620 Making Love With Ashlyn R-18

    In the private roof deck, Kiba lifted his head and looked at the sky.

    The dawn was about to arrive, and he wanted to see the first ray of sunlight bidding goodbye to the night stars.

    The entrance to the roof deck slid open, and a woman in the early twenties stepped up, dressed in a white top and skirt, decorated with flower patterns.


    Kiba could sense her presence and see her without actually looking at her.

    Her new clothes surprised him since he has always seen her in the full-body black suit. Because the suit was a part of her powers.

    For her to be without it, Claudia must have helped her.

    Silently, Ashlyn sat on the chair next to his. She didn't speak, as was her personality.

    Her eyes followed his line of vision, straight to the sky.

    Slowly, a ray of light scattered through the sky, ending the reign of night. More rays followed, basking the entire city with its glow, bringing the domain of light.

    Ashlyn closed her eyes.

    "A ray of light is enough to shatter the dome of eternal night... And when the time comes, a spark of enlightenment is enough to burn away years of ignorance."

    After looking at this scene, she finally understood what Zed meant when he said those words in their last meeting.

    The dome of eternal night was her controlled past... and the ray of light was his lesson about kindness.

    As for the spark...

    With a smile, she rested her head on the one who was her spark - Kiba.

    She has seen couples doing such a thing and felt this suited her now.

    Minutes passed, and his shoulder continued to act as a cushion until she recalled something that suited her even more.

    Her neck lifted up, and she kissed him on the cheek as his lips weren't within her reach.

    Surprised, he turned his face towards her.

    This gave her the opportunity she was seeking, and her mouth locked with his, kissing him clumsily with raw passion.

    Kiba more than welcomed her kiss.

    His arm slid to the small of her back so that he can pull her on top of him.

    As she sat on his lap, she placed her hands on either side of his face and kissed him further.

    She didn't know if she was doing it right, but the feeling of her heart racing and the hot blush on her face told her to continue.

    And she did with everything she got, not letting his lips move away.

    He felt her rising excitement, and this only increased his own. His hands slipped to her back, slowly opening her top and pulling her bra straps off her shoulders.

    The kiss broke to allow the bra and top to fall.

    But she didn't allow him to look at her breasts as she resumed her attack again, savoring the intoxicating feel of his lips.

    Her wonderfully soft breasts pressed on his body, and even without looking, he could tell they were the most amazing C-cup breasts in existence.

    He couldn't caress her breasts, so he caressed her back, slowly stroking the length of her spine as they continued to kiss.

    Ashlyn gasped in his mouth at the succulent warmth his fingers provided.

    It tingled her, making her feel a hot flash of heat somewhere else, just between her thighs.

    The sensation flipped her head backward, freeing his lips.

    Kiba acted swiftly, his mouth nibbling on her ear.


    A soft moan escaped her lips.

    She felt assaulted by strange tremors that made her only feel wonderful. It was a feeling she has never felt like before, and she couldn't get enough of it.

    Kiba's lips moved from her ear to her face, planting soft kisses on her cheeks.


    She bit her lips to suppress the sounds her throat yearned to release.

    Kiba didn't stop. His face arrived on her soft neck, taking her sweet skin between his lips. She was delicious and ripe, and he suckled on her skin, further sending tremors deep within her.

    Her head dropped further, and her lips opened up, letting out gasps and moans.

    Kiba's lips slipped down, arriving on her breasts.

    They were more enchanting than he ever thought was possible, shaped perfectly like god's handiwork.

    Her perky pink nipples were another sight to behold, and he couldn't help but kiss them one after another.

    The tingling sensation inside her intensified, and subconsciously, Ashlyn wrapped her arms around his neck, pinning his lips to her left nipple.

    Kiba opened them and took the nipple in his mouth, slowly sucking on it, rolling his tongue around.


    Her hands flew open, and her eyes fluttered upwards inside her head. She didn't know what he was doing, but it made her feel as light as a feather, as is she was drifting amidst clouds.

    Just as this sensation overpowered her, his face arched up, and he sealed her lips with his, kissing her. Slowly, his free hand moved on her legs, gracefully caressing her inner thighs while he slipped his tongue out, forcing her to open her mouth.


    She was surprised yet again as he started licking in and out of her mouth. The blush on her face turned a deeper shade of red, with her eyes rolling further.

    Soon, the tremors inside her exploded, shaking her entire body like she was being electrocuted.

    Not even the most dangerous battles have shaken her like this... and yet, she only felt ecstatic.

    She didn't know this was the first orgasm of her life and the first of many today!

    Letting her savor the climax, Kiba separated his mouth from hers and hugged her.

    Time passed, and neither of them moved till the post-orgasmic glow on her face slowly settled.

    Kiba smiled, and he was about to kiss her again when he saw something in her emerald eyes.


    "Do you want us to stop?" Kiba asked.

    Ashlyn shook her head. She wanted to continue.

    "Then? Why are you feeling uncomfortable?" Kiba enquired further.

    "I don't know what to do after kissing...." Ashlyn answered.

