619 Zerenski Valeriy

    In this world, none understood him as much as Claudia. So, she knew why exactly he found the idea of becoming Emperor fascinating.

    It wasn't because he wanted to dominate the world, or he loved the feeling of having other's fate in his hand.


    The reason was simple.

    After he became The Emperor, he could cuckold as he please, that too in the name of righteousness!

    Furthermore, it was the best way to complete his biggest dream - of stealing wives for affairs while their husbands died of envy and shame.

    "Haah~ Claudia, you misunderstand me yet again!" Kiba let out a sigh. "The idea fascinated me because it would help Eva in achieving her dreams!"

    [[Of course, sir. All your actions are for the sake of others.]]

    Claudia retorted.

    [[Just like how Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. was for the benefit of husbands, and not so that you could ** their wives.]]


    Kiba knew he couldn't win. So, he pretended not to hear her sarcastic remarks.

    His body blurred, and he appeared before the container where Ksitigarbha was sealed.

    "Well, I won't waste time in threatening you," Kiba said as he sat on a chair.

    Ksitigarbha knew that was unnecessary. With what Kiba had done so far, no threats were needed.

    "Tell me why Akshobhya attacked me," Kiba commanded.

    "I don't know!" Ksitigarbha started, but feeling the dreadful sensation emitting from Kiba, he continued. "When you destroyed him, he was working for House of Hestia!!"


    Kiba's eyes narrowed.

    He didn't really find it shocking, as the one to be targeted by Akshobhya was Zed and not Kiba.

    "Working for whom exactly?" Kiba asked.

    "Kurtis!" Ksitigarbha answered. "When Dharma Chakra started an inquiry, he refused to answer what he wanted from Akshobhya... and due to the rules of Dharma, we didn't force him to confess."

    "Kurtis? Who is he?" Kiba didn't know much about the House of Hestia except for his mother and Lord Harley.

    "He's a high-ranking member of House of Hestia... and he is married to his distant cousin - Rebecca!" Ksitigarbha replied.


    Now Kiba was surprised.

    Ksitigarbha misunderstood Kiba's expression as confusion. So, he added, "Rebecca is one of the most powerful Alphas in House of Hestia and even Earth! I don't know her exact strength, but as per my intel, she should be just a step away from Level IX!"

    "Is that so?"

    Kiba smiled and then broke out into laughter.

    "I must say, I didn't expect it was my stepfather who commissioned Akshobhya! Well, then again, I should have expected it... it was too obvious!"

    "!!" Ksitigarbha was dumbstruck.

    His stepfather!?

    Indeed, he couldn't mean he was a son of Rebecca!

    That would be impossible!

    The only stepchild of Kurtis would be that bastard of Rebecca, the one called Zed!

    The one who cured Ashlyn a few days ago!

    Don't tell me...!!

    "Yeap, I'm that bastard!" Kiba chuckled.

    He could read Ksitigarbha's thoughts, and he didn't mind clearing some doubts.

    "Bastard is such a nice word! I couldn't believe I used to hate it!"

    Kiba rose to his feet.

    "Oh, well! I plan to be the biggest bastard known to men, so I might as well start loving it!"

    Smiling, he phased his hand through the container and grabbed Ksitigarbha.

    Psychic energy surged out, and before Ksitigarbha could do anything, the energy scanned the mortal aspect of his soul, his memories.


    The process was no less than stabbing his soul with daggers to expose his memories, and he started screaming.

    "Oops! Sorry!"

    Kiba grinned.

    "I need to know a few things about my birth, which I'm sure you are aware of. While you wouldn't mind revealing the details, it would take a lot of time, so I'm taking a shortcut."

    Ksitigarbha could only scream as he was incapable of struggling.


    Kiba rapidly scanned through the memories and quickly found what he wanted.


    Kiba muttered as he saw the image of a well-built man, with sky-blue eyes and dark hair.

    He now knew from where Zed got those particular features.

    "Zerenski Valeriy... The last scion of Valeriy!"

    Kiba shook his head as he learned details of Valeriy.

    It was an ancient clan that originated from the Celestial Elysian Plane.

    "As expected, this confirms my genetic heritage was tampered with!"

    In one of the World Fragments that arrived on Earth, the survivors of the Valeriy clan were also there.

