Multicolored light swept out of the table and wrapped him. A detailed examination started.


    At the same time, in the city where Ksitigarbha's body had fallen.

    The government officers barricaded the crater while the researchers carefully picked the corpse.

    Above a building, Lord Harley materialized, his eyes burning with greed as he looked at the corpse.

    Other families and leaders were either nursing their wounds or dealing with Dharma Chakra.

    But not him as this area had a far greater opportunity.

    "A corpse of a peak Level VIII mutant! It will greatly benefit our research!" A scientist working for Hestia Family said. "Maybe we could even reanimate the corpse!"

    "Fufuf! Things are working well for us!" Lord Harley exclaimed, but just then, his eyes squinted.

    The moment the corpse was placed in a corpse-persevering container, something inside it triggered, and it detonated.


    The explosion happened out of blue, blasting not only the container but the researchers as well. Every one of them was wiped out of existence.

    "What?!" The scientist was taken aback. "How could this be!?"

    "Whoever killed Ksitigarbha... he anticipated the government's move to acquire corpse! So, he left behind a gift! What an interesting fellow!"

    Lord Harley broke out in a smile.


    Two hours later.

    Kiba sat on a chair and read the report. There was nothing out of the order. This made him sigh in relief.

    He then glanced at Eva who was working with Claudia to improve her strength. She might be strong, but in front of the twins or even Agatha, her strength was greatly lacking.

    "Eva... I'm sorry."


    Eva turned towards him.

    She looked at his expression and since she knew him the best after Claudia, she realized why he apologized.

    "Don't worry," Eva replied with a wink. "I will complete my dreams sooner or later! I don't need White Angel Corporation for that!"

    Kiba smiled.

    She was the first woman he ever liked as Kiba. The one who was there for him always.

    Yet partly due to him, her dreams of gaining enough influence to rule the world has shattered.

    It wasn't like she was living in a delusion and believed she had what it takes to rule the world.

    But just like him, she wanted to pursue her dreams, even if the only result was failure and death.

    With a smile, he rose to his feet.

    "You know... I kind of went in the 1890s," Kiba said as he arrived before her. "And experienced the life of those in power, especially the kings."

    "You went back in time!?" Eva was shocked.

    "Not exactly time travel," Kiba explained. "I kind of messed up with reality... so you can say an Avatar of me appeared in a specific period, long before I was born."


    Eva nodded as he explained to her about the writ created from Reality-warping powers.

    "It isn't like I didn't know why people always desire to rule over others... but only when I went in the 1890s - decades before the monarchy was done for - and experienced what it meant to directly rule over countless people... I really understood your dreams!"

    There was nothing that can give one high as much as the power over the fate of others. The feeling of dominating masses was intoxicating, far more powerful than any drug was capable of.

    Not even sexual conquests could compare to it.

    "So, what do you think now?" Eva's lips curved up and she leaned into him. "Are you going to change your dreams and aspire to control the world?"

    Kiba wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips closer to hers.

    "No, my dreams would remain the same!"

    "But?" She knew there was more to come.

    "I'm rather bored... of getting in women's pants by using wits! While I can get there by charm alone, but even that would be boring! So, I think, slowly but surely, I'm going to change my style!"

    Kiba pressed his lips on hers and started a kiss that soon turned into making out.

    "And how exactly?"

    She asked as their lips separated and his face arrived on her chest.

    "By becoming the master of the world!"

    He answered as he pulled her blouse and unhooked her bra.

    "Ahhh!" She gasped as his mouth nuzzled to her breasts, slowly caressing them with his lips and tongue. "You mean by becoming The Emperor?!"

    "I guess so!"

    He replied as his mouth moved from one breast to another.

    "Ooo! Guess then I hit the jackpot in many ways!" She exclaimed as she pushed his face further down.

    "You sure did!"

    Soon, his lips met her most sacred lips, soaked with glistening wetness.

    A night of carnal pleasure started.



    A few hours later, Kiba placed a blanket over sleeping Eva and teleported her to her bedroom.

    After dressing up, he returned to complete a few important things.

    [[You really want to become The Emperor?]] Claudia asked.

    "To be honest, I'm not sure," Kiba answered. "But I think it would be fun."

    [[Of course, it would be! I'm sure the world couldn't wait to have The Sadistic Emperor!]]


    [[Not to mention, husbands around the globe would love to see the rise of such a great emperor!]]


    [[Even now, they are eagerly waiting for the day when they will receive the royal decree that orders them to be cuckolded!]]


    [[I can only imagine just how fun it would be!]]

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