    He was making her feel so good... and she didn't know how to reciprocate. This made her feel uncomfortable.

    Kiba blankly stared at her before breaking into laughter.

    She was bewildered by his response, but before she could ask, he kissed her on the lips.

    "Don't worry!" His voice rang in her mind. "Because one of us knows what to do!"

    Kiba jumped to his feet with Ashlyn in his arms, their lips locked in a deep embrace.

    Teleportic force enveloped them, and the next moment, they appeared in the master bedroom.

    Before Ashlyn knew it, she was dropped on the bed, his body on top of hers, positioned against hers. Without her knowing, the rest of her clothes vanished, just like his.

    The kiss turned more passionate, with him flicking his tongue against her mouth. In the meantime, his hands caressed and stroked her divine curves.

    She murmured in his mouth, feeling the onslaught of orgasmic jolts.

    His mouth parted from hers, but she has no reason to complain as he kissed her chin and then all the way down, tantalizing her warm skin.

    Except for one region, no part of her escaped his lips, neither her breasts nor the inside of her thighs.

    And slowly, he settled between her thighs, to bring his eyes on the one region he has missed.

    Her vaginal foldings were closed, hiding her inner flesh. It was like a beautiful flower waiting to bloom, covering itself with petals.

    His mouth moved closer, and feeling his breath grazing her, she felt goosebumps. Her legs involuntarily started closing, but he stopped her, assuring her there was nothing wrong.

    The closer he approached, the heavier her scent got. It was far more fragrant than any flower he knew.

    Slowly, he kissed her foldings.

    A shiver ran through her spine like a surge of electricity, but she let him continue. She trusted the man she would spend her entire life with.

    Moisture glistened out of her fleshly foldings, and looking at the wetness, Kiba's cock throbbed. He wanted to take her right now, but he didn't.

    Today was about her pleasure and her alone.

    Taking a deep breath to inhale her aroma, he pushed his tongue out. It slipped into the crimson opening, splitting her foldings and tasting the glistening wetness.

    "Ahhh!" Ashlyn let out a moan.

    She was more delicious than what her aroma denoted, and Kiba started feasting on her; eating her pussy with slow and gentle movements of his tongue

    Her moans turned louder, and the flush on her body spread further.

    As his tongue moved further into her flesh, slurping on her juices of arousal, her legs on their own squeezed around his head.

    Without her control, she started rubbing herself, and to seek a distraction, she ran her hands into his golden hair.


    She gasped as he pressed his full mouth to her love cave, swirling his tongue around.

    Her head swayed, and the tremors that had long settled returned, this time with fury. They ran like a tsunami, spreading waves of pleasure from her thighs to her entire body.

    Her eyes shut and back arched, locking Kiba's head between her thighs.

    She climaxed!

    Her legs dropped, and her back returned to the bed. Her thighs moved away from his head, giving him the chance to move, slowly kissing her from bottom to top.

    He paid lavish attention to her breasts, cupping them as she enjoyed the climax. As his tongue rolled on her nipple, it sent a jolt into her, making her eyes open.

    She wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him up to welcome his mouth with hers. This kiss was nothing like before, as it only contained wildness he never thought she carried.

    She felt aromatic taste on his lips and tongue, and knowing where it came from, the wildness surged, and she shoved her tongue into his mouth.

    She wanted him to feel good just she had, so she pulled his chest closer, making her breasts squeeze.

    Lost in the delightful sensation, Kiba positioned himself properly, bringing his cock to her entrance.

    Ashlyn felt something hard and throbbing touching her, and despite not knowing much, she knew they were about to take the final step.

    Kiba didn't let go of her lips as he slowly penetrated her.

    Pain coursed through her, and she couldn't help but dug his fingers on his rugged back.

    She soon forgot the pain as he powered the kiss with a love she has never known. The pain vanished completely, and without her knowing, her hymen broke, and blood trailed off his cock.

    Neither of them noticed it as they were entangled together in a cocoon of love.

    Her pussy welcomed him fully inside her like she was created for him, and now her goal was complete.

    Buried deep within her, Kiba separated his lips from hers and looked at her face. Her usual impassiveness has melted, replaced with genuine happiness.

    She smiled at him.

    No words were spoken, but he knew she was ready.

    He started stroking into her.

    His mouth nuzzled on her neck, further intensifying the orgasmic jolts his every thrust provided.

    Soon, she twisted and curled underneath him as one climax after another hit her. Her pussy tightened around him, convulsing with orgasmic vibrations.

    He kissed her on the lips again and swapped positions.

    He slowed down his pace to allow her sensitive body to rest, but she urged him to continue by holding his face and staring into his eyes.

    "I love you!"

    Ashlyn exclaimed as he increased his pace and started hammering into her with more vigorous strokes.

    "I love you too!" Kiba replied before sealing her lips again.

    Their bodies moved intertwined further, and in seconds, they achieved climax together.

    Kiba could have continued, but he knew she was at her limit. So, he didn't hold back and released a thick load inside her.

    Holding her to the side, he pulled her for a cuddle. Their breathing returned to normal as they fell asleep in each other's arms.
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