    By some unknown methods, they defied the mechanism left behind by Lord Xeced and escaped the World Fragment before the destined time.

    Alas, they didn't know Lord Xeced's mechanism was to protect the races of Celestial Elysian Plane.

    Because while the living beings of Earth were rather weak, the atmosphere wasn't the one to suit those of alien origin who were weakened by the tragedy of their world destroyed.

    This was why the Divine Particles were released by World Fragments to mutate Earth and turn it into a suitable environment. It obviously required a lot of time... over a century of time!!

    This change in atmosphere benefitted humans and other species of Earth. That was only a side effect as far as the mechanism of Lord Xeced was concerned.

    "Or maybe intentional!" Kiba thought as he recalled the Hall of Legacies.

    With a sigh, he continued to scan the memories.

    Despite Earth's atmosphere not suiting Valeriy Clan, they couldn't return as the World Fragment was filled with their enemies. So, they could only stay on Earth, in an atmosphere that was no less than a poison to them.

    Decades passed, and the clan continued to fall in rapid decline despite their extraordinary heritage.

    The atmosphere has corroded their bodies and vitality, making it virtually impossible for them to have children.

    At least that's how it was until the birth of Zerenski Valeriy!

    Ksitigarbha didn't know the entire history of both the clan and Zerenski. The only thing he knew besides a bit of background was Zerenski's personality.

    Zerenski loved women! Especially those who were in relationships!

    "My father was a playboy!"

    Kiba's expression dramatically changed.

    "How could he sleep with women in committed relationships?! Shameful!"

    Kiba couldn't help but sigh.

    He continued to read memories to know more about his father.

    Zerenski did change for the better when he met Rebecca in a World Fragment.

    Ksitigarbha didn't know the full details, but he knew they had fallen in love!

    According to the rumors of that time, Rebecca was separated from her husband, but that didn't make it any less humiliating for Kurtis.

    "Well, no wonder my stepfather likes me so much!" Kiba mused.

    Soon, the world came to know Zerenski and Rebecca were expecting a child. This invited the wrath of not only the House of Hestia but many other great families.

    Everything because of a prophecy.

    The child of a Valeriy and a human would result in world-shaking changes!

    He will defy the norms and bring an era of chaos!

    "So, because of some stupid prophecy... they wanted to kill me!"

    Kiba's body flashed with murderous intent.


    Destructive force rippled out and wreaked havoc through the lab. The walls split apart while the equipment shattered and turned into dust.

    [[Master!]] Claudia exclaimed.

    "Sorry," Kiba apologized and retracted his powers. "I lost control for a moment."

    [[I understand, sir. Please don't apologize.]]


    Kiba nodded.

    He proceeded to confirm what he wanted to know - whether Rebecca was honest about what she said about his father.

    And the memories confirmed her honesty.

    Zerenski shifted Rebecca to Solitary Snow Island and acted as a distraction.

    His clan was against him as his actions destroyed what little normality they had. To prevent extermination and for the greater good of the clan, they decided to sacrifice unborn Zed.

    This left Zerenski with no choice but to murder them...

    Sadly, the injuries he got in the process left him in no condition to face others. He was captured and transferred to the most secured prison on Earth.

    Stormseal Island.

    "Thank you... for giving me a chance to live."

    Kiba closed his eyes.

    "I will return the favor... I promise you that."

    He let go of Ksitigarbha and didn't bother to check more memories.

    He wasn't interested in knowing about why his mother returned to the family that tried to kill him.

    It was her choice, and whatever her reasons, he didn't care.

    Maybe it was just like what Katherine said to Zed, that even the strong have a significant weakness. But it didn't matter to him.

    "House of Hestia..." Kiba's lips curved up in a sadistic smile. "My birth resulted in the extermination of my father's clan... I'm sure you find it unfair that only Valeriy got such special benefit!"

    "Rest assured, as a filial descendant, I will fulfill your wish! You will be exterminated!"


    Stormseal Island.

    In the last cave, the father of Zed smiled like he always did, despite being confined by burning chains.

    Suddenly, his only eye glowed as he sensed something.

    "Old fogies... I told you back then! You can never change what's destined! Had you not acted like idiots, the destiny would have been a lot different!"
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